Trump lied about the vaxx, which is DANGEROUS and INEFFECTIVE

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I cannot support Trump at all until he admits that the death jab is a HORRIBLE idea, and was from the get-go. Teaching your body to attack itself is never a good idea.

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36   Onvacation   2023 Jan 19, 5:01pm  

ElYorsh says

But Trump is a politician. Politicians that admit they were wrong never win.

37   HeadSet   2023 Jan 19, 5:53pm  

If Trump apologizes for Warp Speed then ALL of the blame will be put on Trump and none on anyone else. It will be "Trump myocarditis" and "Joe is repealing the Trump mRNA mandates" and "Trump responsible for jabb deaths."
38   pudil   2023 Jan 19, 6:41pm  

RayAmerica says

Onvacation says

You can't pardon someone that hasn't been convicted. Nobody has even been charged with insurrection much less convicted.

That's not true. For example, Richard Nixon was never 'convicted' of any crime by a court of law. However, President Ford granted a 'full and unconditional pardon,' which, in effect, prohibited Nixon from ever being prosecuted, let alone convicted.

Great point and I think you’re right. However, what I’d like to point out to all the Trump apologists that are saying he couldn’t have issued a pardon without a charge or conviction - that’s for sure not true.

A president can issue any type of pardon he wants. The question would be if it’s legal. I’m not aware of any case law around this, so if on Jan 20th, 10am Trump had written up a blanket pardon, this would have gone to the Supreme Court. Then at least his supporters would have had a fighting chance instead of rotting in prison for years.

The reason why he didn’t do this perfectly illustrates the problem with Trump. He talks a good game but at the end of the day he wants liberals in New York to like him. If he had tried the blanket pardon, if he had fired faucci, if he had diverted military funds to build the wall, if he had cracked down on blm riots, liberals in New York would have said mean stuff about him. So he doesn’t do these things, he betrays his supporters, and liberals still say mean stuff.
39   pudil   2023 Jan 19, 6:47pm  

HeadSet says

If Trump apologizes for Warp Speed then ALL of the blame will be put on Trump and none on anyone else. It will be "Trump myocarditis" and "Joe is repealing the Trump mRNA mandates" and "Trump responsible for jabb deaths."

Fine by me. If Trump can say something that would make people stop taking it and it saves one innocent kid whose dumb npc lib parents are boosting up right now just following the vax schedule he should. I don’t give 2 shits about his election chances compared to that.
40   PeopleUnited   2023 Jan 20, 2:30am  

Trump is either a deliberate willing collaborator in the cover up of the fake pandemic (the virus is real and many have become ill from it, but for most it is less troublesome than the flu and with proper early treatment most people can have shorter symptoms and most deaths could have been prevented) and the irresponsible/criminal implementation of dangerous and ineffective vaxxes. Or if he is not a deliberate willing collaborator in these lies and crimes then he is foolish and allowed himself to be compromised by his foolishness, greed and ego. In either case he is unfit for the job, but still may be the least unfit candidate on the ballot in the upcoming primaries and general election.
41   Onvacation   2023 Jan 20, 6:08am  

PeopleUnited says

may be the least unfit candidate on the ballot in the upcoming primaries and general election.

I didn't vote for Trump in 2016. I voted against Hillary. What real choice did we have in 2020?
42   RayAmerica   2023 Jan 20, 6:19am  

Very enlightening interview by Greg Hunter of Catherine Austin Fitts. Covers a variety of areas, in particular, massive corruption of the federal government. Also, at about the 15:00 mark, she critiques the Trump Presidency, including his handling of 'Operation Warp Speed.' Well worth taking the time to watch.


PS: A little background on Fitts: she served under the George H. W. Bush administration as Assistant Sec. of HUD. While in that position, she
witnessed massive amounts of fraud and became a 'whistleblower' long before there were any protections, which resulted in the Federal government persecuting her. Fitts came from a family that had money, and over the course of 11 years, she fought the Government in court, costing her family $ millions, but won. Fitts is one of the very few that took on the corrupt Federal government in court successfully. When she speaks, you need to listen, because she speaks from a unique perspective that is based upon her own experiences.

She also recently exposed, using official Congressional Budget Office accounting records, that $21 TRILLION is 'unaccounted' for. This unimaginable amount of money just simply vanished.
43   Patrick   2023 Jan 20, 9:24am  


Donald Trump wants to make the Covid vaccine into one of his main accomplishments during his time in the White House.

However, conservatives have become increasingly skeptical of the Covid vaccine, especially when it turned out that they never stopped or slowed the spread of Covid, as was originally touted.

But Trump is going to keep claiming success. ...

Trump will never win the Republican nomination if he insists he was completely correct and saved lives because of the Jabby Jab.

Sure, Trump didn't mandate it.

But he let Fauci guide health policy and the vaccine narrative throughout his final year in office.
44   Al_Sharpton_for_President   2023 Jan 21, 1:45pm  

Trump is far from perfect, and the old saw - Don't let perfect become the enemy of progress - comes to mind. But I have to believe, in spite of his faults, voting for The Donald would have to be a big Fuck You to the deep state and ruling powers that be.
45   Patrick   2023 Jan 21, 5:05pm  


Mr. President,

I could not be more proud than I am to have supported you in 2016, through the lies and attacks that occurred during your presidency, and during the stolen 2020 election cycle. To my mind, you are the true President and much or most of what has occurred since the Whitehouse was stolen from you is a clear demonstration of why your enemies would work so hard to ensure you could no longer lead our nation. The CCP, the WEF, and others have corrupted the Democratic Party, control many of the RINOs that worked to undermine you, and are pushing hard to destroy America as it was founded with the weak and corrupt piece of human excrement they installed in your place. That said, those same people seem to be pushing you in to an untenable position and I do not see any way forward but for you to do what you have always done, come out swinging.

Your recent comments still supporting the “vaccines” are more than a little troubling for your base and many Americans that have woken up across the political spectrum. In light of Damar Hamlin, Died Suddenly, admissions by Pfizer that they never even did a study to confirm the jabs prevent transmission of COVID and that they do not know how they work to improve immune response, various admissions by the CDC, and the obvious problems occurring as a result of these “vaccines”, for you to still be advocating for them is beyond concerning.

The evidence of issues is overwhelming at this point and I simply do not see how your continued advocacy for a failed project is helpful. Given your platform, any political consultant with half a brain would have told you that speaking out against these jabs would facilitate you being a hero to millions of Americans and people around the world but that same person would also have told you that you would face the wrath of the WEF, CCP, and big pharma. You are and have always been a warrior so I find myself confused by your timidity in this matter.

It seems that there really are only a few explanations for your approach but ultimately, at the risk of offending a man that I have admired but who likely does not know I exist, I’m going to be blunt. ANY advisor around that is still advocating for you to avoid acknowledging the disaster that these “vaccines” are is either stupid beyond words or corrupt and, in either event, should be fired immediately. You do not need yes-men around you in this war, you need warriors.

I have publicly offered to do this in the past but understand if the message never reached you so I will do it again. If you would allow us an opportunity, I will fund bringing the top doctors and medical researchers in the world to brief you on the truth about these “vaccines” at your convenience and in a place of your choosing. I will share with you the evidence we have that demonstrates how you have been lied to and manipulated. And, most importantly, I will give you the real truth so that you can do what no other person on this planet could do - save hundreds of millions of lives by using your platform to promote truth.

A president has to deal with far more than one issue and so I still support you. It is my intent to use the very limited position I have to open the door for you to do the right thing and, in the process, demonstrate that you really are willing to do what is right over what is easy - again, as you have so many times.

Ultimately Mr. President I ask you this, why not? I am going to share this with people that I absolutely know will put it in front of you. You will be aware of this offer. All we are asking is that you hear us out. There is no threat, I will likely continue to support you either way (I am aware that my support is not that big of a deal to you). That said, I reiterate, why would you refuse an offer to educate yourself about this? If we are right and you do the right thing you save hundreds of millions of lives. If we are wrong you wasted a few hours but demonstrated your willingness to hear out the best and brightest medical minds before continuing to promote a controversial (at best) product.

There is zero downside to this for you and the only follow-up I will ask would be why you would refuse to listen.


Thomas Renz
46   Patrick   2023 Jan 22, 5:48pm  


Did the vaccine save 20 million lives?
Hypothetical models with wrong assumptions cannot prove any causality. ...

So how does it work? Quite simple, it is based on the - never scientifically proven - assumption that vaccination protects ~90% from death. This allows us to create a model that calculates the case fatality rate (CFR) with no assumed vaccine effect. ...

In summary:

The claim that vaccination protects against death has never been scientifically proven.

How the pandemic would have developed without vaccines remains unclear.

Only a comparison of all-cause mortality between vaccinated/vaccinated could prove an effect.

The case numbers do not rely on a statistically representative sample. These are clearly influenced by the number of tests, who was tested and other factors...


47   cisTits   2023 Jan 23, 6:22am  

Patrick says

Liberal dilemma: If Trump were to drop dead from the vaxx, and indisputably from the vaxx, should they be happy or sad?

Their media will spin the cause of death other than the vaxxx. Simple.
48   RayAmerica   2023 Jan 23, 6:33am  

The bottom line, IMO, is this:

Can ANY politician be trusted?

Can the Government be trusted?
49   Ceffer   2023 Jan 24, 2:20am  


Probably one of the best explanations of Trump's decision making tree:


“Be willing to make decisions. That’s the most important quality in a good leader.” - George . Patton Jr.

So think about it, if President Trump came out publicly and went against vaccines , the media would crucify him 100 times worse than they have with anything else so far.

He would immediately loose all credibility with huge sections of the population who have never questioned the methods or agendas of Big Pharma.

Trump has to maintain credibility with these type of people in his support for the vaccine.

He would be labelled and repeatedly dismissed as a crazed conspiracy theorist if he came out and said ‘hey everyone, the cabal has been planning a depopulation agenda for decades’.

Understand, when he supports vaccines, he is doing so to maintain credibility.

This vaccine agenda was coming no matter what he did and the white hats knew this.

If Trump publicly opposed vaccines, it would do nothing to stop their inevitable distribution.

When President Trump initiated Warp Speed , he bullied Big Pharma into making their vaccine move way too early, which would expose their sinister plan.

Big Pharma had to forego clinical testing and bring to market untested vaccines and concealed data that would flag adverse reactions.

They deliberately broke the law which will eventuate in the removing of their financial and criminal immunity from damages.

There was nothing Trump and the patriots could do to stop the medical technocracy aligning with the establishment media, in promoting the virus on the world to enable them have more control.

The mainstream media banged the drums of fear to bait the masses into taking, and for some begging, for the Big Pharma experimental gene altering fake vaccines.

As I have said before , Trump made sure everyone had free will to choose what they were going to do but the vaccine rollout was unavoidable.

With more people awake it would not be possible for the cabal to push a civil war or a nuclear event or even maintain their Rockefeller Lockstep economy killing 10 year planned lockdowns.

Trump knew that we would take damage in this fight, this is a fight, this is a war but the strategy is clear to those who are the more awakened, that what the deep state had planned ……was for billions to die off.

President Trump was in a no win situation and his main focus was beating the deep state at their own system by forcing it, putting pressure on them , to expose them , weaken them, wear them down, wake the masses, get the people on his side , so that when the time is right , he could strike

The difficult decisions Trump and the patriots have made , will bring us victory in the end.

I would like to reiterate that President Trump has made clear:

~ With respect to Covid measures, he opposes mandates.
~ Preventative measures and treatments are a matter of choice for each person (who should make informed decisions).
- Schools must re-open to allow our children to get back in the classrooms to avoid permanent “scarring” to their lives.

There is a reason he has to endorse the vaccine. 2 words people

As I have said many times before , President Trump goes by the Law of War.
Trump publicly told us that we are at war and that he was a wartime president.

The globalists plan involved starting covid once Hillary won.
When she didnt , they waited until the last year of President Trumps term to roll to out for several different reasons.
They wanted to use it to cover up election fraud, promote more fear to take away peoples rights and of course their depopulation agenda.

The Deep State Cabal also waited until the last year of Trumps presidency to do this Plandemic Scamdemic, so it would not give him enough time to make a vaccine so they could then present one that could be approved by the FDA and mandated for all.

President Trumps counter move was to try to get rid of the deep state pandemic control by fear, expose big Pharma and ensure a quick vaccine would have to be labelled experimental, not be mandated."


He had to weigh both options:

1. Tell America the vaccines are part of a big Pharma globalist plan to depopulate the world.
1. Endorse it.

So lets again think about the consequences of each:
If he warned the public, the mainstream media would mock him again, call him a failure, hype covid even more, demand a real vaccine and he then wouldn’t be able to expose voter fraud and make thousands of arrests to expose the deep state plan and turn things around naturally with the public waking up.
He would have had to stop the election fraud before it could be seen, taken office for the second term, and forced his hand resulting in chaos and a certain civil war with the MSM fanning the flames and increasing public terror.

By endorsing it and imitating warp speed, President Trump saved us from years and years of lockdowns while the NWO implemented their great reset.

Also, if we waited 5 - 8 years for the vaccine, it would have been FDA approved and therefore 100% forced and mandatory.

But because it’s still experimental, it’s not, and he’s done that on purpose.

The Deep state media were probably hoping Trump would go full anti-vaxxer.

This is how Trump works. If you expect him to go left, he will go right.

This confuses the enemy but feeds into the greater plan of exposing the cabals agendas.

They mocked him over hydroxy so he has had to clearly support the vaccines for the sake of optics.

They had to come up with the first "variant" narrative so fast most people hadn't even taken the vaccine yet.

Trump forced the entire process and therefore the entire narrative to happen in one year before he even left office and then left the pharma companies holding the bag.

Once he committed to this path, he could not reverse his position without suffering attacks from the media and the medial establishment.

It would be political suicide to take any other position, regardless of how he felt privately.

A wartime president knows he can't completely eliminate casualties of war.

The goal is reducing the number of deaths and limiting destruction to the nation by taking whatever steps are available to them.

Then the Omicron variant arrived at the perfect time.

It was incredibly contagious but extremely mild and provided the herd immunity in a matter of weeks.

Some believe it was engineered for that purpose.

All the while the Defense Department was working on a vaccine that cures all past and future covid variants.

This movement is not about one man but when the dust settles in my opinion and when people have had more time to comprehend the magnitude of what he has done, President Donald J Trump will go down in history as the greatest leader this planet has seen.

He told us what he was doing, he told us who he was fighting, he told us he had to step away which has allowed the Deep State expose themselves and wake up the masses.

Those of us who have been fighting for President Trump, the Patriots and ANONs in this information war and those who still support him now, will make sure that the new people awakening, understand the truth about how President Trump exposed the Goliath of Big Pharma.

50   DhammaStep   2023 Jan 24, 3:35am  

You lot seem educated on financial matters so I figure I'd ask: is it possible to be sued by a company you hold shares in if you are considered actively sabotaging their business? It wouldn't surprise me if Trump was invested in these pharma companies, they're generally considered safe bets, right?
51   Al_Sharpton_for_President   2023 Jan 24, 3:55am  

Ceffer says

He would immediately loose all credibility with huge sections of the population who have never questioned the methods or agendas of Big Pharma.

And then he would have been re-elected in landslide when the toxxines were discovered to be as toxic as they are.

Nope, had he gone the natural immunity route, and adopted the Great Barrington Declaration - protect the elderly and vulnerable, no lockdowns - he'd be considered a genius today and a real American hero.

That whole agument is insane. Think about it. I'll go the thalidomide route, rushing out unproven experimental transfection reagents, possibly killing and maimimg millions, but I'll possibly save my political career.
52   Patrick   2023 Jan 30, 8:29pm  


President Trump was dismissed as a buffoon yet he was not; he knew something was WRONG with COVID response & no early treatment & the fraud vaccine yet he trusted Fauci & Birx & Azar; they misled him

The deepstate & Fauci, Francis Collins, Birx, Azar, Bourla, Bancel, Hanh et al., they misled Trump & he trusted & believed! He wanted to do good for America & made grave mistakes trusting them

It is not too late POTUS Trump, stand up now urgently, stand against the lockdowns that killed so many and the fraud OWS COVID gene injection aka vaccine (mRNA-DNA) that has killed so many and will kill many more, thousands; it is time, the people will forgive you if you can admit the ravages and mistake of trusting these demons in your administration; you are not perfect, no one is, and you have to admit your mistake.
53   HeadSet   2023 Jan 31, 7:25am  

Patrick says

the people will forgive you if you can admit the ravages and mistake of trusting these demons in your administration; you are not perfect, no one is, and you have to admit your mistake.

Having Trump admit error with the vax is exactly what the deepstate & Fauci, Francis Collins, Birx, Azar, Bourla, Bancel, Hanh et al are waiting for. At that moment, ALL the blame goes to Trump. It will be the "Trump Vaxx," the "Trump Lockdowns," the "Trump prohibition of Ivermectin/HCQ," and the "Trump censorship of evidence against the vaxx." Headlines will read "Trump and Warp Speed wrecked Havic on the Economy." Even the college presidents who imposed a vaxx mandate will blame "I Trusted Trump."
54   tanked   2023 Jan 31, 9:46am  

He didn't lie he just got fooled. But his policy of no mandates is good, plus his other policies.

Vs Brandon, Harris, Beto, or even McCarthy this is a no brainer.
56   Patrick   2023 Mar 17, 3:09pm  


The bottom line is, that the OWID COVID-19 death attribution chart is essentially meaningless because COVID-19 was sold to us as the main driver of excess mortality. Hence, with a working vaccine, we would expect COVID-19 and excess mortality to decrease back to normal levels. Since this is not the case, vaccine efficacy claims based on these flawed numbers are highly questionable and should be further investigated.

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