Why are the toxxine vials the property of the Department of Defense?

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Cole mentions his colleagues in Europe that he collaborated with, have analyzed 100 vials at a University. Also a very interesting claim, if one considers that around the world it is illegal to analyze vials. In the US, they are property of the DOD and it is a federal crime to analyze them. Rules in Germany are similarly harsh. Who would be able to get 100 vials, walk into a University in broad daylight and use the Electron Microscope and Mass Spectroscopy without any problems - while all other scientists around the world have to work underground so as to not get arrested?

Seriously. why and how does the DOD claim ownership of all toxxine vials?

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1   GNL   2023 Jan 24, 3:39pm  

First question is Is this true?
2   Ceffer   2023 Jan 24, 4:48pm  

DOD sponsored and financed the accelerated manufacture of the vaccines, classified them as a weapons development so that more liability would be waived (if DOD devises a weapons development, it is in the course of its rightful and necessary duties). Of course, that also abetted 'vax money laundering' by letting the pols preferentially invest in all of the various Covid related industries and garner huge gains.

How many people would take it if they knew that DOD classified it as weapons devlopment? Don't answer that, probably everybody who would have taken it anyway.

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