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1   richwicks   2023 Jan 26, 2:20am  

Patrick says


Just an FYI for you white as sheet folks..

Film had a lumina spline. It looks like this:

The straight line is what is ACTUALLY visible, the curved is what you see in film, and now often in digital to simulate it. This has the effect of making darker parts of the picture have closer to the same brightness, and brighter to the same brightness. This is why the sky no longer blurts out an image in modern cameras.

But it has another side effect, it can make dark skinned people look REALLY dark, and that's been a problem forever. Black people have complained about it for years.

If you take an old video tape, and run it through a digital image system, and apply the spline, it will look like film. The "quality" will seem to magically improve.

here - this is original film:

And this is (roughly) the inverse

I have seen episodes of the Twilight Zone on television where they applied the inverse transform to dissuade you from recording it. It looks awful. Video tape is quite a bit different from film. Modern cameras can mimic both now.
2   HeadSet   2023 Jan 26, 6:07pm  

Look at the nose. No two people have that nose. The "lightening" is likely a camera/exposure artifact.

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