Doctor Deceived and Forcibly Vaccinated Children

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2023 Mar 12, 10:46pm   318 views  7 comments

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Mother is suing a doctor who vaccinated her children for COVID-19 against their will during their annual school physical exams

A doctor in Washington DC is being sued for injecting two children with the COVID-19 vaccine without parental consent.

The lawsuit alleges Dr. Janine Rethy, chief of community pediatrics at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, told two children that the vaccines were required for school and held them in a room until she convinced them to get the vaccine.

Dr. Rethy also prevented the children from speaking with their mother, who was right outside the door waiting with her 1-year-old child.

From the lawsuit:

Dr. Janine Rethy is also the director of DC Health’s mass vaccination mobile clinic which mission is to “increase vaccination rates in children here in D.C.”

... I’m at a loss for words here. The amount of people they brainwashed and gaslighted to believe they were doing good by forcibly vaccinating people without their consent. No doubt Dr. Rethy believes she was doing the right thing.

Believe me Dr. Rethy isn’t the only one doing this - healthcare workers responsible for vaccinations around the world were brainwashed into believing this nonsense and vaccinating as many people as they could.

If you ask me this is the same thing as employer mandates. How many people got vaccinated to keep their job? To go to a restaurant? To get on an airplane? It was forced vaccination - same thing, just a different way of doing it.

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1   richwicks   2023 Mar 12, 10:49pm  

Patrick says

Dr. Janine Rethy is also the director of DC Health’s mass vaccination mobile clinic which mission is to “increase vaccination rates in children here in D.C.”

Washington D.C.? I don't have a problem with them killing every last person there. I think it would be a tremendous improvement to the country, and the world.
2   Patrick   2023 Mar 12, 10:49pm  

Children are innocent though.
3   richwicks   2023 Mar 13, 4:16am  

Patrick says

Children are innocent though.

These kid's parents are not. I have no sympathy for federal employees or their families at this point.
4   zzyzzx   2023 Mar 13, 7:32am  

richwicks says

These kid's parents are not.

So the parents stood outside the room and did nothing. They should not have allowed that to happen.
5   HeadSet   2023 Mar 13, 9:13am  

Reading between the lines here:

The mother at the time wanted the kid to get the vaxx, which is why she waited outside. Now that the truth about vaxx ineffectiveness and risk has come out, the mom has a change of heart, or may even be an opportunist. This is similar to the young woman that has consensual sex but later feels she was tricked and thus regrets the indiscretion and now claims rape.
6   mell   2023 Mar 13, 10:47am  

I'm sure the mom is a leftard who initially wanted it. Still MDs cannot lie and coerce into a clot shot. Gallows.
7   Patrick   2023 Mar 17, 2:34pm  


According to The Defender:

“The lawsuit alleges Rethy, director of the mobile clinic, held the children in the examination room longer than necessary for a regular check-up and vaccinated them against COVID-19 over their objections and without consulting their mother.

“In order to attempt to obtain the children’s consent — which they are not legally able to provide without a parent or guardian — the doctor falsely informed the children the COVID-19 vaccine was mandatory for school attendance and told them they could not lawfully decline it if they wanted to attend school.”

Rethy is a pediatrician, chief of community pediatrics at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital and assistant professor of pediatrics at Georgetown University School of Medicine.

There are two crucial aspects to this lawsuit.

First, the mother of the adolescent children was in a room next door, caring for another infant child. She was immediately available to offer her consent for the inoculations — yet Rethy chose to administer the shots without consulting her first.

Second, when the elder child asked why the doctor was giving her the shot, Rethy explained that it was mandatory in order to attend school. This was untrue.

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