Biden: Feds need to Stop States from Protecting Ancient Liberties of Parents

2023 Mar 13, 4:39pm   68 views  2 comments

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Here it is folks.

Biden proposes federal legislation to prevent states from insisting on Parental Approval for Transsurgeries.

Compares it to Gay Marriage. You know, the thing those who opposed it were mocked as "Slippery Slopers" for opposing.


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1   cisTits   2023 Mar 13, 4:53pm  

Under what constitutional authority?
2   Tenpoundbass   2023 Mar 13, 5:04pm  

Disband our Courts, these fuckers say stupid shit like this, solely because they know our Courts have been compromised by that Jive ass Mother fucker Obama and his Commie fellow cock suckers.

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