Turtle in rehab for Concussion, Fracture

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Mitch McConnell Sent to Rehabilitation Facility After Hospitalization for Concussion, Rib Fracture


Why did he fall though - mini-stroke?

@Ceffer: Does he have a black eye, though?

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1   Eric Holder   2023 Mar 13, 7:11pm  

At 81 anything could happen.
2   Ceffer   2023 Mar 13, 7:21pm  

AmericanKulak says

Ceffer: Does he have a black eye, though?

LOL! Who knows? If he had the Satanic or vril black eye, it was probably a while ago. I hope the white hats tied him to a chair and hosed him. Like Daniel Andrews in Australia, corrupt lockdown politician, who was beaten by CCP after he tried to seduce one of their underaged daughters and they said he fell down stairs or something. He was out for a couple of weeks, was then completely in their pocket.

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