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1   RWSGFY   2023 Mar 16, 11:03pm  

2   Ceffer   2023 Mar 16, 11:26pm  

I guess 'dramatic gay man' is a bit more euphemistic than 'floridly mentally ill histrionic personality disorder with sex dysphoria affect".
4   richwicks   2023 Mar 17, 1:30am  

This is just the new version of the reality tv show - it's a form of trolling.

The guy acts NOTHING like a woman, and purposely acts like a child's stereotype of a woman. This draws attention because actual women are pissed off by it, and men are largely disgusted by it.

Basically, most people hate watch him, but since it generates attention that can be monetized. There's nothing sincere about him, nothing truthful about him. He's playing a character, much like Unknown Hinson does or Andy Kaufman did. It's a form of "performance art" - the point is to gain attention, and nothing else. I HIGHLY doubt he's actually trans-sexual, I doubt he has had any surgery (supposedly he did facial feminization surgery, but I can't really see a difference), this is nothing more than a modern day freak show, where people stare and gawk at the bizarre thing they are seeing.

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