This is closer to Reagan's America than Biden's

2023 Mar 18, 5:55pm   64 views  1 comment

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Or to JFK's America, for that matter.

"Woman" swats object out of cops hands and mouths off to them while acting like a brat/queen --- then gets dropped like a bad apple.

This is what America should be like today. Drunk, arrogant perverts refusing to comply and smacking a cops hands get dropped and arrested.

When RINOs babble about Reagan's America, this is just the kind of thing that would have happened to an obnoxious crossdresser who batted something out of a cops hand and refused to leave/desist anytime and any place in the 1980s USA

Today, the "I'm a Reagan, not Trump, Conservative" types like David French would have the vapours over such a video had it happened in the USA.

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1   Patrick   2023 Mar 18, 6:21pm  

I remember this video from maybe a year ago.

The cop was entirely correct to punch him. 100%.

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