Based Doom creator pushing an unwoke SciFi Convention

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2023 May 18, 11:22am   119 views  5 comments

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Id Software co-founder and former Oculus VR CTO John Carmack is facing criticism for his recent announcement that he will be attending BasedCon, a sci-fi and fantasy convention for fans who are "tired of woke propaganda."

"I’m going to be at basedcon.com again this year," Carmack tweeted. "I had read books from and twitter-interacted with three of the authors (more since!), but I wasn’t sure what to expect last year. It turned out fun, in a grass-roots con way that reminded me of the old Space Access days.


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1   Patrick   💰tip   2023 May 18, 11:42am  

The link to BasedCon:


BasedCon is a gathering for authors and fans of science fiction and fantasy. Whether you’ve never been to a con before or you’re a frequent con-goer who is tired of woke propaganda, BasedCon is the place for you!


Sci-fi cons used to be a lot of fun. They were places where people of all colors and creeds could get together to talk and learn about science fiction and fantasy books, games, movies, and TV shows. Then, starting a few years ago, things changed. Cons became increasingly dominated by a small clique of authoritarian jerks who made them into venues for pushing social justice dogma and, in the name of “inclusiveness,” shut down any opinions that didn’t align with progressive orthodoxy. You may remember the Sad Puppies saga, which culminated in WorldCon voters selecting “No Award” in several categories of the Hugo Awards rather than reward people outside their tribe. Maybe you’re familiar with the Gamergate debacle. You probably heard about Gina Carano being fired from The Mandalorian because she voiced thoughts outside the acceptable range of opinion. Undoubtedly you’ve heard about the push to get Critical Race Theory and other social justice garbage into schools.

Each of these controversies start the same way: a group of progressive malcontents moves into a space, takes it over, molds it to suit the group’s agenda, and then brands anyone who fights back as racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. For whatever reason, the problem is particularly bad in the realm of science fiction and fantasy publishing. As a result, a genre that has historically been about the unfettered exploration of ideas has become stagnant and derivative, and the people running the industry are often openly, unapologetically hostile to a significant portion of their audience. And if you’re an openly conservative sci-fi or fantasy author, good luck getting published.

The publishing industry’s hostility to authors who are critical of progressive dogma was the primary impetus behind BasedCon. I wanted to put together an event where non-leftist authors could network and where new and aspiring authors could learn from authors who had already navigated these treacherous seas. When I mentioned the idea on Twitter, someone asked, “Are non-authors welcome?” And I thought, “Why not? A big meetup of sci-fi/fantasy authors and fans sounds like it could be blast.” BasedCon was born.

In internet parlance, “based” means something like “in touch with reality.” Based behavior is the opposite of social justice activism, which is about meaningless virtue signaling and beating up strawmen. Some based beliefs include:

- Men cannot give birth
- Guns don’t kill people; people kill people
- A fetus is a human being
- Socialism has failed everywhere it’s been tried
- Discriminating against white people is racism

BasedCon isn’t about pushing any particular ideology, but honest conversations have to start with a shared understanding of reality. If you think people with a certain skin color can’t be racist or you expect people to use made-up pronouns when talking about you, you may want to do a reality check before coming to BasedCon.

I love these people!
2   🎂 rocketjoe79   💰tip   2023 May 18, 10:13pm  


BasedCon is infiltrated by Feds.
3   Patrick   💰tip   2023 May 18, 11:29pm  

Could be fun to figure out who they are and bait them.
4   AmericanKulak   💰tip   2023 May 19, 1:32am  

Look for the guys who look like their clothes were picked by their Older Sis---

Oh shit, sci fi convention.
5   Ceffer   💰tip   2023 May 19, 9:39am  

Watched Foundation on free Apple Week. Good story with the usual woke crap and inclusion innominate genius stuff. I doubt the Asimov novels had the particular protagonists as portrayed.

Foundation story is good, and the filming stunningly beautiful, however, so some hip boot wading was worth it on this one. My wife and I groan and shut off many programs when they take that 'turn' in some obvious and disgusting way. It's he woke barf bag reflex.

I'm fine with diverse characters in appropriate roles. It's The Agenda being force fed propaganda that is nauseating.

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