Romney not running for 2nd Senate Term

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2023 Sep 13, 1:35pm   353 views  15 comments

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Facing Extensive Primary Challenge and shit polling in Utah...

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1   Patrick   2023 Sep 13, 1:40pm  

Sounds like good news, a chance to get some non-RINO in that seat.
2   WookieMan   2023 Sep 13, 1:42pm  

If that's a recent picture, he doesn't look healthy. Not that I want him around, but that could be a part of it?? Maybe? Utah can eat shit on its alcohol laws because Mormons are weak, but he looks like an alcoholic or someone that is sick. Is he even 70? Too lazy to look up.
3   Patrick   2023 Sep 13, 1:45pm  

Could be vaxx damage.
4   stereotomy   2023 Sep 13, 2:09pm  

Patrick says

Could be vaxx damage.

^^^^^^^ THIS
5   Booger   2023 Sep 13, 2:31pm  

6   desertguy   2023 Sep 13, 2:44pm  

Word around Utah is that he's considering running for President in 24. As a dem. Sorry!
7   RWSGFY   2023 Sep 13, 3:48pm  

desertguy says

Word around Utah is that he's considering running for President in 24. As a dem. Sorry!

He'll lose his own home state then. No way Mormons would vote for a demon rat.
8   Ceffer   2023 Sep 13, 4:53pm  

Yeah, he looks a little cachectic. Or maybe his soul sucking demon is showing. It's probably good news that he is afraid of something, maybe wants to take back the blood signature from Satan's parchment.

He's supposed to be one of the new targets along with Nancy Actress, Feinstein et alia of the 'Chinese Connection' reveals coming up soon in a foreign occupied foreign city state of DC near you. I don't know why they haven't brought him and his sons up in connection with Ukraine, yet, Biden and Hunter get all the spotlights.
9   clambo   2023 Sep 13, 5:00pm  

I bet he decided to enjoy his retirement at his house in La Jolla, California.
10   Patrick   2023 Sep 13, 5:02pm  

Ceffer says


Thanks, didn't know that word:

11   Onvacation   2023 Sep 13, 5:23pm  

WookieMan says

If that's a recent picture, he doesn't look healthy.

A lot of people look less healthy these days...

Romney is asshoe.
12   Patrick   2023 Sep 14, 7:18am  


Romney, 76, blamed Republican voters for his decision. Romney says cattle-like conservative voters have lost their minds, being magnetically drawn like, say, Senators to a sweet insider stock deal, to a “populist demagogue message.”

Thus Romney, no populist, said he feels like a second term would be a waste of his time, much “less productive and less satisfying” than was his first term, when he twice got to vote to impeach President Trump. He even got to be the only Republican to vote to impeach during the democrats’ first go-around, which allowed the democrats to call it “bipartisan.”

As if.

Most of the other Republicans who voted to impeach Trump in the second round have vanished from the political landscape, their careers torched in a bonfire of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Now you may add the name “Romney” to that disgraceful list of republican reprobates. ...

One suspects that Romney’s decision has more to do with facing his deluded voters’ wrath, and reminds us of the musings of murderous, corrupt king Claudius in Shakespeare’s Hamlet:

“O, my offence is rank, it smells to heaven; It hath the primal eldest curse upon ’t, A brother’s murder.”

Buh bye, Mitt.
13   Patrick   2023 Sep 14, 9:16am  


WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Democratic Party was left scrambling for a replacement today, as long-time faithful Senator Mitt Romney of Utah announced he would not be seeking re-election.

"This is a huge blow for the Democratic Party," said Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. "Romney has been one of our most reliable senators. He will be sorely missed."

Democrats have immediately begun searching for a replacement candidate, concerned that conservatives in Utah could flip the seat Republican. "Romney being able to carry Utah for the Democrats was an unbelievable windfall for the party," said analyst Chuck Todd. "It will be incredibly difficult to find another candidate who can win in such a deep red state while completely and utterly turning his back on the Republican party. It's like finding a unicorn."

According to sources in the Romney camp, the Senator plans to retire to the plains of Namibia to spend more time with his fellow rhinoceros family.
14   clambo   2023 Sep 14, 9:23am  

What is so strange is Trump and Romney were almost identical in their political position on the main issue, illegal aliens.

I watched Romney in the primary debates when he ran against Obama.
15   Ceffer   2023 Sep 14, 10:42am  

Trying to make a clean getaway while the coast is clear? He was always ever in it for criminal gain, like the others. I am kind of curious, however, how he is disengaging from Satan's hamster wheel, and if we will be seeing an ex-Mittens soon. Maybe he struck a deal that spares his family. He's got the whole dynasty in there with Ukraine graft just like Biden.

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