Evil State Actors Are Hiring Street Gangs To Do Their Dirty Work

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2024 Jun 10, 6:55am   186 views  4 comments

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#evilstateactors/street gangs My radar is always on a 360-degree sweep. I want to catch stories that major media outlets miss or pay scant attention to. I have been studying a trend for several weeks. I have put together some pieces of a puzzle with troubling results.
I was first alerted when a plot to assassinate former U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton by the Iranian government. The FBI broke up this plot. Iranian Revolutionary Guard officials were so amateurish that they advertised openly on the web for hit men. As this story broke, it came out that several Iranians opposed to the regime had been kidnapped or subject to assassination plots here in the U.S. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard had hired local criminal gangs to carry out their dirty work.
Next came a report from a Swedish intelligence agency that I have very high regard for. They reported that Russian GRU operatives were hiring street gangs in Sweden to assassinate and harass anti-Putin dissidents in that country.
What followed was a report from law enforcement agencies in the European Union. Sabotage incidents are taking place all over Europe. At first, they were unexplained. There seemed to be no pattern to them. Savvy law enforcement people connected the dots and found a pattern among incidents in several countries. Further investigation revealed that local street gangs in these countries carried out the sabotage. When perpetrators were apprehended, some confessed that the Russian GRU had paid them. The motive was revenge for the support that these countries were supplying to Ukraine.
Yesterday I got another shocking report from Chile. This country is normally peaceful, law-abiding, and with a very low crime rate. Then the Tren de Aragua street gang arrived in Chile from Venezuela. The crime rate has shot up. Some assassinations have taken place. One could infer that some state actors hired them to deal with people objectionable to them.
Countries like the U.S. and Brasil are riddled with street gangs. These gangs are heavily armed and quite experienced at carrying out assassinations. State actors bent on doing evil would find many capable operatives in the ranks of these street gangs.
Law enforcement agencies are going to have to adapt to these new realities. There needs to be close coordination with intelligence agencies that deal with rogue state actors in countries like Russia, Iran, North Korea, etc.

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1   stereotomy   2024 Jun 10, 7:27am  

Glad to see ohomenbot is somehow osmotically absorbing 1% of the collective wisdom of PatNet over the past 10 years.
2   Ceffer   2024 Jun 10, 11:21am  

One percent is rather generous. The new Dem thing with Trump looming again on the horizon is to portray the Deep State Swamplings as 'victims' rather than corrupt, degenerate Satanic liars and perpetrators, most deserving of their alleged 'punishments', if not getting off scott free or easy. It's the customary "Goebbels Flip".

If you have ever watched an interview of a psychopath or sociopath, everything they talk about is about them and their hurt feelings and they always portray themselves as victims of circumstances and deny agency or responsibility. It doesn't matter how many people they have killed, robbed or damaged.

In the above, Putin is portrayed as a perpetrator and Bolton a 'victim', Har, Har. They are also trying to blame the influx across the border as some kind of event spun 'accidentally' or by certain specific baleful foreign powers instead of the Democrats and Liberals, deflecting the rampant agency of Biden Actor et alia. "It just happened that way, horrors."
3   stereotomy   2024 Jun 10, 11:29am  

I have perhaps been too generous in assessing the learning capabilities of ohomenbot.
4   WookieMan   2024 Jun 10, 8:08pm  

stereotomy says

I have perhaps been too generous in assessing the learning capabilities of ohomenbot.

Said it before. A REAL PARAGRAPH BREAK would make the bot content easier to read. It's 7th grade grammar. I ain't perfect, but at least make the content readable. I stop when I just see a massive block of text.

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