Ben Affleck's Afflicted Daughter

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2024 Jul 10, 2:05am   178 views  4 comments

by AmericanKulak   ➕follow (8)   💰tip   ignore  

Big League Long COVID whacko, as far as I can tell as she spoke at 3x speed

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1   AmericanKulak   2024 Jul 10, 2:09am  

By the way "Just choose better bro".

Violett Affleck's Mom was from West Virginia and raised very conservatively. I mention that because not only this kid is messed up, but the middle child in HS thinks she is Genderqueer and changed her name to "Finn".
3   GNL   2024 Jul 10, 7:37am  

People want to be front and center. They give very little thought about whether they are right or not. They just want to be seen as a good soldier for "the cause", any cause as long as "seemingly most" people are on the same script.

I think I understand the motivation behind it now. I couldn't comprehend it because it is so foreign to me.
4   Ceffer   2024 Jul 10, 1:00pm  

Hypomanic rant from the genetically pre paranoid? "Hate to break it to you, but the world indeed is not safe. However, it is unsafe in ways you have no ken and your substitute smorgasbord threats are effective brainwashing writ large."

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