What to do with coyote?

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I saw a dog-like creature is jumping over a residence fence while I was driving. It definitely was not a pet dog or a red fox. Hmmm, interesting. That was a freaking ugly dog, I thought. Then I found couple articles that indicate what I saw could be a coyote. So I dig little further, and yes, they are here, and I found a pic of coyote that looks just like the creature I saw.

A single coyote won't be a big deal if you're a big guy. But a pack of coyote would be a different matter, and could be a serious threat to a child, small or weak ladies, or to your pet. I don't want to find a coyote or two in my backyard when the wife is in home alone. The place where I saw it was a hill right next to my residence.

So, guys. What do you do with coyote? How to deal with it when you see it in your backyard?

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1   elliemae   2010 Apr 25, 1:22pm  

Depends upon where you live. Are there trappers nearby? (it's a way of life out here). They're running around here all the time, stealing chickens, killing lambs & baby goats, etc.

A single coyote might not seem brave, but if it's hungry it'll steal a puppy, kitten, attack a child, etc. They're wild animals and they can hurt someone. Call animal control and ask what your options are.

2   seaside   2010 Apr 25, 2:07pm  

Thanks elliemae.

I don't think trappers are available here. I live in northern virginia area where pretty much everything is there except sanity.

Here's an article from washington post in 2007 for you, in case you're instersted.


These urban people never seen coyote before and looks like they're thinking it as a romantic wild thingy or something.

For your info, Rock creek park is just a few roads down from the whitehouse where our beloved brother Mr. president is living at, along with the national zoo where our favorite made in china product, the panda is at.

3   elliemae   2010 Apr 25, 11:52pm  

There was one recently spotted in New York. They can be everywhere. I'm not advocating killing coyotes, but you might want to check your options. They can be a nuisance. They do keep pests out, like rabbits and such.

They run across my yard all night, can see them on a full moon. They dig under fences and jump over others. To keep 'em out of the chicken coop I had to put cement footings and completely enclose their coop. If you don't protect your animals (including small dogs), they're considered "bait."

4   Done!   2010 Apr 26, 1:12am  

Call the Road Runner, he can make him fell in adequate, and toss out an Acme instant hole or two.

5   elliemae   2010 Apr 28, 12:21am  

Here's the plan: Get the Texas Gov to hang out in your yard and you're home free.


"Pistol-packing Republican Rick Perry told The Associated Press on Tuesday he needed just one shot from the laser-sighted pistol he sometimes carries while jogging to take down a coyote that menaced his puppy during a February run near Austin.

"Perry said he carries a .380 Ruger — loaded with hollow-point bullets — when jogging on trails because he is afraid of snakes. He'd also seen coyotes in the undeveloped area.

"I knew there were a lot of predators out there. You'll hear a pack of coyotes. People are losing small cats and dogs all the time out there in that community," Perry said.

6   elliemae   2010 May 5, 2:29pm  

RayAmerica says

Coyotes are like liberals. They’re both a nuisance, but you have to learn to put up with them. I’m not sure if you can legally trap Coyotes. There should be a law allowing you to trap liberals, IMO. But I think I would probably be against using leg hold traps, but I’m not completely sure on that one.

Angry little bugger, aren't ya? When you lose the debate on other threads, you hijack ones that have nothing to do with your agenda.

7   RayAmerica   2010 May 6, 1:36am  

elliemae says

Angry little bugger, aren’t ya? When you lose the debate on other threads, you hijack ones that have nothing to do with your agenda.

Obviously you have zero when it comes to humor. I thought it was pretty funny, but then again, I'm a well adjusted, happy person.

8   simchaland   2010 May 6, 7:56am  

Call Sarah Palin. Have her come out to your place in a helicopter so she can shoot at it with a big gun.

9   elliemae   2010 May 6, 12:59pm  

RayAmerica says

thought it was pretty funny, but then again, I’m a well adjusted, happy person.

Missed it by THAT much!

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