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The Federal Reserve Needs New Thinking
by indigenous in #MyNewJerseyGoatButtfucksMe on 25 Aug 2016  1 comment, latest a year ago
The conduct of monetary policy in recent years has been deeply flawed. U.S. economic growth lags prior recoveries, falling short of forecasts and deteriorating in the most recent quarters. This...

George Soros instructions to Hillary (wikileaks) (
by FortWayne in #MyNewJerseyGoatButtfucksMe on 12 Aug 2016  6 comments, latest a year ago Now you boys know who is pulling the strings.#MyNewJerseyGoatButtfu

Folks it's really really sad how petty and chickenshit Liberals are
by Tenpoundbass in #MyNewJerseyGoatButtfucksMe on 25 Sep 2016  13 comments, latest a year ago
Everypost you make the Civil Liberals the one's that piss and moan everytime Trump says something mean. These very fucksticks will insert vile racist, hateful disgusting bullshit in the hashtag...
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