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What doctors say when you are unconscious and under the knife
by Dan8267 in #wtf on 2 May 2017  5 comments, latest 7 months ago
It ain't good. #wtf

Lenin Cake
by someone else in #wtf on 13 Dec 2016  7 comments, latest a year ago

0 (
by Dan8267 in #wtf on 9 Nov 2016  5 comments, latest a year ago
I just noticed that one of my incoming links is from Can't say I'm completely surprised. I do, however, have to question the value of marking threads with incoming...

Riding a Stick (
by someone else in #wtf on 23 Aug 2016  5 comments, latest a year ago

Why is it always Florida? (
by Blurtman in #wtf on 16 Aug 2016  5 comments, latest a year ago
Suspect found biting man's face off at chaotic Florida murder scene MARTIN COUNTY, Fla. -- Sheriff's deputies were called to Kokomo Lane in Martin County, Florida, on Monday evening because...
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