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TESLA Bought $1.5B BITCOIN and accepts BTC as a form of payment soon (finance.yahoo.com)
by G36 on 8 Feb 2021  140 comments, latest 4 days ago
Wow - fucking wow! This is extremely bullish news for BITCOINhttps://finance.yahoo.c

CONGRATS TO BITCOIN HODL'ERS - First Bitcoin ETF Approved in NA & 50K Bitcoin - Hyper BULLISH (finance.yahoo.com)
by G36 on 13 Feb 2021  27 comments, latest 5 days ago
https://finance.yahoo.com/news WOW, Congrats! Hyper Bullish Bitcoin News - First ETF - MANY to follow

Bitcoin at 31k - Congratulations and Happy NY to all BTC Holders! (news.bitcoin.com)
by G36 on 2 Jan 2021  278 comments, latest 15 days ago
I made 2x in 2 month! We are in ultra bullish conditions. Institutions are pouring in millions and millions of USD into Bitcoin and no end in sight.https://news.bitcoin.com Beginning of...

BOOOM! Bitcoin at new all time high! Merry Christmas
by G36 on 16 Dec 2020  188 comments, latest 21 days ago
bawahahahhahaahah. Merry Christmas to our haters, DF's and perma-crypto-bears!
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