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Serious Question. Is there any limit to what you are willing to believe?
by ignoreme on 20 Nov 2019  12 comments, latest a year ago
Okay, I get it, orangemanbad and you like having abortions. But to be a Democrat supporter today you need to believe.1. Jeffery Epstein killed himself.2. Hunter Biden got a job...

This made me mad (twitter.com)
by ignoreme on 28 Sep 2020  8 comments, latest a month ago
https://twitter.com/JamesOKeef I can take some blue haired Antifa npc moron voting for Biden because at least they are exercising their democratic rights.But blatant ballot harvesting to elect the most anti...

Liberals are crazy (vdare.com)
by ignoreme on 15 Apr 2020  9 comments, latest 6 months ago
Over 50% of white liberal females have been diagnosed with a mental illness.https://vdare.com/arti Basically every sentence in this article is gold. Few highlights:“ this is how American Liberals see the...

BLM critical race theory reaches inevitable conclusion (detroitnews.com)
by ignoreme on 10 Sep 2020  5 comments, latest 2 months ago
Segregated white only spaces!https://www.detroitnews

The Definition of Karen has Changed (urbandictionary.com)
by ignoreme on 1 Jul 2020  11 comments, latest 4 months ago
I called my wife a Karen today because she was telling me how happy she was with how everyone was wearing masks and social distancing when she went out for...

Endgame, what is it?
by ignoreme on 20 Nov 2019  10 comments, latest a year ago
What’s the endgame for dems? If they vote articles then senate is just going to call up Hunter and ask him what he was doing to add 50K per month...

Anyone here for the lockdown have skin in the game?
by ignoreme on 14 Apr 2020  2 comments, latest 6 months ago
My wife just got furloughed. We’ll be fine but it is an economic hit. I can only imagine how the less well off are dealing with this.Anyone here that is...

Should I vote for Lindsey Graham?
by ignoreme on 2 Oct 2020  13 comments, latest 25 days ago
I don’t think I’m doxing myself too much to say that I now live in SC. Should I vote for Lindsey Graham or should I vote for the generic D...

Every 911 call is a failure of another agency to do their job
by ignoreme on 9 Jun 2020  Posted 5 months ago
Bit of a long video, but gives you good police perspective on the whole George Floyd situation and the crap politicians are putting them through.Some great questions:1. If we aren’t...
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