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Dan8267's Posts

Fake Homeless Woman Exposed
by Dan8267   1 comment, latest 8 minutes ago
Some people are just scum.
Trump vs. Truth
by Dan8267   4 comments, latest 26 minutes ago
Oliver Cromwell and the English Civil War
by Dan8267   Posted 7 hours ago
Oliver Cromwell, an asshole who fought other assholes and became an even bigger asshole than them.
SJW Nazis presure Red Pill Subreddit to resign
by Dan8267 in #genderWars   Posted 21 hours ago
“Unfortunately, the falsehoods, lies and comments of an overzealous blogger and some of my colleagues have created a situation where I must genuinely consider the safety and well-being of...
Red Pill: Shlimazel Edition
by Dan8267 in #genderWars   1 comment, latest 12 hours ago
Yes, it's mostly subtitles, but it's worth watching. Everything bad you thought of gynocentrism taken to an even greater extreme. Even after being proven to have made false accusations to...
Schoolhouse Rock Im Just a Lie
by Dan8267   1 comment, latest 2 days ago
Paternity Fraud
by Dan8267 in #politics   8 comments, latest 3 days ago
Try not to get distracted by all the cleavage... We need the following reforms passed. 1. All laws requiring men, for any reason or under any condition, who are not...
Stephen Finally Agrees With Donald Trump On Something
by Dan8267 in #politics   Posted 3 days ago
#politics #humor
by Dan8267   Posted 3 days ago
Gabonese Gorilla family all have cool reactions to their mirror
by Dan8267 in #scitech   1 comment, latest 5 days ago
Google Photos Accidentally Misidentified Two Black People As Gorillas
by Dan8267 in #scitech   Posted 5 days ago
Machine learning yields unpredictable results. It's not a bug. It's pattern recognition. It's just not always the pattern you intended to be recognized. Case example. The army trained a...
The surprising pattern behind color names around the world
by Dan8267   Posted 5 days ago
Chicken plays piano
by Dan8267 in #misc   Posted 6 days ago
Random shit #misc
I know understand the conservative right
by Dan8267 in #politics   Posted 6 days ago
It's just like this except replace WWII with the Civil War. #politics
Bert Kreischer The Machine (Full)
by Dan8267 in #humor   Posted 1 week ago
Wikipedia Is A Dire Warning Of What Happens When You Let Social Justice Freaks Take Over
by Dan8267 in #politics   Posted 1 week ago
Since I first began editing Wikipedia in 2004, I’ve observed its devolution (paralleling that of RationalWiki) from a rapidly-growing collaboration run by slightly left-of-center secular humanists, who at least...
It's only creepy if you are ugly
by Dan8267 in #genderWars   49 comments, latest 5 days ago
This Guy Made A Fake Tinder Profile To Prove That Girls Never Think Hot Dudes Are Creepy A bodybuilding enthusiast named GermanLifter decided to conduct a social experiment to see...
Miserable Men, Forced to Shop with Women
by Dan8267 in #genderWars   18 comments, latest 1 week ago
Shopping is to men what baths are to cats. Whenever you see a grown man at the mall, he looks miserable because his wife dragged him there. Now an Instagram...
FBI director fired for the purpose of obstructing justice
by Dan8267 in #politics   20 comments, latest 1 week ago
This is evidence that an organization is utterly incapable of investigating itself. The public's confidence in the federal government's ability to resist corruption is being eroded by this obvious...
Threat Down: Bears!
by Dan8267 in #bears   Posted 1 week ago

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