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What just happened to Zillow?
6 years ago by DennisN
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Just for fun I have a list of about a dozen houses I track on Zillow. These belong to people I know so I can (1) razz them and (2)...
Demand for sheetrock dries up: so does company town that produces it (
6 years ago by DennisN in #housing
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Only a couple of years ago the demand for sheetrock was so extreme that we were importing "junk" sheetrock from China, with well-known problems. Now the demand for sheetrock is...
Evidence of companies coping with the new housing market
6 years ago by DennisN in #housing
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I live near a huge sod-farm complex, "The Turf Company", near the border of Boise and Meridian, ID. It's hundreds of acres in all. During the housing boom years they...
Ada County home values drop another 11% Idaho Economy Idaho Statesman (
6 years ago by DennisN
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