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"it will morph into an unending downward cycle of partial recoveries.."
by HEY YOU   1 comment, latest 8 hours ago
the GFC, I had questions about our financial and economic system and found no adequate answers. In my quest, I have answered most of my questions and have satisfied...
But he will MAGA!
by HEY YOU   1 comment, latest 1 day ago
44 AM Close U.S. Donald TrumpDonald Trump entered the Oval Office with zero political experience, touting his successes as one of New Yorks most famous business moguls to carry...
"Right-wing extremists were not only more successful, they were often more deadly, too."
by HEY YOU   Posted 1 day ago
majority nations from entering the U.S. and has tweeted frequently about Islamist terrorist attacks around the world. On Thursday, a new report claimed the president has his facts muddled.A...
Didn't know snowflakeism was contagious.
by HEY YOU   8 comments, latest 1 day ago
"You cannot comment here because the post author has banned you." HEY YOU is banned by: curious2 Straw Man I'm being double teamed. 2 children against a critical thinker...
Guns don't kill people, COPS KILL PEOPLE!
by HEY YOU   1 comment, latest 2 days ago
Global Warming will kill all cops & their families. How's those cowboy attitudes & guns going to protect & serve your family? Mother Nature's bite is deadly. She will kill...
Deniers,want to play I spy? You're getting warmer!
by HEY YOU   Posted 2 days ago
…They really take off and get out of control more frequently than in the past… We know that… pest outbreaks have been caused by climate change, because there hasn’t...
The Will of ALLAH! HA!HA!HA!
by HEY YOU   Posted 3 days ago
Baghdadi,ascended a pulpit in 2014 and declared a caliphate after his fighterstook control of Mosul and swept through other areas of northern Iraqand Syria, according to the NYT.Thelandmark structure,...
Let's see if this pisses Putin off.
by HEY YOU   Posted 3 days ago
;assist” their martial law operation or reintegration of Donbass plan.A security agreement with the United States has been signed that provides for the deployment of US military forces on...
"influencing our election"
by HEY YOU   Posted 3 days ago
"You'd be forgiven for thinking that all is right with the housing market these days."
by HEY YOU   Posted 3 days ago
the report said. And the number of homeowners still underwater on their mortgages now totals just 3.2 million, down from 12.1 million in 2011.Given such bullish housing trends, Americans...
How childish! Must be a Republican.
by HEY YOU   Posted 3 days ago
"You cannot comment here because the post author has banned you." I may have to list,by name,in a thread,all the crybabies that ban others. Take your ball & go...
Send your prayers to the 6th district in GA.
by HEY YOU   Posted 4 days ago
These stupid fucks will elect a Republican or Democrat. My grandmother used to say: "You get your hell on earth."
We must come together after Republicans are shot by their 2nd Amendment arms.
by HEY YOU   17 comments, latest 4 days ago
Support your Lock ’em up! Lock ’em up! "Get 'em outta here.", "I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose voters," "Grab...
It will be getting toasty!
by HEY YOU   2 comments, latest 4 days ago
nbsp;Butthe globe hasn’t really cooled off that much.Incontrast, during the two year period following the 1998 super ElNino, annual global temperature averages subsequently cooled byaround 0.2 C to about...
Hope this causes Republican voters untold misery.
by HEY YOU   6 comments, latest 5 days ago
There are no accidents,only stupid....
Thanks Republicans for wasting tax dollars.
by HEY YOU   1 comment, latest 6 days ago
You can't have it both ways, security & low taxes. Republicans had better get second jobs. Sorry you will have to give up your govt. teat....
We know everything about you thru your keystrikes & purchases.
by HEY YOU   Posted 1 week ago
Now we know your location. Thanks you,STUPID Republicans & Democrats. "Ignorant bastards" would be a compliment....
The Rep/Con wants to kill over words. Who's the violent Party?
by HEY YOU   Posted 1 week ago
"Listening or reading traditional media “made me sick,” Herbon said. “It affects my health. I had to turn it off because I got so irate I literally feel like I...
Coal is not the problem.
by HEY YOU   Posted 1 week ago
It's too many assholes burning it. How many of the 7.5 billion benefit from cheap energy? GA. Guide Stones:"Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature." 7 billion need...
Amen! Let the truth be told!
by HEY YOU   2 comments, latest 1 week ago
"In an all too familiar tactic of the right-wing media, the extremists on the spectrum embellish their distorted vision of the nation with zero regard for the facts, as they...

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