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Do you support the white nationalist movement? Yes or no.
by iwog   182 comments, latest 9 hours ago
My answer is no. How about a simple poll. Anyone else want to go on record specifically denouncing them? Don't be shy.
Some asshole drove into a group of Anti-fa protesters
by Patrick   178 comments, latest 2 days ago
protester is killed at huge supremacist rally in Charlottesville Either this driver is so stupid that he does not understand that he has immeasurably increased sympathy for anti-fa assholes,...
Leftists were beating the car before he rammed the crowd
by Patrick   126 comments, latest 1 hour ago
Not that this excuses driving into a crowd....
George Washington and Jefferson should be removed.
by TwoScoopsMcGee   100 comments, latest 15 minutes ago
They owned slaves! Right, Pelosi, Waters, Schumer? Let's see you guys state unequivocably they should stand or be removed. Shit or get off the Pot with the radical AltLeft. We...
Dan is Marking Three Month Old Posts Uncivil
by NuttBoxer   91 comments, latest 2 days ago
In an attempt to sanitize, like he's sanitized his threads, Dan is going back to three month old posts and marking them uncivil. Besides the obvious question of "Why...
Do white people have a right to have racial pride?
by WorkInProgress   54 comments, latest 2 days ago
Do you support the ANTIFA movement? Yes or no.
by zzyzzx   44 comments, latest 11 hours ago
My answer is no. How about a simple poll. Anyone else want to go on record specifically denouncing them? Don't be shy.
Van crashes into people, Barcelona
by errc   34 comments, latest 1 hour ago
It was a Lone Wolf, with mental issues.
by Tenpoundbass   34 comments, latest 3 days ago
party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more Turn on Not now Close Share Location Results from Send Close Your lists Close...
Bask in the glory of Trump
by WorkInProgress   30 comments, latest 16 minutes ago
Donald Trump had his moment to shine and he blew it
by iwog   29 comments, latest 3 days ago
Instead of pointing out the racism of BLM and the racism of Antifa and the sexism of feminism, he said "many sides" which the morons in the press are crucifying...
Oregon State offers fat studies courses-claims weightism and fatphobia are hot button civil rights issues!!
by lostand confused   25 comments, latest 1 day ago
panned Health At Any Size movement. Body size isnt a good indicator of health, she argues. To Watkins, even individuals who can be classified as morbidly obese could be...
Taylor Swift Just Won Her Countersuit : 1$ ... BOOM!
by Rew   24 comments, latest 2 days ago
White and Black, Christian and Moslem, left and right, they all just hate...
by PeopleUnited   22 comments, latest 3 minutes ago
Some hate blacks, some hate whites, some hate Christians, some hate Moslems, some hate those who hate. They are all haters. Don't be a hater. At least Trump said it...
Donald Trump has never been more unpopular
by iwog   22 comments, latest 6 hours ago
Despite hysterical cries to the contrary and ridiculous cheers for 2020 often displayed here, Donald Trump's popularity continues to decline and he is becoming a very hated president. Not only...
Work wants me to be a Data Analyst
by zzyzzx   20 comments, latest 7 hours ago
Is this good or bad? Currently I'm an database programmer (mostly Oracle; and use Oracle APEX to develop web pages). Supposedly I could eventually move into DBA stuff later if...
How could anyone support this President?
by HEY YOU   20 comments, latest 1 day ago
Do these Nazi White Power Trash know that Trump has a Jewish daughter & son-in-law? What a fucking useless hate group. “What is shocking is that the President of the...
ALT Right aka White supremacist are targeting Campuses - How to deal with it
by Tim Aurora   19 comments, latest 3 days ago
The term alt-right has become intertwined with the term white nationalism, which originated as a euphemism for white supremacy, the belief that white people are superior to all other...
BLM wants to criminalize Confederate Imagery
by zzyzzx in #freespeech   18 comments, latest 1 hour ago
Black Lives Matter activists have gone even further — going so far as to call for a ban on all Confederate imagery — even in private possession. Outlawing all...
Are we really going back to this?
by Rew   17 comments, latest 3 days ago
Too many of our vets dead/no longer around to remind us, only 1 in 10 now actually serve in the armed forces, boo-hoo economic recovery was uneven, so we...
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