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Not PC to say Indigenous N American People were once "Immigrants" too
by Herb   22 comments, latest 7 hours ago
"We're a country based on immigration, going right back to our 'Indigenous people' who were immigrants as well, 10, 12, 14,000 years ago," said David Johnston, speaking to Chris...
I am telling you there is no trickle down economy. It is Hoarding Economy
by Nobody   295 comments, latest 8 hours ago
It really doesn't make sense to give tax reduction to the rich and investors. The investors are motivated to invest, because they are expecting a better return. The rich...
Does anyone know what this is??
by iwog   34 comments, latest 9 hours ago
It's marked on the back: k├Ânig gewinnspiel 1860 which I assume is the date but WTF is the bird thingy?
Compared to Trump, Ronald Reagan Was the 2017 College Bowl Champion of North America - Just One Look Tells the Story:
by APOCALYPSEFUCK_is_ADORABLE   3 comments, latest 10 hours ago
Is the Bitcoin Litecoin Ratio out of Whack?
by smaulgld   3 comments, latest 10 hours ago
I have to legally sell 30 doses of sealed 150mg Lovenox that expires on 1/18 (expensive drug)
by iwog   25 comments, latest 11 hours ago
Just throwing that out there.
Macron vows to punish Poland, make it take Rapefugees
by TwoScoopsMcGee   25 comments, latest 11 hours ago
Polish lawmakers are furious at French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron who has proposed potential sanctions on the country for refusing to take in migrants from other European Union states....
Bay Area Home Prices Up Again
by rigidmember   1 comment, latest 12 hours ago
Prices here in the Bay Area keep going up but it appears sales have decreased year over year. Undoubtedly interest rates and insecurity in the economy is having some effect...
NSA's use of 'traffic shaping' allows unrestrained spying on Americans
by Heraclitusstudent   2 comments, latest 13 hours ago
It's for your own good:...
The dolphin uprising has begun!
by Dan8267 in #scitech   5 comments, latest 13 hours ago
Dolphins are awesome! Killer whales, which are dolphins, not whales, have begun fighting human fishermen in Alaskan waters stealing their catches and driving the infidels out of their territory. The...
Jon Ossoff (D) loses most expensive election in history for U.S House seat in Georgia 6, Karen Handel (R) celebrates victory
by Goran_K in #FakeNews   81 comments, latest 14 hours ago
For the past 2 weeks, 538/CNN/NYTimes/VOX/WaPO were claiming Ossoff was up by 2 to 7 points in all of their polls leading up to today's conclusion. Ossoff spent $23,000,000...
by Straw Man   7 comments, latest 15 hours ago
California invested heavily in solar power. Now there's so much that other states are sometimes paid to take it - Los Angeles Times On 14 days during March, Arizona utilities...
The Seneca effect: Why decline is faster than growth
by uomo_senza_nome   4 comments, latest 15 hours ago
Toothpick crossbow craze has China quivering
by BayAreaObserver in #Toys   1 comment, latest 15 hours ago
SHANGHAI: Handheld crossbows that can fire out needles and nails are the latest must-have toy in China but anxious parents want them banned before a young child gets blinded or...
U.S. drug war versus science
by tovarichpeter   Posted 16 hours ago
Report AdAmid a drug crisis that kills 91 people in the U.S. each day, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has asked Congress to help roll back protections that have shielded...
Could IL be the 1st state in the union that goes into bankruptcy?
by lostand confused   60 comments, latest 16 hours ago
CBS News CBS News CBS Evening News CBS This Morning 48 Hours 60 Minutes Sunday Morning Face The Nation CBSN GO Log In Log In Join CBS Moneywatch...
Theories on Sweden
by Patrick in #nationalsuicide   70 comments, latest 16 hours ago
by resistance in #religion   724 comments, latest 18 hours ago
Originally from A Call to the Muslims of the World from a Group of Freethinkers and Humanists of Muslim Origins Dear friends, The tragic incidents of September 11 have...
I have a dream!
by Patrick   162 comments, latest 19 hours ago
I look to a day when white people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. --Martin Luther King This is...
Putin can now change weather patterns to affect only democrats in elections-good as any other Maddow liberal conspiracy.
by lostand confused   1 comment, latest 19 hours ago
14 pm Leave a Comment Carpetbagger and Democrat darling, Jon Ossoff suffered a crushing loss in Georgias 6th District Tuesday evening. Like clockwork, the liberals are blaming possible hackers,...
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