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2   FuckTheMainstreamMedia   2023 Jan 22, 11:39am  

The Democrats holding state office in California are far scarier than any natural disasters.
5   Patrick   2023 Jan 24, 8:38am  

I find it amusing that a lot of liberal rich people are getting bitten by their own attack dogs.
11   Patrick   2023 Jan 25, 12:57pm  

cisTits says

But I think Musk is on to something. And I think other CEOs in tech and social media are seeing the same thing: The way he gutted Twitter, and Twitter is still up and running, confirms to them that he has cut out huge layers of fat that Twitter had put on after years of overhiring, overleasing, and overpaying. He’s teaching everyone a massive lesson.

In my experience with tech companies, this is very true. Most of them could get by just fine with about 10% of their staff. has a staff of 1 unpaid worker, lol. If I get swamped with traffic, I bet I could still handle it all myself to a very large number of users. (a dating site) has millions of users iirc and is run by just one guy.
13   REpro   2023 Jan 21, 7:17pm  

Transmission fluid...

I stick to olive oil 95%.
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