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Capitalism, Free Markets vs World Trade Agreements

By Tenpoundbass follow Tenpoundbass   2019 Jan 17, 10:31am 483 views   0 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

Most of us agree that Capitalism is the best economic system.

Capitalism served America well from our early History through the 70's to early 80's then it took a horrible turn.
Capitalism itself got hijacked by "Free market" narrative. And any deviation from the letter of their definition of "Free Markets" was firmly in Socialism or Communism. They did that to Health care with any Government oversight to keep it on the up and up and honest as well. But that's another tread.

The Free Markets definition says any market, any means to kill the healthy thriving businesses in any market was fair game. Capitalism in the last 20 to 30 years has come to mean. The way you go to your local City Commissioners and you rig a way for you to get into their market, and kill off any competition. Then when that works you go on to Washington to Lobby for Grants, Mandates and Incentives that benefits your business to flourish Nationwide while killing off all competition.

Our Entrepreneurial Spirit and Innovation was transformed into cute Spirit Animal names to justify the Colluded Graft, Racketeering, and unsavory ways self serving large companies flooded Main street in America, replacing the Small Business that served those community. With mantras like "Be a Charging Rhino!" , "A Raging Bull", "A Shark"
Their hype justified their means. The biggest business crooks were celebrities with their creative ways they could con people into buying nothing.

Being a small business owner used to be about growing one location. You toiled away at it, making it an institution known for quality and service. With mantra's like "The Customer is always right". You grew your business just happy it was self sustaining and not losing money. These people didn't close shop the first business didn't post larger earnings than Last Year. The only Trend they worried about, "Am I going to be able to keep working for myself growing my own business; or will I have to close shop and go work for someone else?"

Now look at the World Trade Agreements. It's Capitalism to some degree. But people are willing to allow the protections that goes on with those agreements. Even though they protect huge players that rigged those Trade Agreement Organizations. When they award one company to produce a product for consumptions in those markets. Nobody else is allowed to compete or buy from those competitors.

So Why aren't small businesses in Cities and Towns across America protected with the same rules? Why aren't there more rules and regulations to explore new companies trying to muscle into a new market. First how big is that player, how predatory are they in nature? What are the impacts of those companies doing business in those markets?
These City planners, zoning and Commissioners, should consider when a company wants to move into one strip mall. That already has a thriving like business, they should be able to do it. Unless they can prove their business model is different and would not affect the customers. A Dominoes moved into a Pizza place down the Street from me last year. Same Strip-mall right next door to a longtime neighborhood Pizzeria. The other pizza shop just went out of business.

Also when Guitar Center first came to South Florida we had lots of small Mom and Pop shops. And Mars who was headquartered in South Florida had just started making a name as our larger full service retailer. That met the needs our smaller Mom and Pop shops could not. Those small shops survived Mars. As Mars was not a cut rate operation. you only went to them to buy other brands or instruments you couldn't find at Van's, Conti's, Ace, Abe, Stype Brothers.
Then along came Guitar Center, they his our Market with prices well bellow 40% of MSRP even 50% in most cases. They operated at a Loss in South Florida for about 5 years. That it took them to kill everyone of those Mom and Pop shops I mentioned and took Mars out along with them. Mars was gone in less than a Year. They spent millions on their headquarter move, and millions more on total re-branding. New Logo, new everything that needed new Logos for every store in America. Guitar Center(sister company of Musician's Friend) is now the only Music Store left in South Florida.(Most of America for that matter).
Now that they don't have any competition they are more expensive than you find on most on line outlets and are with in line of the MSRP on everything. It is a company wide policy they can't sell under what it is marked for unless it is a sale. Plus they have given up on stocking other quality items. They have cheapest Shit from China or they have the super expensive Custom Shop stuff. The medium range stuff if they don't have it in the back they are out. They rarely stock it out front because they are pushing Cheap made in China shit to give the illusion that they are a cheap discount operation.

I think America would benefit by having a Small Business Administration. That had exploratory offices that worked with local governments to find needs and niches, have business needs for industry verticals already for Entrepreneurs to propose Business plans, and apply for SBA Loans to get those businesses.
Large companies like Wal Mart would only be allowed if those needs were never fulfilled from the private people willing to take a stab at them.

We need to grow our Entrepreneurial spirit and working pride back in America along with everything else. We need to fix Capitalism it's not unabated unbridled Free-markets.

That model is destined to fail and take everything down with it. They grown until they reach the sweet spot but then grown until they implode. That is not sustainable.
We also need that same agency have exploratory staff that has investigate if a company can survive 51 new locations in a 100 mile radius in one year. Or other stupid moves like that when they are public traded company. Cities should be obligated to protect existing viable businesses from competitors opening with in a reasonable range. Half Block away at least.

Seems China has more protection from the WTO than your local Hardware store owner does. And that's ass backwards.
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