Ron Wyden brings pregnant illegal alien to US! He needs jailed, PRONTO!

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2019 Jul 30, 9:04pm   1,207 views  3 comments

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Can you believe this motherfucker?


With legislators like this fucking asshole, who needs enemies?

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1   RWSGFY   2019 Jul 31, 8:41am  

Why the fuck border protection officers allowed that kind of shit? I mean, what's next: senators walking through the port of entry loaded with bags of cocaine like fucking donkeys?
2   just_passing_through   2019 Aug 1, 8:32am  

He should be deported.
3   FortwayeAsFuckJoeBiden   2019 Aug 1, 8:52am  

Apparently he’s above the law. He thinks he’s doing God’s work or something, never sees any consequences of course for his treasonous behavior.

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