We need a new ADL

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2020 Mar 21, 1:04pm   4,132 views  59 comments

by Patrick   ➕follow (59)   💰tip   ignore  

My Jewish grandfather was a member of the ADL:


What is needed now is for white people to create their own ADL for exactly the same reasons: to fight anti-white bigotry and hatred.

We should adopt the same name and same slogan, "Fighting hate for good".

It is the same fight. White people are slandered, discriminated against, and preached to by corporate globalist HR departments with blanket accusations of guilt.

Some Jews are bad. Some white people are bad. Some black people are bad. That's true.

But to accuse an entire race or exclude them from, say, consideration of being Vice President, is the very definition of racism. We must fight it.

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30   Patrick   2023 Nov 7, 10:22am  


"I’d suggest corporate America should boycott hiring students graduating from any of these odious institutions"

It's happening! The key is the new fracture line between fascist Democrats (but I repeat myself) and Jews. The ADL in particular was entirely on board with the "white supremacy" slander against the most accepting and tolerant group in human history, white people, as long the slanderers were careful to exempt Jews.

But that wall has been breached, and Jews are now fair game for fascist Democrats. The ADL's own Frankenstein monster is after it! One good result is that Wall Street is now using Democrats' cancel culture against itself, blacklisting students for failing to limit their slander to just regular white people.
31   Ceffer   2023 Nov 7, 10:25am  

Boomerang Karma Golem?
33   Ceffer   2023 Nov 7, 11:00am  

"Well, this is a revolting development. I mean, literally revolting."
35   DhammaStep   2023 Nov 8, 7:02am  

AmericanKulak says

The Black Janitor, Jim Conley, was first interviewed trying to wash blood from his shirt at the factory. He lied about being illiterate. His own girlfriend testified Conley told her he did it.

Your first link pretends that there weren't multiple testimonies from girls that Frank acted predatory. You're also acting as if Leo Frank didn't know Conley was literate and didn't withhold that information from investigators for weeks until they found out independently. We know Frank knew Conley was literate because they worked together on selling pocket watches in the factory, Frank kept the contracts in his safe.

Why did Leo Frank withhold information that he knew Conley was literate even though that information could have exonerated him earlier?
40   Ceffer   2023 Dec 25, 5:46pm  

Grasping for Hitler straws. I guess next, abolish H from the alphabet. Beginning to sound AI generated.
46   Patrick   2024 Mar 25, 9:37am  

There is a mirror image of anti-Semitism, which is Jewish hatred for Christian white people. It exists and should be called out every time anti-Semitism is mentioned.

Not all white people are anti-Semites, and not all Jews are anti-white. But no one in "polite" society is allowed to talk about this mirror image of anti-Semitism.
52   AmericanKulak   2024 May 12, 6:45pm  

Greenblatt is an Obamunist. As in actual fact, he was part of the Obummer admin.
53   HeadSet   2024 May 12, 7:21pm  

Patrick says

We need a new ADL

That is like saying we need a new cancer.
56   Ceffer   2024 May 16, 10:35pm  

"Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to destroy the American Constitution by any means available. The Club of Rome thanks you. This message will turn into a sanctimonious guilt trip in ten seconds."
57   gabbar   2024 May 19, 5:30am  

“We opened a center in Silicon Valley back in 2017. And the woman who runs it, she's the next Facebook executive. I have software engineers and data scientists working at ABL. We're monitoring all this stuff, and we're working with all the platforms, by the way. Google and YouTube and Meta and Twitter and Reddit and Steam and Amazon, all these companies. From, like, Apple to Zoom, we work with all of them. Okay. That's relevant because we've been working with Twitter now for real since it was founded. We work with the old regime, working with the new regime. Like, I'm talking to Elon, and we're trying to work with them.” - Jonathan A. Greenblatt is the CEO of ADL (Anti-Defamation League
58   Ceffer   2024 May 19, 11:35am  

"We're on board with all of the propaganda seized DARPA projects and media platforms for censoring and limiting free speech and non approved content. MI6 and Tavistock have been very generous in their funding. We'll be ramping up the censorship and the gratuitous accusations, inversion lies and frank deceptions going into the election cycle. Our botswarms are second to none.
We'll also be targeting conservative influencers with our special brand of guilt tripping, catcalling, labelling, lawfare (both threats and real) and gang stalking. I wouldn't rule out selected assassinations.
Anyway, feel assured that the illusory world we present seems secure, and will hide all evidences of crimes, wrongdoing, atrocities etc. in a sanctimonious shell offensive. At the very minimum, you can anticipate evasive gaslighting of varying intensities. You should expect nothing less from us. We believe the Constitution is toast at this point. FEMA and DHS are on standby with our foreign agents ready to pounce as well."
59   gabbar   2024 May 19, 12:14pm  

Patrick says

Its as if the only whites that matter are the Jews.

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