We need a new ADL

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2020 Mar 21, 1:04pm   3,265 views  48 comments

by Patrick   ➕follow (55)   💰tip   ignore  

My Jewish grandfather was a member of the ADL:


What is needed now is for white people to create their own ADL for exactly the same reasons: to fight anti-white bigotry and hatred.

We should adopt the same name and same slogan, "Fighting hate for good".

It is the same fight. White people are slandered, discriminated against, and preached to by corporate globalist HR departments with blanket accusations of guilt.

Some Jews are bad. Some white people are bad. Some black people are bad. That's true.

But to accuse an entire race or exclude them from, say, consideration of being Vice President, is the very definition of racism. We must fight it.

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46   Patrick   2024 Mar 25, 9:37am  

There is a mirror image of anti-Semitism, which is Jewish hatred for Christian white people. It exists and should be called out every time anti-Semitism is mentioned.

Not all white people are anti-Semites, and not all Jews are anti-white. But no one in "polite" society is allowed to talk about this mirror image of anti-Semitism.

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