The dementia is getting worse

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2020 Apr 18, 4:43pm   8,025 views  144 comments

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Remember when your grandfather's mind started to go? How was it 2 years after that day?


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106   HeadSet   2024 May 21, 7:06am  

WookieMan says

I think RFK gets more votes than people think

Yep, and that will be from Dominion switching actual Trump votes over to RFK. Dominion cannot switch Trump votes to Biden like they did in 2020 without arousing suspicion, so they with use RFK in the swing states to keep Trump vote totals below Biden, and Biden wins in a plurality. Notice that a significant number of Black voters poll as switching to Trump, so now RFK is promising reparations to Black farmers. This gives credibility to a vote switch with the claim "the Black voters who rejected Biden went to RFK instead of Trump."
109   WookieMan   2024 May 21, 2:54pm  

The_Deplorable says

And further increasing inflation... Winning. Lol. Biden is toast without massive cheating that will be 100% detectable this time around.
110   HeadSet   2024 May 21, 5:46pm  

WookieMan says

Biden is toast without massive cheating that will be 100% detectable this time around.

It was 100% detectable in 2020.
112   Ceffer   2024 May 26, 11:57am  

"I am giving financial amnesty to you low brow printing press diploma slouching knuckle draggers in exchange for votes. Further vitiating the value of money and imposing another unnecessary burden on the victim working middle class taxpayer is a small price to pay for bribing the tatted, beguiled, and clueless yutes. Y'all will be competing with hordes of truly illiterate and violent border turnstile jumpers anyway for those minimum wage jobs. Show them your 'diploma', yuck, yuck!"
114   DemocratsAreTotallyFucked   2024 Jun 17, 1:21pm  

She's referring to the video of Melloni going to get a wandering dementia patient at the D-Day ceremony.

119   DemocratsAreTotallyFucked   2024 Jun 29, 6:04pm  

Yeah it is. But the psychological denial of about 20% of the population is the bigger problem, it seems.

122   Patrick   2024 Jul 1, 8:49pm  


But … the question we’ve all been asking is: how could Democrats be so surprised and upset now? Did they really not notice? Did they eat up the media gaslighting like frosted corn flakes? Biden’s been off for years, probably since before his 2020 basement non-campaign.

There’s a simple answer why Dems are so upset. And it’s not Joe’s dementia.

Democrats are not upset because they just found out Joe is non-compos mentos. Democrats are upset because Joe was supposed to wipe the floor with President Trump’s convicted carcass. It was so easy! Just say “convicted felon” six hundred times! In Democrats’ frenzied minds, anybody could have won that debate!

In other words, the problem wasn’t that Joe’s brain is running on four percent battery. The problem was that Joe couldn’t even take advantage of all the lawfare and Trump derangement that had been handed to him like the aforementioned prophet’s head. Joe committed a mortal political sin by wasting a perfectly good chance to stick the carving knife into Donald J. Trump once and for good. Worse, Joe just handed the Republicans a political stick with which to beat Democrats senseless, up and down the ticket, from here till the elections.

Democrats have a problem. A big problem. Remember what Obama prophesied: Never underestimate Joe’s ability to foul things up. Or words to that effect.
126   HeadSet   2024 Jul 9, 4:38pm  

DemocratsAreTotallyFucked says

What are we looking at here?
127   DemocratsAreTotallyFucked   2024 Jul 9, 5:16pm  

HeadSet says

What are we looking at here?

Guess you never saw Lord of the Rings then.
128   stereotomy   2024 Jul 9, 6:30pm  

That's Biden as Theoden, King of Rohan, being psyopped by Hunter as Grima, agent of Saruman and Sauron.
129   HeadSet   2024 Jul 9, 8:21pm  

DemocratsAreTotallyFucked says

HeadSet says

What are we looking at here?

Guess you never saw Lord of the Rings then.

133   AmericanKulak   2024 Jul 9, 10:12pm  

He's gone. The Obammunist decided to dump him, and gave the instructions. The Ayers' plant is smart enough to endorse him publicly, however.

The most important reason to dump Biden is that if they steal it, it's going to be highly implausible that Biden gets 90M votes.

Whomever they replace him with, "Oh people were just bored of Trump, and Biden wasn't up to it, so Gruesome/Witchmer/etc got that big vote"
134   AD   2024 Jul 9, 11:14pm  

AmericanKulak says

it's going to be highly implausible that Biden gets 90M votes.

They are going to have to double cheat in places that Biden barely slipped by and won like Atlanta suburbs.

I am not sure how can the Democrats cheat again in 2024 when I see the current polling with Trump up by +4% (almost out of margin of error) in Georgia whereas Real Clear Politics had Trump up by 1% the night before election day 2020.


135   AD   2024 Jul 9, 11:21pm  

What gets me is how close Biden won Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania. Trump is doing very well in those states now based on latest polling.

Real Clear Politics had Biden at 6.7% over Trump in Wisconsin yet he only won it by less than 1%. And that was with a Democrat governor in Wisconsin and all those Trump mean tweets which turned off the white female suburban vote.

136   AD   2024 Jul 9, 11:45pm  


Notice there was no Green Party candidate like a Dr Jill Stein and Biden barely won Wisconsin.

I think an RFK Jr takes away votes from Biden more than Trump, as Dr Jill Stein did with Hilary Clinton in 2016.


137   HeadSet   2024 Jul 10, 7:39am  

AD says

I think an RFK Jr takes away votes from Biden more than Trump

RFK will be the recipient of votes "Dominioned" from Trump. If RFK gets on the ballot in the swing states, the fix is in.
140   RWSGFY   2024 Jul 17, 10:39am  

Opinion | ‘Poor Son of a Bitch’: Biden Once Pitied an Older Politician Reluctant to Leave the Stage

As a senator, Biden could see when it was time for an elder to pass the torch.

Opinion by TOM GALVIN
07/17/2024 12:00 PM EDT

In the 1990s, I was a political journalist who covered the White House, Congress and elections. One of my annual chores was to attend the president’s State of the Union address. After watching the speech from the House Gallery, my fellow reporters and I would walk one flight of stairs down to Statuary Hall to gather with members of Congress to get their reaction and collect quotes for our stories. This practice continues to this day; lawmakers who want to comment to reporters all head to Statuary Hall.
After one address, I believe in 1994, one of the lawmakers I pigeonholed was Sen. Joe Biden, who was then in his early 50s. I’d interviewed him a few times before, but certainly not enough to expect him to lower his guard. We chatted about President Bill Clinton’s speech. And then the topic turned to Biden’s ambition to become chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The then-holder of that office, Claiborne Pell, was in his late 70s and showing signs of the Parkinson’s disease that he’d later disclose.
I asked Biden if given Pell’s diminished capacity, he’d make a move to replace him. “That poor son of a bitch,” Biden replied. Pell was no longer up for the job, he told me, but like so many of his elderly colleagues, Pell couldn’t imagine a life outside Congress.

141   Eric Holder   2024 Jul 17, 2:40pm  

Rep. Adam B. Schiff (D-Burbank), who is running for U.S. Senate in California, is calling for President Biden to drop out of the presidential race, he said in an exclusive statement Wednesday to The Times.
Schiff, who is heavily favored to win his Senate race, cited "serious concerns" that Biden can beat former President Trump in November.
He is the latest Democrat to call for the incumbent president of their own party to end his campaign amid growing concerns about Biden's age and mental fitness to do the job — which began in earnest after a disastrous debate performance last month where Biden at times appeared confused.
In his statement, Schiff said Biden "has been one of the most consequential presidents in our nation's history, and his lifetime of service as a Senator, a Vice President, and now as President has made our country better."

"But our nation is at a crossroads," he said. "A second Trump presidency will undermine the very foundation of our democracy, and I have serious concerns about whether the President can defeat Donald Trump in November."
Schiff said the "choice to withdraw from the campaign is President Biden's alone," but that he believes it is time for Biden "to pass the torch" and "secure his legacy of leadership" ....
142   DemocratsAreTotallyFucked   2024 Jul 17, 3:02pm  

You know it is pretty fucking bad if Schiff is stabbing Dementia Joe in the back like this.

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