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The Weathermen and their Big Money Backers: Behind it all

By NoCoupForYou follow NoCoupForYou   2020 Jun 27, 10:23pm 73 views   2 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

Guess who is Vice Chair of the Thousand Currents Fund, which donates millions to BLM?

Guess who were hired by Law Firms Sidley-Austin (6th Largest US Law Firm), Northwestern University, and U-Illinois?

Guess who at Sidley-Austin LLP mentored Michelle Obama when Xir was an intern?

Guess who worked Sidney-Austin besides both Obamas? The list is a who's who of Dems in or directly related to, those of the Obama Administration.

Learn about Bill Ayers father, who was on the Board and/or CEO/President/VP of everything from Sears to the Chicago Board of Ed to power company ComEd/Exelon (CEO) to the Chicago Urban League, various Annenberg Foundations, and Chamber of Commerce.

Obama and Bill Ayers were involved in Chicago Annenberg Challenge together. Both Bill Ayers and his father Thomas Ayers were very interested in reforming K-12 education in Chicago for more diversity and especially reforming "Social Studies" to be more Leftist and less Patriotic.

Watch the Whole Thing

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NoCoupForYou says
Thousand Currents Fund

They have a huge endowment, but don't explain on their website how they got it.
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This is who I am convinced is Obama's real father. Frank Davis was a committed Communist from the Chicago apparatus. Obama and his grandparents knew it, too, because his grandparents introduced Obama to Frank Davis at an early age and made them spend a lot of time together. There seems to be some implication that Frank Davis may even have molested Obama, as well as having sired him after initiating a sexual relationship while Obama's mother was still underage. Frank Davis wrote some pretty ripe pornography and hosted regular mixed bisexual sex orgies in Hawaii. The Kenyan Obama was just a smokescreen that the Dunhams used to protect their handler Frank Davis.

Frank Davis was a well known party apparatchik in Chicago before being sent by the party to Hawaii in anticipation of a 'projected' Communist takeover of the USA, which would have elevated him. This also explains why Obama went to Chicago and was connected into the Chicago progressive/socialist/communist hierarchies so quickly, even though he was raised in Hawaii and Indonesia. It seems they all knew where Obama came from, even if the American Public don't

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