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My uncle died of COVID, errr he had stage 4 cancer and was a diabetic.

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“If you could hit a threshold of admissions to your hospital with COVID-19 diagnosis..., you received $77,000 of additional money for each one of those admissions through the CARES Act... I don’t think there’s any questions that reverse incentives have been created.”

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What's with the no links posts lately?
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostakovitch says
awaiting moderation

Should be good lol
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Epoch Times via Zero Hedge. Some denigrate ZH links but if the story is not being covered elsewhere what you gonna do? I still feel like the final !END of DAYS! story will first get broken by Alex Jones, buried amid his alien conspiracy shit. And likely previewed by a few weeks in The Onion.

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