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2   HeadSet   💰tip   2021 Feb 28, 8:08am  

georgeliberte says

That was the most formalistic dialogue I have ever heard, including the "bluer than the Pope's balls" quip that he paused afterword for a few seconds for the laughter/applause that never came. Before each point he made declaring the idiocy of the quotas, he had to declare his Liberal credentials ("I think diversity is great"), and make fun of any Conservative that had been making the same points about quotas (Kirsty Alley, plus the standard jabs at Chris Pine and Mel Gibson). Nothing really funny, just a rant against quotas smothered with a heaping helping of Liberal opinion validating as to not alienate his core audience.
3   Patrick   💰tip   2021 Nov 26, 7:02am

Maher took the Trump years off from doing the one thing that made him famous and beloved, mocking political correctness, because his audience had been poisoned to believe they were living in an existential crisis. Maher wasn’t safe to be himself at the height of the left’s moral panic and wrongthink witch-hunt. He assimilated into the tiresome anti-Trump drone of late-night comedy. ...

Liberals are no longer the fun-loving, pot-stirring counterculture Maher clearly associates with himself. Their dominance and glut in American culture has turned them tyrannical and they’re not going back until we have full socialism or a race war. ...

In the CNN interview with Chris Cuomo, Maher blasted Critical Race Theory and went viral again, mainly thanks to clapping seals on the right falsely believing Maher was coming over to their side. But that’s the truly dangerous thing about Maher in today’s climate. He provides reassurance to all the rational but trembling cowards on the left, suffering in silence and too frightened to speak up, that the Democratic Party is still for them — somehow, somewhere.

It isn’t — and Maher won’t tell them the truth.

The Democratic Party is the party of racial division, intolerance for free thought, and oligarchy. That's all the are now. They have not been the party of the working class since 1970.

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