Criminal Alien Admits He Came to US Because of Biden, ‘Definitely’ Would Not Have if Trump Were President

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A migrant An illegal A criminal alien (no person is illegal!) who is seeking asylum in the United States admitted in an interview that aired Sunday that he would not have attempted to travel to the U.S. if Donald Trump were still president.

In fact, the migrant illegal said specifically that he decided now was the right time to seek asylum here because of President Joe Biden.

ABC News anchor Martha Raddatz recently spoke with a Brazilian man — just one of the tens of thousands of migrants illegals who are traveling to the U.S. in search of asylum — who admitted that Biden's presidency was a motivating factor for coming to America.

"Would you have tried to do this when Donald Trump was president?" Raddatz asked.

"Definitely not. Definitely. We have a chance, you know. The same environment that's been going on today wasn't there last year," the man responded. "We used to watch the news and I definitely wouldn't do this."

Raddatz followed up," So did you come here because Joe Biden was elected president?"

"Basically, basically," the man said. "The main thing was the violence in my country. And the second thing, I think, was Joe Biden."


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803   Patrick   2024 May 5, 5:19pm  


Florida police capture "newcomer" from Guatemala after he stabbed his girlfriend and her 4-year-old daughter to death.
807   Patrick   2024 May 7, 11:02am  


Governor Reynolds signed a new immigration law on April 10th, and last week said the state would start enforcing it in July. “The only reason we had to pass this law is because the Biden administration refuses to enforce the laws already on the books,” she told Epoch Times on Thursday.

Under the new criminal law, Iowa authorities can arrest any person with outstanding deportation orders, who was previously removed from the United States, or who was previously denied admission to Iowa.

Last month, the Biden Administration gave Governor Reynolds until today, May 7th, to agree she will not enforce the new law, or else the federal government will sue Iowa, arguing the state’s new law is unconstitutional, since the power to regulate immigration is reserved to the federal government, not the states. ...

But Iowa’s law anticipated constitutional challenges, and tried to avoid those problems by tracking federal law. So the federal government’s Orwellian argument will have to be framed as the right to not enforce the law. In other words, under the doctrine of preemption, states can make similar laws but may not contradict federal law. Iowa will argue it is just tracking federal law and not contradicting it. Biden’s DOJ will argue with a straight face that Iowa’s law contradicts Biden’s deliberate choice to not enforce the immigration laws.
809   Patrick   2024 May 10, 2:48pm  


Last night, the House narrowly passed The Equal Representation Act, a bill that would add a citizenship question to the Census to prevent illegals from being counted for representation in Congress and the Electoral College.

Almost 10 million illegals have been allowed into the country by Alejandro Mayorkas since Biden took office, and now I think we know why.

As the census is currently conducted, illegal immigrants can be counted, which gives states with high levels of illegals more seats in the House of Representatives, and more electoral votes.

Over 6,300,000 illegals have already been shipped to mostly Democrat cities around the nation.

This bill was designed to prevent that, and every single Democrat just voted against it.

If you weren't already clear on why Democrats love illegal immigration, there ya go.

815   Ceffer   2024 May 16, 10:29pm  

Patrick says

Truth is, there are a lot of ways to know who the invaders are and ship them out. I was wondering in some ways if the so-called white hats were allowing this to happen as a means of logistic surveillance. There is a lot of information to be learned through the demographics of the invasion.
817   Patrick   2024 May 21, 5:33pm  


You might have noticed that mass migration to the West is a huge problem.

It is very bad for native Westerners, because it promises to transform our societies utterly, in permanent ways and not for the better. Curiously, it is also far from great for the centre-left political establishment responsible for promoting mass migration, because it has inspired a vast wave of popular opposition and filled the sails of right-leaning, migration restrictionist parties with new wind. Mass migration is also bad for taxpayers, for domestic security, for the welfare state, for many other aspects of the postwar liberal agenda and for our own future prospects. In short, mass migration is bad for almost everybody and everything.

There is a reason that nations have borders, and this is much the same reason that we have skin and that cells have membranes. You won’t survive for very long if you can’t control what enters you.

Despite the obvious fact that mass migration is bad, our rulers cling to migrationism like grim death. Given a choice between disincentivising asylees and intimidating, browbeating and harassing the millions of anti-migrationists among their own citizens, our governments generally choose the latter path, even though it is obviously the worse of the two.

Additionally unsettling, is the fact that official justifications for mass migration often have a creepy, post-hoc flavour about them. They sound much more like excuses dreamed up after the borders had already been opened, rather than any kind of reason mass migration must occur. When the migrationists really started to go crazy in 2015, for example, we were told that border security was simply impossible in the modern world and that infinity migrants were a force of nature we would have to deal with. That didn’t sound right even at the time, and since the pandemic border closures we no longer hear the inevitability narrative very much, although – and this is very bizarre to type – there is some evidence that high political figures like Angela Merkel believed it at the time. It is well worth thinking about why that might have been the case.
818   Patrick   2024 May 21, 5:41pm  


Watch this illegal immigrant complain that her free food and housing is not good enough

Imagine illegally entering India or China, getting free food and housing, then complaining. It'd never happen.

But here in the U.S., where the tax money meant for American vets, seniors, and kids is being pouring into housing illegals from 100+ countries around the world, the illegals have a message:

'It's very traumatic,' said Mercedes Vasquez-Simmons, translating for Pena. 'She says it's been quite traumatic. Everything that has been told to us to come to Monroe County, to Rochester hasn't been fulfilled.'
820   Patrick   2024 May 22, 7:40pm  


Illegal aliens are admitting that they are rushing to cross the border into the United States before the critical November presidential election.

Many say they are hoping to take advantage of Democrat President Joe Biden’s open border policies as they fear he will lose re-election.

Illegal border crossers told New York Post reporter Jennie Taer that they fear President Donald Trump will secure the Southern Border if elected in November.

After illegally crossing the Arizona border last week, two migrants from Colombia told Taer that they were concerned about the outcome of the upcoming general election.

“We think with the elections, it will be harder,” 20-year-old Ricardo said.

Ricardo’s brother Sebastian, 18, declared, “We don’t want Trump.”

A solid reason to vote for Trump.
821   Patrick   2024 May 25, 10:45am  

The reduction in house prices would be the biggest benefit young people ever got from any government policy.
823   Patrick   2024 May 27, 5:44pm  


... immigrants import cultural attitudes from their homelands—toward saving, toward trust, and toward the role of government—that persist for decades, and likely for centuries, in their new national homes. Full assimilation in a generation or two, Jones reports, is a myth. And the cultural traits migrants bring to their new homes have enduring effects upon a nation's economic potential.
827   Patrick   2024 Jun 5, 5:29pm  


The two cops allegedly shot by a Venezuelan migrant criminal alien were given a “guard of honor” as they exited a Queens hospital Monday — with one of the hurt Finest touchingly pushing the wheelchair of his more badly wounded partner.
832   Patrick   2024 Jun 9, 8:23pm  


Wall Street Admits The Biggest Economic Shocker: All Jobs In The Past Year Have Gone To Illegal Aliens

For much of the past year we had been pounding the table on two very simple facts: not only has the US labor market been appallingly weak, with most of the jobs "gained" in 2023 and meant to signal how strong the Biden "recovery" has been, about to be revised away (as first the Philly Fed and now Bloomberg both admit), but more shockingly, all the job growth in the past few years has gone to illegal aliens.

We first pointed this out more than a year ago, and since then we have routinely repeated - again, again, and again - yet even though we made it abundantly clear what was happening...

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