Illegal Alien Admits He Came to US Because of Biden, ‘Definitely’ Would Not Have if Trump Were President

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A migrant An illegal who is seeking asylum in the United States admitted in an interview that aired Sunday that he would not have attempted to travel to the U.S. if Donald Trump were still president.

In fact, the migrant illegal said specifically that he decided now was the right time to seek asylum here because of President Joe Biden.

ABC News anchor Martha Raddatz recently spoke with a Brazilian man — just one of the tens of thousands of migrants illegals who are traveling to the U.S. in search of asylum — who admitted that Biden's presidency was a motivating factor for coming to America.

"Would you have tried to do this when Donald Trump was president?" Raddatz asked.

"Definitely not. Definitely. We have a chance, you know. The same environment that's been going on today wasn't there last year," the man responded. "We used to watch the news and I definitely wouldn't do this."

Raddatz followed up," So did you come here because Joe Biden was elected president?"

"Basically, basically," the man said. "The main thing was the violence in my country. And the second thing, I think, was Joe Biden."


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120   Patrick   2022 Sep 17, 2:02pm  


For hundreds of years, Martha’s Vineyard has suffered from the soul-crushing effects of its own whiteness. Island residents understood there was only one cure. They badly needed diversity.

Relief finally arrived from an unlikely source yesterday: Ron DeSantis.
127   Patrick   2022 Sep 18, 4:52pm  

Drone footage from Martha's Vineyard earlier today.

133   Patrick   2022 Sep 18, 5:01pm  


When asked about how the Biden admin has botched literally everything to do with the border and send multiple planes filled with illegal aliens to Florida, there's no excuse given.

Reporter: He (DeSantis) said it was essentially no different than what the federal government has done in sending flights in the middle of the night... do you have a response to that?

KJP: So, we are offering solutions. That's what the Biden-Harris administration has done since day one. Including on the first day putting forth a comprehensive immigration reform to deal with this issue.

So, the feds can send as many illegal aliens wherever they want throughout the US because they have "solutions."

But Ronny D and Florida sends one plane to Martha's Vineyard and it's inhumane. The end of the world.

You'd think they'd have at least somewhat of an excuse, but no.

It's just okay because they're Democrats. That's it and that's all.
134   Booger   2022 Sep 19, 2:06pm  

135   Patrick   2022 Sep 19, 3:35pm  

Not just New York. They need to be dropped off in the most exclusive neighborhoods.
138   Patrick   2022 Sep 20, 1:17pm  


Although the buses carry a vanishingly small number of the illegals arriving daily in Texas and Arizona, they are making several big points.

First, the buses shine a national spotlight on the costs and social disruptions facing border states. The governors have three intertwined goals here. They want to show that Biden’s policies have opened the border, that the free entrance of illegals imposes huge costs on their communities, and that Biden and his party need to change policies — or pay a political price for their failure. The publicity is designed to force that change.

Second, the buses highlight the hypocrisy of so-called sanctuary cities and states. When illegal immigrants actually arrive, the boldly advertised welcome mat is snatched away. It was never more than costless virtue-signaling.

Third, border-state governors are showing their beleaguered constituents that they are making the surge of illegal immigrants a high priority and are determined to help. Of course, the buses, like the proclamation of “sanctuaries,” are little more than virtue signals. Real answers must come from different national policies.

Finally, as the midterms approach, the buses have shifted the policy debate to an issue that strongly favors Republicans. Biden deliberately discarded Donald Trump’s efforts to build a wall, keep asylum seekers in Mexico while they pursued their claims, and induce Mexico to send thousands of troops to guard the border and prevent illegal crossings, including those of human smugglers and drug cartels. Those were largely successful. In place of them, Biden has done…well, nothing. Republicans want to make sure voters know that and connect the surge of immigrants and the cartels’ distribution of fentanyl to Democratic failures.

What about the charge, now commonplace on the left, that immigrants are coerced onto the buses and treated inhumanely? There’s simply no evidence for that charge. In fact, everyone boarding a bus signs a waiver indicating they are doing so voluntarily. They are not being “kidnapped,” as Gavin Newsom maliciously charged, without any evidence. They are not victims of human trafficking, as Hillary Clinton alleged. There is certainly no analogy to Jews, gypsies, and homosexuals being forced into boxcars and shipped to Nazi death camps, as documentary film maker Ken Burns fulminated. Nor is there any reasonable comparison to slavery, as White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre implied when she said those who voluntarily traveled north on buses were being treated “like chattel.” These attacks are worse than ridiculous, worse than noxious. They are demeaning to real victims of genocide, kidnapping, human trafficking, and slavery.

This burst of progressive moral outrage has one more gaping flaw. The buses are not the first time illegal immigrants have been transported around the country. The Biden administration has transported planeloads of illegal migrants, but it has done so secretly, at night, without notifying local officials or the media. The flights have attracted almost no coverage, thanks to their secrecy and a somnolent, partisan press.
139   Patrick   2022 Sep 20, 1:39pm  

Glenn Greenwald
I've been away from the news cycle the last 48 hours.

How are the migrants doing on Martha's Vineyard? Are they adjusting to their new life on this charming island? Have the residents continued to open their homes and schools for their new neighbors?

Links to nice stories?
151   Patrick   2022 Sep 21, 3:14pm  


GEORGETOWN, DE — Courtesy of Ron DeSantis, a plane carrying fourteen sex-offending illegal aliens has arrived in Delaware. They were dropped off in front of the fictional president’s beach home on Wednesday, bringing the total count of sex offenders to fifteen at the Biden property.

“Guys, let’s not get hung up on the grand total of sex offenders,” a flustered Karine Jean-Pierre said. “The point is there was only one sex offender there before, but then Ron DeSantis brought in, like, a ton more. My notes say one is less than fifteen, according to the experts.”

OK, not true, but would be damn funny if it were.
154   Eric Holder   2022 Sep 22, 11:11am  

Patrick says

Yeah, Australia is surprisingly sane wrt uncontrolled immigration. They did go completely off rails over the coof though.

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