Illegal Alien Admits He Came to US Because of Biden, ‘Definitely’ Would Not Have if Trump Were President

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A migrant An illegal who is seeking asylum in the United States admitted in an interview that aired Sunday that he would not have attempted to travel to the U.S. if Donald Trump were still president.

In fact, the migrant illegal said specifically that he decided now was the right time to seek asylum here because of President Joe Biden.

ABC News anchor Martha Raddatz recently spoke with a Brazilian man — just one of the tens of thousands of migrants illegals who are traveling to the U.S. in search of asylum — who admitted that Biden's presidency was a motivating factor for coming to America.

"Would you have tried to do this when Donald Trump was president?" Raddatz asked.

"Definitely not. Definitely. We have a chance, you know. The same environment that's been going on today wasn't there last year," the man responded. "We used to watch the news and I definitely wouldn't do this."

Raddatz followed up," So did you come here because Joe Biden was elected president?"

"Basically, basically," the man said. "The main thing was the violence in my country. And the second thing, I think, was Joe Biden."


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85   Patrick   2022 Sep 15, 2:22pm  


Massachusetts Democrats have expressed outrage after planes full of migrants ILLEGALS arrived on the exclusive island of Martha’s Vineyard.

Martha’s Vinyard, located in Dukes County, is home to some of America’s wealthiest elites, including open borders advocate Barack Obama.
86   Patrick   2022 Sep 15, 2:23pm  


New York Mayor: City at ‘Breaking Point’ amid ‘Unprecedented Surge of Asylum Seekers MONEY SEEKERS Arriving from Southern Border’
87   Patrick   2022 Sep 15, 3:17pm  


The Biden Admin refused to secure the border, so it was time to bring the border to Martha's Vineyard
Via a one-way flight on Air DeSantis
88   Patrick   2022 Sep 15, 3:21pm  


Reporter: “Harris said that the border is closed. Is the border closed?”

Illegal Immigrant: “The border is open…everybody believes that the border is open. It’s open because we enter. We come in, free, no problem…We came illegally.”

92   Patrick   2022 Sep 16, 10:03am  


According to local reports, the airport officials believed the planes were delivering corporate guys on a late-season golf retreat, before suffering the crushing disappointment that the arriving passengers were, in fact, poor people of color. ...

Those white liberals are now entertaining the world with the most amusing mass meltdown in some time. As natural hypocrites whose commitment to diversity ends where their pebbled driveways begin, they don’t like the idea of the Vineyard’s newest residents any more than Democrat mayors like Eric Adams of New York and Muriel Bowser of Washington, DC appreciate their migrants. Both mayors declared states of emergency after the arrival of only a small fraction of the illegals whom their counterparts on the Texas and Arizona borders must address on a daily basis. ...

The infuriated liberals are, however, reluctant to admit exactly where the illegals arrived. That’s understandable considering that their island idyll, where Biden won 77.6 percent of the vote, is well beyond the means of almost all their fellow Americans, “deplorables” whom they would also prefer not to see or be around. Martha’s Vineyard boasts a median home sale price of $1.35 million.

MSNBC commentator Chris Hayes, who has held book signings on the Vineyard, found it “deeply dehumanizing to fling human beings somewhere vindictively.” Somewhere? Could spelling out the “where” cast doubt on the sincerity of his convictions? And if he really believes in sanctuary destinations, how is sending migrants to an especially pleasant one for free a vindictive act? ...

The world outside left-Twitter, however, knows that the illegals have had the good fortune to land in one of the richest communities in America after having violated our country’s laws by illegally crossing its borders. Now that Vineyard liberals must endure the sight of them on their doorsteps, they and their confederates can only fly into narcissistic rage. Their shallow, priggish commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and open borders is exposed as a shameless fraud. ...

Vineyard residents claim to have responded with “compassion” — so much compassion that they provided basic support for less than 24 hours before begging the internet for donations from even guiltier white liberals. That’s more than a bit rich, so to speak, on an island where an estimated 63 percent of the million-dollar homes are unoccupied outside of the summer months. But this did not occur to Lisa Belcastro, coordinator of the island’s homeless shelter, who informed the local media that “at some point in time [the illegals] have to move somewhere else. …We don’t have housing for 50 more people.” That’s doubtful, but even if the summer residents don’t want to open their doors or wallets, surely no high-minded Vineyard worthies would mind if the four children reportedly in the group made generous use of their many swimming pools. What could be more compassionate? What could be more inclusive?

I read that these illegals were not coerced in any way. They were simply offered the free transportation north and took it.

And it's true that Martha's Vineyard is full of empty houses when it's not summer. Those illegals have just as much right to break into those houses as they had to break into the country, so what's the problem?
93   Eric Holder   2022 Sep 16, 10:07am  

Patrick says

94   Patrick   2022 Sep 16, 10:18am  


What, exactly, is cruel about sending the people searching for a better life to one of the wealthiest and most beautiful towns in the country? Ted Kennedy died way back in 2009, so it’s not like they have to worry about hitchhiking themselves into the wrong car. Alan Dershowitz has been effectively banned from the island, and most other coastal creatures leave post-Labor Day anyway. Not to mention that Martha’s Vineyard’s sanctuary status means if one of its new residents breaks the law, they don’t have to worry about an unceremonious deportation. Sweet perk!

Leftists are still somehow finding reason to complain.

“It’s human trafficking!” they cry, seemingly unaware that the Biden administration previously sent 70 migrant flights of its own to Jacksonville, Florida, in the dead of the night. Besides, Fox News’s Bill Melugin reports that migrants sign waivers and choose to which city they will be flown…and who wouldn’t kill for a free trip to WASP heaven? DeSantis should probably apologize in advance for all of the liberal wine moms they’ll encounter, but I’m sure it’s still a hell of a lot better than sitting in a Health and Human Services detention facility or being crammed with tens of thousands of others into a border town.

Some locals told reporters they don’t have enough housing or jobs for the approximately 50 illegal migrants who have arrived. The town’s public information officer said the situation is a “humanitarian crisis.” Martha’s Vineyard has been described as a haven for billionaires and celebrities. Certainly they can cough up some resources for the individuals they so desperately wanted in the country. Plus, the island is practically a ghost town in the winter, no? How about some of those ten-bedroom seaside mansions be opened up as shelters instead of sitting empty in the off-season? If this is how they react to just 50 migrants, imagine how they’d feel if they had to deal with the thousands who cross into border towns on the daily.

DeSantis’s team has already promised that the free trips for illegal migrants will continue. Next stop? Malibu.

Illegals could swamp Malibu right now given that there are already over a million illegals in LA, but I'm sure the Malibu police keep them out. Still, it would be good to photograph and publicize the effective walls around Malibu as a contrast to the nation's open southern border.
98   Patrick   2022 Sep 16, 10:38am  


The Redheaded libertarian
Well friends, 36 hours and 300 National guardsmen later, and the MA government along, with the good Christian millionaires of Martha’s Vineyard, have ejected the 48 weary travelers from the church, bussed them off their fancy island, and detained them at a joint military base.



Ahh, is that how a Sanctuary city works?
101   Patrick   2022 Sep 16, 10:59am  


Secret Service Agents Protect Kamala’s Home from the Illegal Aliens – Tell People to Keep Away From HER FENCE (VIDEO)

102   Patrick   2022 Sep 16, 11:56am  

53 migrants dying in the back of a tractor trailer didn’t cause the outrage of sending 50 to Martha’s Vineyard.
Sep 16, 2022
105   Patrick   2022 Sep 16, 2:14pm  

Saying America is a country of immigrants to justify illegal immigration is akin to a burglar saying “you have guests over all the time” to justify breaking into a home.
114   Ceffer   2022 Sep 16, 3:05pm  

Martha's Vineyard 2030
115   Ceffer   2022 Sep 16, 3:07pm  

DeSantis has been taking mean lessons from Trump.
116   Ceffer   2022 Sep 16, 3:09pm  

Britney Spears comments on immigrant crisis:
120   Patrick   2022 Sep 17, 2:02pm  


For hundreds of years, Martha’s Vineyard has suffered from the soul-crushing effects of its own whiteness. Island residents understood there was only one cure. They badly needed diversity.

Relief finally arrived from an unlikely source yesterday: Ron DeSantis.

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