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Anyone get vaxxed?

I know a few and they sound like absolute shit, and both feel like absolute crap.

Anyone else?

Why the fuck are people injecting themselves with a non-FDA approved biological agent?

And what the fuck are people afraid of, when this covid has a 99.97% survival rate?

I don't understand this level of retardedness... Or maybe I am just super, over the top, fucking retarded, that I can't understand this shit.

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5338   Patrick   2023 Oct 21, 4:45pm  

Wow, a neighbor just told my wife that she (the neighbor) got a Wuhan Virus booster + flu combo shot today.

I don't think anyone should sell her any life insurance at this point.
5340   mell   2023 Oct 22, 12:29pm  

GNL says

Patrick says

After Pfizer’s mRNA Covid shot has been found to be contaminated with foreign DNA, researchers and scientists around the world are sounding the alarm

IMO, it is important to understand if ALL Phizer shots were contaminated. In the history of shot taking, am I supposed to believe no other shots have ever been contaminated? Also, if someone is using the word "contaminated", I assume it means not purposeful.

Many shots may be contaminated (usually not purposefully), but the ones with mrna in it are far more dangerous when having dna contamination.
5341   Patrick   2023 Oct 23, 10:54am  


Dr. Peter McCullough Gives Expert Testimony on the Safety and Efficacy of the COVID-19 Vaccines

"Not safe for human use."

Renowned cardiologist Peter McCullough, MD testified before the Arizona State Senate on Friday, October 20, 2023, regarding the safety and efficacy of the so-called COVID-19 vaccines. Dr. McCullough concluded that the COVID-19 "vaccines" are not safe for human use. Here are a few other talking points from Dr. McCullough's one-hour testimony:

FDA Approval Process Concerns: Dr. McCullough believes the FDA approval process for the Pfizer vaccine was flawed and failed, especially with regard to cardiovascular risks.

Organizations Against Vaccines: Dr. McCullough highlighted that the World Council for Health and the Association of American Physician and Surgeons have both called for the removal of all COVID-19 vaccines from the market.

State Action: Dr. McCullough noted that states like Idaho and Florida are considering actions to address vaccine concerns if the federal government does not. He advocated for states' rights and responsibilities in handling vaccine safety in their own hands.

Long COVID Syndrome and Vaccine Concerns: Dr. McCullough believes that a majority of long COVID cases are a result of the vaccine rather than the virus itself, and criticizes the Biden administration's approach and research spending on long COVID, calling it the biggest waste of a billion dollars on medical research he's ever seen.
5342   Patrick   2023 Oct 23, 4:53pm  


Florida Surgeon General Drops Eye-Opening Revelations on Biden Admin’s Booster Push ...

The bulletin continued to ram on safety and efficacy concerns for the COVID-19 injections, as backed by hyperlinked studies:

• Studies across geographic regions have found that mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are associated with negative effectiveness after 4 to 6 months. As efficacy waned, studies showed that COVID-19 vaccinated individuals developed an increased risk of infection. This is not found in other vaccines, including the flu vaccine.

• The mRNA COVID-19 vaccines present a risk of subclinical and clinical myocarditis, and other cardiovascular conditions among otherwise healthy individuals.

• There is unknown risk of potential adverse impacts with each additional dose of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine; currently individuals may have received five to seven doses (and counting) of this vaccine over a 3-year period.

• Elevated levels of spike protein from the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine persist among some individuals for an indefinite period of time, which may carry health risks.

One of the spike protein studies linked in this memo was from Brogna and colleagues, where they found that 50% of vaccinated individuals still had spike protein circulating in their blood after a period of approximately 180 days.
5343   Patrick   2023 Oct 25, 2:08pm  


💉 So many emotions! Seen online:

First, if the feds aren’t forcing insurance companies to cover their newfangled boosters, then it is officially over. But of course they also have to lie about it being over, because as someone important — it’s on the tip of my tongue — as someone important once said, the truth is not in him.

Second, at least some the 2% of hardcore medical fetishists still taking the damned things are paying $180 for the privilege. That is commitment. (I assume some insurance systems are covering all or part of the cost.)

Finally, marvel at the logic that, while the jabs are lifesaving miracles, they aren’t worth $180 out of pocket. I wonder how much Mandy Mae would be willing to pay for the government’s snake oil? She didn’t say.
5345   Patrick   2023 Oct 26, 10:38am  


💉 Get ready! They’re starting it up again, and I just can’t bring myself to run the same exact post for a third year in a row. So I’ll just show you. Behold the terrifying, annual, Fall “tripledemic:”

Bottom line, they want you to start taking three annual shots now, at least two of which are for their lab-created bugs that escaped (covid and RSV, probably). No, thank you. You keep those ones. My question is, where does this jab mania finally end? This delusion that mankind can invent a better immune system in a needle than the human immune system?

At some point will they have a 72-jab annual shot schedule, like the poor school children?

Stuff their tripledemic. Great job, public health, I’m a never-vaxxer now.
5349   Patrick   2023 Oct 28, 1:37pm  


💉 Next watch this highly encouraging clip from the Australian Senate this week, in which Senator Gerard Rennick grilled Australian regulators over whether in fact, covid is a genetic therapy, given that it uses ‘transfection’ to work...

To me, the discussion heralded the unraveling of the original and biggest lie of all: “the covid shots are traditional vaccines and are definitely not genetic treatments.” That lie depended on people being unable to understand all the scientific jargon and mumbo-jumbo, like what “transfection” means. But we regular folks are starting to work it out. In other words, both in the U.S. and around the world, people are catching on to how the “Science!” shell game worked.

Granted, Senator Rennick does not (yet) represent the majority. He’s Australia’s noisy conservative, and so far has not gotten much traction apart from continuing to blow the didgeridoo about vaccine harms. But things appear to be shifting. They agreed to have a covid commission now. And Rennick’s latest tweet announcing the formation of Australia’s own covid commission was mind-blowing, and most important, I believe it signals a broader trend.

Senator Rennick tweeted a list of questions that he would like the new Covid Commission to consider. I doubt I could have drafted a better list. You’ll likely enjoy reading his list, because it will vindicate your own thoughts, but while you’re reading it, consider the sheer number of issues and problems that have mounted up about the jabs and against the whole worldwide covid response.

It’s getting to be a pretty long list. Here’s part one:

I stopped to break the long post in two, but also to direct your attention to that highlighted line: “the totalitarian role of the (United) States in locking people down.” It is becoming increasingly obvious that when this whole thing finally completely unravels — and it will — people around the world are going to be properly furious with the United States and there will be Hell to pay.

Mark my words: Perfectly justified anti-American sentiment could get very ugly, and the timing couldn’t possibly be any worse, what with the BRICS countries forming up against the dollar, and countries deciding whether to align with the NATO axis or the Russia/China axis. We need to get ahead of this wave of anger and either jail or execute all the U.S. officials responsible for the debacle (after a fair trial, of course).

Here is the second half of Senator Rennick’s covid inquiry wish list:

Don’t you just love the word “dodgy?” In particular, it seems so perfect, so tailor-made for describing the occult practice of “scientific modeling.” It’s dodgy, all right.

Here’s a similar example from Japan. Japan relied mainly on Pfizer, and used awfully coercive mandates to achieve a high jab rate.

A reckoning is coming. It’s in the mail with no tracking number.

5350   Patrick   2023 Oct 28, 5:09pm  


The inclusion of SV40 DNA sequence in the COVID-19 vaccines appears to be an effort to make humans express genes that will pass along cancer-producing genetics to their offspring over time.
5351   HeadSet   2023 Oct 28, 8:35pm  

Patrick says

: “the totalitarian role of the (United) States in locking people down.” It is becoming increasingly obvious that when this whole thing finally completely unravels — and it will — people around the world are going to be properly furious with the United States and there will be Hell to pay.

No. The "States" refers to the Australian states, nothing to do with the USA. The Australian states were very authoritarian during the Covid fraud.
5355   stereotomy   2023 Oct 29, 3:54pm  

Patrick says

That would make a great T-shirt. I'd buy one for $10.
5356   Ceffer   2023 Oct 29, 3:55pm  

Immune system, BAM, shot to pieces.

5370   Ceffer   2023 Nov 3, 10:50am  

Yes, but aren't you happy you put a big smile on Moloch's face? Those who are too dumb to unravel a simple Satanic Inversion lie deserve to die.

5374   Patrick   2023 Nov 6, 10:16am  


I saved the biggest and best story for last. This weekend on CNBC’s show Delivering Alpha (‘alpha’ in this context means ‘excess returns over baseline’), the financial network held a long-form interview with Bill Ackman, philanthropist and ‘activist’ billionaire CEO of hedge fund giant Pershing Capital.

CLIP: Bill Ackman reverses course on vaccines on CNBC (5:50).

Before I start transcribing the best parts, there are two things to know. First, CNBC is a financially conservative network and doesn’t normally take political risks in its programming. To say the least, it is an unlikely spot for a substantive discussion of the merits of vaccines. Second, Ackman was an early and enthusiastic covid vaccine advocate. But not anymore.

Here are the key parts. You’re going to love it. The interviewer began by remarking on the unlikely fact that Ackman was supporting RFK, Jr., a known anti-vaccine nut job:

INTERVIEWER: How could somebody who was so emotional about covid — you came on my program, we all remember that — as committed as you were to the vaccines, to getting as many people vaccinated as possible, given (RFK’s) stance on vaccines in general, some might wonder how you can be supportive (of his campaign)?

ACKMAN: So actually I think Kennedy raises a LOT of important questions that need to be asked and answered about vaccines. And uh, that’s something we are doing a deep dive on. Just today, I was on the phone with a scientist, and we want to put together … (trails off). What I, what I think needs to be done, is a very detailed, deep dive into all of the research on vaccines, on vaccine safety, uh, and then … Among the things we have not done a lot of work on, is the cumulative impact on a child, for example.

When I was a child, I got THREE shots. I have a four year old; he’s scheduled to get SEVENTY-THREE shots. You know… And it may not be the, you know, the virus, if you will, designed to make you immune to the disease, the dead virus, or the mRNA technology. It may be, you know, aluminum, or preservatives they use in the vaccines, which create risks and challenges.

By the way, as the parent of a four-year-old, where the four-year-old has no ability to consent to something you’re injecting into them; I feel a moral and other paternal obligation to get to the bottom of this issue. I think, Mike, I just spoke to a scientist today, a top scientist at UCSF, who said to me, you know, Kennedy is right on 75-80% of what he says about vaccines.

The unfortunate thing is the 20-25% where unfortunately there’s just not enough data to support the stuff he says convincingly. And uh, I think it’s time for us … this whole vaccine thing became a political issue. Where if you got a shot and wore a mask you were in one party. If you refused to get a shot and didn’t wear a mask you were in another political party. (But) it’s just not a political issue.

There is real reason to … look. We have a generation of kids who have a lot more asthma, a lot more excema, a lot more autism. And we don’t yet understand the reason for that. Is it some adjuvant in the vaccine? Is it something about vaccines? Is it some other toxin in the environment? I think we have an obligation — as parents — to figure this out.

INTERVIEWER: Is that where this newfound curiosity came from? From you becoming a parent?

ACKMAN: No, from actually listening to what Kennedy had to say, as opposed to… look. The biggest, I would say interesting… I give a lot of credit to Elon, and Twitter or X (or whatever you want to call it). This, you know, talking to a scientist again today, who is a brilliant epidemiologist (among other areas). And he was one of the scientists-slash-doctors that raised early questions about the covid vaccine.

And he was demoted on Twitter. One of the papers he put up on a preprint site was taken down as ‘misinformation.’ And, you know, you look at this guy Jay Bhattacharya at Stanford, his recommendations for how we should have managed covid turned out to be pretty much spot-on accurate. But he was basically just taken off Twitter as misinformation.

And now Twitter has become a place where people can express their views. I’m a huge free-speech advocate. I use Twitter — one of the most profitable investments I ever made, I made because of what I learned on Twitter.

Listen to the whole thing and appreciate how far we have come. Allow me to number just a few of the massively-winning points demonstrated by this short, five-minute clip:

CNBC aired an “anti-vaccine” segment — without labeling or undermining it.

Ackman is a respected member of the financial community.

He fundamentally and publicly changed positions on the covid vaccines.

He is now publicly skeptical of all vaccines, not just mRNA jabs.

He is listening to RFK and Elon Musk.

He is putting his own money into it, both in supporting RFK (getting the word out) and funding scientific research against vaccines.

Ackman labeled the issue a moral imperative.

Only one thing can beat the self-interested lure of money: parental love. What the Ackman clip showed most is how the vaccine issue has now transcended even self-interest, which is the spell the vaccine industry has used to hold things together since the 1980’s when this vaccine madness originally began. Now, a lot of people — including smart, successful, well-connected people — are starting to take a very hard look at jabs in general.

The vaccine lie will unravel faster than you ever thought possible. Watch and see.
5375   Eric Holder   2023 Nov 6, 4:28pm  

Patrick says

When I was a child, I got THREE shots. I have a four year old; he’s scheduled to get SEVENTY-THREE shots.

If his child is scheduled for 73 shots he's an idiot, because there is no MANDATORY 73 shots listed anywhere (prove me wrong). And I doubt the part where he himself got THREE shots too - he looks to be in his early 50s, so he def got more just to attend school. The guy is full of donkey shit. As he was before when he was advocating FOR vaccines. Not sure of his angle then and now, but him being full of shit is painfully obvious.
5376   GNL   2023 Nov 6, 5:38pm  

@Patrick, how many people do you think this reached?

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