It's time to end this "dine in the middle of the road" stupidity.

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2021 Apr 21, 12:42pm   1,023 views  6 comments

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A driver smashed into the parklet at Napper Tandy, an Irish pub and restaurant in San Francisco's Mission District, Monday night, police said.

The San Francisco Police Department responded to the incident at 24th Street and South Van Ness Avenue at approximately 6:35 p.m. They identified the male driver and found two people had been struck by the vehicle.


Amid the coronavirus pandemic, many cities including San Francisco have allowed and encouraged restaurants to build parklets to accommodate outdoor dining. These built-out dining spaces that take over parking spaces have been a bright spot for many in a difficult year, but they are susceptible to cars crashing into them.

In Santa Barbara, a parklet shattered when an RV ploughed into it last week. A driver in an SUV rammed a parklet in Alameda last month, injuring two adults. Officers determined the driver in that incident was under the influence of alcohol, according to KRON.


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1   Patrick   2021 Apr 21, 1:01pm  

San Francisco seems to be having a lot more of these car crash stories lately.
2   Eric Holder   2021 Apr 21, 1:05pm  

ChauvinsKnee says
two people had been struck by the vehicle.

Another two Covid cases.
3   Tenpoundbass   2021 Apr 21, 1:12pm  

Would you like some lead, mercury and arsenic to go with your side walk salad?

I have no respect for a table full of Idiots blocking up the whole damn sidewalk to dine on over priced fare, in a rickety table and chair.
And I wont eat in an establishment that informs me, that there's outside dinning, then point to a busy sidewalk.
The biggest thing that annoys me is, it's a sign that a market is over saturated with over priced eateries. They are all creating a beast that is eating its own tail.

There's apparently no adequate retail space available for the restauranteurs to open in a location that can contain their patronage. So they move to locations that wasn't designed for eateries with that volume of traffic. The landlords love it, because they get to raise the rent for those <400sqft spaces. The City loves it, because they get to raise the taxes, the neighborhood loses, because higher taxes and regentrification is soon to follow. A process that tends to build around the notion that their town is so fucking stupid, they gladly eat out in the toxic traffic emissions. The only thing the town gains in the end is a perfect storm of fart sniffing smuggery.

The quality of food suffers, because every copy cat unoriginal shitbird in that town, is then opening a sidewalk eatery. And all of the great people that could bring a decades long eatery institution to the town are priced out.
5   GNL   2021 Apr 21, 5:59pm  

Tenpoundbass says
I have no respect for a table full of Idiots blocking up the whole damn sidewalk to dine on over priced fare, in a rickety table and chair.

There's a rhyme in there somewhere DJ Master Bass.
6   Patrick   2021 Apr 21, 6:10pm  

Lol, true.

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