How long until Tuckers suicided?

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2021 May 3, 6:32pm   858 views  4 comments

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I have to give Tucker Carlson credit. He’s been firing on all cylinders.

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1   mell   2021 May 3, 6:38pm  

Agreed, I don't care if he had beef with Trump at some point or not or if some think he is "controlled opposition", he's been hitting hard lately.
2   FortwayeAsFuckJoeBiden   2021 May 3, 7:40pm  

I like his show. Really shows all the corporate fuckery.
3   BayArea   2021 May 3, 9:50pm  

He doesn’t hold back.

Super sharp guy that conveys information brilliantly.
4   Hircus   2021 May 4, 4:39pm  

They already tried attacking him.

Remember about 6mo ago, suddenly all the news stations, and twitter npcs all simultaneously executed accuseWhiteMaleOfRacysim("Tucker Carlson") right after his show hit #1?

They failed, but they still try a little bit now and then.

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