Who exactly is pulling the strings?

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2021 May 15, 8:29pm   34,751 views  388 comments

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OK, as soon as it starts to become apparent to everyone that Fauci is responsible for creating the CCP/Wuhan virus then suddenly the whole world is dropping mask mandates.


How can global policy and media across the world be so coordinated?

Kind of makes one tempted to believe in "conspiracy theories".

I really do think there is a cabal of billionaires who own the media and the government and which shifts course when things start to get hot, like right now. They are not "the Jews" but a collection of billionaires from many countries. Many of them are Jewish, but many are not.

Can we identify them by name? Bezos and Gates for sure, but what are the other names? I would especially like to know the names of the ones that desperately want to remain hidden. Klaus Schwab? Top leaders in China like Xi Jinping?


Multivariate analysis indicates that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial
independent impacts on U.S. government policy, while average citizens and mass-based interest groups have little or no
independent influence.

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354   Patrick   2023 Aug 25, 1:11pm  


i was having a conversation with gatopal™ gerodoc the other day. he said this:

“I feel like it’s hard to analyze why our system fails us so badly without analyzing the effects of the intel community & how they are pushing & nudging things just under the surface.”

he then posted a tinfoil meme as though he was expecting to get roasted.

instead i was like:

i think there's real truth to his intuition. the intelligence community have become incredibly powerful and it’s not exactly a stretch to imagine that folks literally trained in espionage, disinformation, manipulation, kompromat, extortion, and asset grooming might, if left unchecked, morph into the worst kind of surreptitious svengalis pulling strings from the shadows. ...

the patriot act was one of the worst things to happen to america in 100 years.

the terrorists won. nothing they could ever have done would have inflicted the damage we inflicted upon ourselves, day in, day out, year after year.

it broke everything.

it dismantled and deranged our way of life and our core values.

cuz, fear.

the “patriot act” inverted the idea of patriotism into submission to nasty, authoritarian edict.

it wiped out rights, due process, and muscularized and militarized the agencies that would run roughshod over you.

massive panics are the times to grab liberty. and you never let a crisis go to waste.

this is the stock in trade of the fear monger.

... they have become thieves’ forests of grifters and power grabbers that stretch from EPA to FBI, DOJ to NIH, and CDC to CIA. they swirl around this idea of “homeland security uber alles” and the new fashions in fear to drive greater surrenders of agency in the fruitless societal fracture of desperately trying to trade a little liberty for a little safety. ...

when did covid get out of control in the US? right when the national security advisor sent in debbie birx to run the show. and how did she run roughshod over so many purportedly powerful people? because she had the real power behind her, the deep influence of the “deep state.”

“deep state.” it’s fun the way that term has been gaslit into some sort of “Q anon triple-tinfoil raving nutter conspiracy,” but ask yourself: who might have benefitted from such a perception? who might have put such a gambit into play? surely not the disinformation specialists who suppressed the lab leak hypothesis that they knew full well to be the odds on explanation. no, surely not…

you can see what happens when the wrong questions get asked about the wrong people. omerta. discrediting operations. false flags. tinsel. reputational destruction. deplatforming. censorship, suppression, threats to livelihoods, threats to lives. then show trials and outright intimidation. ...

words you'll never hear:

"we the experts empaneled to study the crisis have determined that it is not, in fact, a crisis. please accept the return of the remainder of our budget."

everything must be crisis (and the right sort of crisis) or the increasingly monolithic gold givers will not fund you. ...

355   Patrick   2023 Aug 28, 4:28pm  


In the wake of the populist upheavals of 2016, leading figures in America’s ruling party seized upon the feedback loop of surveillance and control refined through the war on terror as a method for maintaining power inside the United States. Weapons created to fight ISIS and al-Qaeda were turned against Americans who entertained incorrect thoughts about the president or vaccine boosters or gender pronouns or the war in Ukraine. ...

The fight against ISIS morphed into the fight against Trump and “Russian collusion,” which morphed into the fight against disinformation. But those were just branding changes; the underlying technological infrastructure and ruling-class philosophy, which claimed the right to remake the world based on a religious sense of expertise, remained unchanged. The human art of politics, which would have required real negotiation and compromise with Trump supporters, was abandoned in favor of a specious science of top-down social engineering that aimed to produce a totally administered society.
356   The_Deplorable   2023 Aug 29, 4:09pm  

"The WEF... They are aiming for Feudalism... in which we are serfs and they are the lords ruling over us."

Laura Ingraham https://twitter.com/wideawake_media/status/1696086870545793109 1:23 Minutes
357   NuttBoxer   2023 Aug 30, 6:59am  

Close, but there's lots of evidence surfs lived better than many people today, and kept more of their earnings. Also, it leaves out the takeover of our persons down to our physical bodies. Don't believe that part really think about the Scamdemic policies, and then research bio-digital convergence.
358   Shaman   2023 Aug 30, 7:40am  

Slaves would be more appropriate. You can kill or maim a slave and it’s fine. These New Nobility types want absolute control and freedom to be the sick little fucks they’ve always wanted to be.
They really haven’t changed much since when the USA was founded and began to draw population from their European holdings. They were doing colonialism at that time, so they didn’t much notice until they didn’t have enough serfs to get their lands worked properly.
The problem was the American Dream was super attractive with freedom and boundless land offered to their serfs who weren’t allowed to own land. All they had to do was get to the USA and their fortunes were all but assured.
So they bowed to political pressure and made democratic reforms while keeping their economic advantages, their titles, and their lands. They remained wealthy and only increased their wealth as freedom gave people the incentive to be more productive than feudalism would ever allow.
Things were going well when the Bolsheviks suddenly killed the Romanov family and Russia went under populace control. A lot of Nobles lost their Russian holdings and they have never gotten over it.
Russia became an international pariah as they settled into communism.
Even when that communism was dropped in 1991, the walls came down, and perestroika winds swept the old Russian order away, the nobility in charge of the West did not relent. Putin rose in power and denied the New Nobility the power and control over Russia they coveted. So they hate him and they hate Russia.
That’s why we’ve been forcing Russia into a conflict that they didn’t want and which doesn’t do the USA any good at all. It’s because our true masters, the New Nobility, are actually in control and use our military as their own private force.
359   NuttBoxer   2023 Aug 30, 8:08am  

Shaman says

Slaves would be more appropriate. You can kill or maim a slave and it’s fine.

That is exactly the word I was thinking of. Although the second part was not a popular belief in America where slaves were treated much better than the rest of the world.
361   Patrick   2023 Sep 4, 3:49pm  


It grieves me that so many people still don’t realise that they are being horribly abused by our political class and unelected, unaccountable global agencies who all share the dystopian, never-justified mindset that human beings are a blight on the planet.

I show below how this sadly intractable situation has been engineered by globally-coordinated subliminal brainwashing, censorship and the spreading of misinformation (deliberate lies) by the captured mainstream media.
367   Onvacation   2023 Sep 16, 9:42am  

NuttBoxer says

surfs lived better than many people today,

Without dentists?
368   Onvacation   2023 Sep 16, 12:04pm  

Patrick says

They're all bad actors.
372   Patrick   2023 Sep 19, 1:04pm  


Joe Biden’s ‘TikTok Army’ received hundreds of thousands from George Soros to push left-wing causes, bash conservatives ...

Billionaire Democratic donor George Soros is financing an army of Gen-Z TikTokers to push his extreme left-wing causes, praise President Joe Biden, and bash conservatives, a review of public documents and social media by The Post shows.

Soros’ Open Society Foundation shelled out $5.5 million to the nonprofit Accelerate Action Inc. in 2020 and 2021 — which in turn gave at least $300,000 in 2022 to another nonprofit, Gen Z for Change, which boasts a network of 500 “activists, organizers, and creators,” tax filings show.

The woke foot soldiers regularly go into battle on behalf of abolishing border enforcement, defunding cops, and ending cash bail according to their website.
374   NuttBoxer   2023 Sep 22, 7:02am  

Corbett put out a great video on Blackrock recently. Didn't realize going direct had already started. So now interest rates are too much hassle, and they're just injecting the money directly. Can anyone say banana republic?

Especially for those who think the economy is fine, watch this and tell me you're still ok afterwards. Unless you're scared..
About an hour, but well worth it.

original link
376   The_Deplorable   2023 Sep 23, 6:56pm  

New York City, Sanctuary City

Eric Adams Mayor of New York City on Sept 18 2022: "The city has always been a sanctuary city and we’ve always managed those who wanted to come to New York City to pursue the American dream" https://www.nationalreview.com/news/nyc-mayor-gop-governors-busing-illegal-immigrants-created-humanitarian-crisis/

And a year later...

Eric Adams Mayor of New York City on Sept 7 2023: "This issue will destroy New York City. We're getting 10,000 migrants a month ... Now we're getting people from all over the globe have made their minds up that they're going to come through the southern part of the border and come into New York City." https://www.cbsnews.com/newyork/news/mayor-eric-adams-asylum-seeker-crisis-will-destroy-new-york-city/

377   NuttBoxer   2023 Sep 24, 7:31pm  

Who runs the world? Well Vanguard for one. This won't be the conspiracy confirming super bomb some of us were hoping for(a bit disappointing). But it does soundly refute the ludicrous notion that Vanguard the company wields no power. By the way, does anyone know who the largest shareholder in Vanguard is? I don't, but I'd bet the farm they have old-world Western European ties.

379   Patrick   2023 Sep 26, 7:13pm  


Watch this and have your mind blown.

They knew it did this 20 years ago. Whoever wrote the script for this episode of X-Files has to be a time traveler or a senior deep state operative who revealed their entire plan just for giggles.

380   The_Deplorable   2023 Sep 27, 10:32am  

In the video below, Staten Island locals were arrested
for blocking migrant buses.
388   stereotomy   2023 Sep 29, 12:30pm  

The_Deplorable says

I think this person understands PatNet.

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