China's devastation of US trade with help from the corrupt US oligarchy

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2021 Jul 20, 10:12am   964 views  43 comments

by Patrick   ➕follow (51)   💰tip   ignore  

Primarily to blame:

- Jeff Bezos
- The Walton family

Who else should be in prison for treason?


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41   Eric Holder   💰tip   2021 Aug 3, 10:30am  

Patrick says

China quietly sets new 'buy Chinese' targets for state companies

WASHINGTON, Aug 2 (Reuters) - China's government quietly issued new procurement guidelines in May that require up to 100% local content on hundreds of items including X-ray machines and magnetic resonance imaging equipment, erecting fresh barriers for foreign suppliers, three U.S.-based sources told Reuters.

Biden will pretend nothing happened.
42   Onvacation   💰tip   2021 Aug 3, 11:05am  

Patrick says

The Chinese are pretty smart. That's why they got all the factories. That's what gives them power over America now.

That and all the politicians they own.
43   Onvacation   💰tip   2021 Aug 3, 11:16am  

Patrick says
But then it wouldn't alliterate. Unless you're Japanese.

That's racist!

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