Circus at Pelosi's Jan. 6 commission

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2021 Jul 27, 9:22pm   1,379 views  17 comments

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If we look into bases the origin of Jan. 6 event, its all happened only because Pelosi and her crony Dems rigged the election.
They are conspirators of "Never Trump" strategy, and they should be prosecuted.

Now they brought to Congress actors from Capitol Police to dramatize event as a continuation of "Never Trump" strategy.
Those guys usually veterans, suddenly are so emotional. Never saw a soldier who is crying when he see enemy.

The only person who took out a gun and shot was Capitol Policemen. Making statement.

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1   Onvacation   2021 Jul 27, 10:27pm  

Fuck those fuckers.
2   Ceffer   2021 Jul 27, 10:29pm  

Another repulsive dramaturgy over the Reichstag non-fire. Those Pelosi creeps must all lick Soros boots and squeal for mercy. Not a spine in the group.
3   richwicks   2021 Jul 27, 10:37pm  

I remember 15 years ago when the word of the intelligence agencies was sacrosanct and if I questioned it, I was a "traitor" or I "blamed America first".

Welcome to my boat, the one floating in reality. The intelligence agencies have been corrupt for as long as I remember, and beyond that. Operation PBSuccess, the Church Committee, nothing has changed. They are a criminal entity. All of them are like this, including military Intelligence. Their job is to lie to us, spy on us, control us, oppress us.

They have complete information on anything that's been said through a phone line, or a non-encrypted P2P communication device (and quite a few of those as well) for the last 20 years. Think that's enough blackmail material to control the government? They run our government.
4   Onvacation   2021 Jul 27, 10:50pm  

richwicks says
I remember 15 years ago when the word of the intelligence agencies was sacrosanct and if I questioned it, I was a "traitor" or I "blamed America first".

When I questioned the inconsistencies of 9/11, Somebody told me, "America, love it or leave it."
6   Onvacation   2021 Jul 27, 11:24pm  

Is that the dude who shot Ashli Babbitt?
8   SumatraBosch   2021 Jul 28, 7:36am  

Why would a white woman allow a terrorist negro to touch her?

Clearly, she is preparing to breed his children and teach them to kill white people and impose sharia!

HA! Pelosi, you don't fool us one bit!
9   Tenpoundbass   2021 Jul 28, 8:06am  

Ceffer says

Top photo on the left, there that fucker is again lisping to the left, just like the DC Jan 5th evening Pipe Bomb suspect.
I'm telling you they are the same fucking Person!

If it were a civilian he would have been caught and arrested by now, and another nagging thing. If the FBI were really investigating intently, all of the security cam photos of him on Google would not be there. Some but not all. Secondly, with all of the security cam footage they have the guy, how is it possible they didn't get videos, of where he originated from that evening, and where he ended up when he was done?

It's the same Murderous Cut throat Nancy Do Boy Mother Fucker! That's why he was so bold so kill Ashley he was all ready pumped up doing criminal activity in the name of his Freedom Defending job. He reckons himself a national hero.
10   MAGA   2021 Jul 28, 8:32am  

The protest is similar to the Boston Tea Party.
11   rocketjoe79   2021 Jul 28, 1:51pm  

Took a few days, but I had to ignore Sumatra Bosch. Sheesh.
12   REpro   2021 Jul 28, 4:55pm  

Please don't cry
13   SumatraBosch   2021 Jul 28, 5:39pm  

Pelosi invited Harry Dunn to show up and tell lies to the committee about the Love Tour of Jan 6 after he took her from behind in the cloakroom while she howled like a rabid dog.
15   SumatraBosch   2021 Jul 28, 5:41pm  

Kinzinger cleaned the Nancy shit off of him off with his tongue, exactly as you'd expect of a criminally insane RINO.
16   Tenpoundbass   2021 Jul 28, 6:43pm  

Here's the cops holding the door open crying

17   Ceffer   2021 Jul 28, 6:57pm  

The Globalist Masters require the ritual humiliation of the enslaved, bribed, blackmailed politicians periodically with bizarre exhibitions like this as well as the contemptuous humiliations and suffering of the populace. It's what keeps the psychopaths hard.

"Watch how they squeal and jibber for our pleasure! We'll make them all wear pig's noses next time!"

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