Facebook’s Fact Checker on Vaccines is Funded by an Organization that has $1.8-Billion Invested in Vaccine Stocks

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2021 Aug 1, 12:06pm   1,333 views  23 comments

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Anyone who even questions the safety of COVID-19 vaccines on Facebook’s platform is immediately slapped with a fact-check warning by Factcheck.org. Articles about alternative treatments and studies showing that vitamin D and zinc can prevent illness have been blocked. One of Facebook’s most prominent “fact checking” groups that claims to be independent is funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that holds about 15% of its assets, over $1.8-billion of stock, in vaccine manufacturer Johnson and Johnson. The CEO of the foundation is Richard Besser, the former acting director of the CDC under Obama and ABC News’ former chief health and medical editor. In other words, the vaccine companies control the flow of information about vaccines. Former President Trump signed the $2.3-trillion omnibus bill in December 2020 that contained $1-billion of taxpayer funding to help market the vaccine. -GEG

Accurate information about the vaccines and other vital COVID-related topics hinges upon the ability to disseminate the facts on major social media platforms like Facebook. In turn, Facebook relies on FactCheck.org, among other shady organizations, to rule on what information is admissible. FactCheck.org is funded by a grant from an organization run by Obama’s former CDC director, whose assets contain Johnson & Johnson stock. In other words, the vaccine companies control the flow of information about vaccines. Welcome to the world of “independent fact checkers.”

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1   FortwayeAsFuckJoeBiden   2021 Aug 1, 4:24pm  

Facebook is like ussr propaganda site. Not allowed to criticize what government demands… vaccines, Biden, gays, etc…
3   Patrick   2021 Aug 20, 11:22am  

Robert W Malone, MD
When you see the Robert-Wood Johnson Foundation funding character assassination in the Atlantic Monthly, it is good to remember that the @RWJF is the largest single shareholder of Johnson and Johnson stock.
Yet another conflict of interest. It goes on and on.
1:21 PM · Aug 20, 2021

5   Patrick   2021 Aug 26, 3:25pm  

Too prepared?
8   HeadSet   2023 Mar 10, 4:41pm  

Patrick says

Too prepared?

As in "prepared" for apocalypse by having a secure shelter, stockpiles of food, water, and seeds, plus weapons and ammunition. Not dependent on government.
9   Patrick   2023 Jun 18, 1:24pm  


Facebook’s parent company Meta is trying to walk back its policy to censor Covid “misinformation” as the Big Tech giant battles loss in trust among its users.

As Slay News reported earlier, Meta CEO Marck Zuckerberg admitted last week that Facebook’s so-called “fact-checkers” have been censoring information that was actually true.

Zuckerberg revealed that Meta’s top social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram, were censoring skepticism about the Covid pandemic without any real evidence that the claims were false.

Much of that so-called “misinformation” has since been proved either true or debatable, however. ...

Starting in 2020, Facebook, along with other social media companies such as Twitter, started censoring any posts that dissented from the official government/corporate media narrative on Covid and Big Pharma vaccines.

Claims that were challenged by establishment groups, particularly about vaccines, propagated like wildfire, prompting the platforms to batten down the hatches.

However, much of the content that was targeted for censorship later turned out to be true and should have been part of the critical debate.

In many cases, theories and opinions from renowned experts were removed from social media after being deemed “misinformation” by failed journalists parading as “fact-checkers.”

These heavy-handed measures have now backfired, however, as the Covid censorship policies censored truthful information and undermined credibility in institutions.

Nevertheless, Meta’s back-peddling comes with a qualifier.

The company clarified that the censorship policy will remain in place for nations still supposedly in the grip of Covid.

Meta stated in a blog post that the censorship policy will still be enforced in countries that still have public health emergencies in place.

They will always use the excuse of "emergency" to subvert the Constitution and human rights. ALWAYS. Over and over and over.

There must never be any suspension of Constitutional or human rights under any circumstances whatsoever, and especially not because of "emergencies".

Nor should anyone ever trust Facebook, which is a spyware and censorship tool of the homo-globo corporate Empire.
12   richwicks   2023 Oct 1, 11:07pm  

One thing I've learned over 30 years of being an adult, is almost everything is a scam, and scams are the most profitable way to make money.

You don't make money by improving the world, you make it by making the world worse. This is why we as a nation are in decline. Imagine what sort of nation we would be living in if these people were prosecuted instead of celebrated.
14   RWSGFY   2023 Dec 20, 2:50pm  

Are they still invested in these stocks or were smart enough to get out before said stocks crashed?
17   Patrick   2024 Feb 5, 12:05pm  


The Dumbest Snopes "Fact-Check" Of All Time?
Snopes repeatedly said the COVID-19 lab leak theory couldn’t be true.
21   HeadSet   2024 Apr 5, 11:05am  

Patrick says

That is the textbook definition of Fascism.
23   HeadSet   2024 May 12, 11:26am  

Patrick says

Sounds like Snopes as well.

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