After Twenty Years Working in Multiracial Public Schools, a White Teacher Tells All

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2021 Sep 8, 5:38pm   644 views  5 comments

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I began teaching 20 years ago at a majority-black public middle school. The behavior of the black students was so outrageous, it bordered on unbelievable. Their respect for authority and teachers was less than nothing. They would pull my hair to see if it was real, sometimes standing around me playing with my hair like animals performing grooming rituals. Other times, they would push their faces into my abdomen, take a deep breath, and comment on the way I smelled. I’ve even had students tell me they could smell my “coochie” and shove their hand between my legs from behind.

They stole anything that was left on the desk without a hint of shame. Once, I had my toddler’s toy cell phone on my desk because I was repairing the antenna that had broken off it. When class started and students filed into the room, the cell phone was instantly swept away. At the end of class, a black student came up to me, dropped the toy phone on my desk and demanded to know, “What’s this!?” He was angry that what he had stolen from me was not a real phone.

Even things of almost no value got stolen: one time a student pumped the entire contents of the lotion bottle on my desk into a plastic bag to take home. Theft increased in December, as the black students began their Christmas shopping at the expense of the teachers. Wallets, tablets, credit cards, and cash were all up for grabs if you carelessly left them in an unlocked location. Their penchant for stealing was matched by one for destruction. My car was vandalized in the school parking lot several times, and on occasion, students would draw on the back of my clothes with markers as I walked by their tables.



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1   clambo   2021 Sep 8, 7:20pm  

This is accurate.
I attended a junior high school in Staten Island in NYC, 7th and 8th grades.
The black kids were a minority, but they were the troublemakers.
One big black kid grabbed the social studies teacher by the ass as she walked by a group.
She turned around to face them and was angry, and he just smiled.
EMTs came once to assist a girl giving birth in the stairs.
Shop class was a drag, as was gym class, because I had to mix with them.
There were two black kids in my academic courses, and they were bright and had discipline.
2   Ceffer   2021 Sep 8, 10:43pm  

20 years? She musta been a glutton for punishment. One of those big black rhinos would have just duked them out.
3   WookieMan   2021 Sep 9, 4:39am  

I think it's more of a function of the parents. Not sure everyone's age here, but the loss of manufacturing from the 70's onward did not help the black community. You had a lot of blacks getting laid off and struggling to survive. Then the drugs and booze kicked in due to idle time. It's been a consistent cycle now for 3-4 decades.

Blacks also have lost any family identity. It's mostly single, uneducated mom's raising kids now. My SIL is white and she actually did an okay job of raising my nephew, mixed but is totally black, we now raise him and we got him early enough before it went south. He has said he doesn't want to stay with his mom ever again because she brought in the element that was bad and he knew it was bad.

There are unicorn single mom's out there that can raise a kid solo, but it's not common. At least raise them well. I think that is the core of the issue along with the job market. Having worked on the South side of Chicago for most of the 2000's, no one would or should want to start a business there. The city literally has to force chains to open businesses in these areas. And those are mostly shit jobs.

Chicago is notorious for food deserts. No legit grocery store remotely nearby. Just corner markets with pure shit food in the black areas. That's probably another part of the inner city black dysfunction. We need cities as population density will increase as usual, but I'd avoid them at all cost. Even suburbs if you can work remotely. Get to a place with 2k or less people that still has a gas station, restaurant and decent grocery store within 10-20 miles. Chicago alone makes Afghanistan look like a joke.
4   KgK one   2021 Sep 9, 4:52am  

There are so many better places to work, why stay 20 yrs. I would quit or get another career in few months.
I was in Staten Island ny as student for 3 months n kids r rough. They had weapon scanners at front door. Yet so many ppl sneaked in knives etc.

There is a movie high school high I laughed but it's sad. Black people have really shitty role models. And if a black person gets better grade, they call him sell out , Carlton from fresh prince of bell air.
5   clambo   2021 Sep 9, 7:14am  

More grist for the mill; my observation is single mothers raise devils and I saw this among black kids since the 1960’s, it’s not a new phenomenon.

Actually, it’s gotten worse since Lyndon Johnson declared a “war on poverty” and made the government the father of millions of bastards.

A Haitian girl I know (fuck) is a single mother of an 8 year old, and she gets no money from the “baby daddy”.
She sometimes wants me to “help” her financially and so I ghost her if she does; negative reinforcement.

Sorry, I changed the subject to myself, just call me “Prince Harry”.

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