Houston women assault New York City restaurant hostess over COVID-19 vaccine requirement

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God Bless black Texans who have no inhibitions:


The 22-year-old victim, who had only been on the job three weeks, asked the women for vaccination proof and then ID cards to match the vaccine cards.

When she questioned the legitimacy of their vaccination cards, the out-of-town visitors got upset and lunged at her, punching her repeatedly and also injuring two other staff members.

The women reportedly didn't want to show ID, which police say contributed to the belief they were not valid.

Note to self: when was last time when WHITE people physically assaulted the vaxx oppressors? They usually whine in private.

Result of this: The owner of Carmine's now joins other restaurants around the city in raising concerns about the enforcement of the vaccine mandate.

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41   GNL   2021 Sep 20, 6:14am  

Patrick says

'F**k Joe Biden!' New Yorkers Take to Streets to Protest Vaccine Mandates, Link COVID Rules to Nazis

Either protests or violence. Hmm, historically, which one works?
42   zzyzzx   2021 Sep 20, 6:58am  

Fuck Biden! Fuck DeBlasio!
43   Automan Empire   2021 Sep 20, 8:32am  

An apropos excerpt from Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land.

They stood for quite a while in front of a cage containing a large family of capuchins, watching them eat,
sleep, court, nurse, groom and swarm aimlessly around the cage, while Jill surreptitiously tossed them
peanuts despite “No Feeding” signs. She tossed one to a medium sized monkey; before he could eat it a much larger male was on him and
not only stole his peanut but gave him a beating, then left. The little fellow made no attempt to pursue
his tormentor; be squatted at the scene of the crime, pounded his knuckles against the concrete floor,
and chattered his helpless rage. Mike watched it solemnly. Suddenly the mistreated monkey rushed to
the side of the cage, picked a monkey still smaller, bowled it over and gave it a drubbing worse than the
one he had suffered – after which he seemed quite relaxed. The third monkey crawled away, still
whimpering, and found shelter in the arm of a female who had a still smaller one, a baby, on her back.

The other monkeys paid no attention to any of it. Mike threw back his head and laughed – went on laughing, loudly and uncontrollably. He gasped for
breath, tears came from his eyes; he started to tremble and sink to the floor, still laughing.
“Stop it, Mike!” He became somewhat more quiet but continued to chuckle, laugh aloud, chuckle again, while she wiped
his eyes. “I’m all right. At last I’m all right.” “I hope so.” She sighed. “You certainly scared me, Mike.”

“I know. I was scared, too, the first time I heard laughing. Come here, and put your head on my
shoulder and tell me a joke.”

“Just tell you a joke?”

“Tell me a joke I’ve never heard and see if I laugh at the right place. I will, I’m sure of it – and I’ll be able
to tell you why it’s funny.”

“But how, darling?”

“I’ve found out why people laugh. They laugh because it hurts so much ... because it’s the only thing
that’ll make it stop hurting.”
44   Bd6r   2021 Sep 20, 12:55pm  

The most common adjustment of thought in the obedient subject is for him to see himself as not responsible for his own actions. He divests himself of responsibility by attributing all initiative to the experimenter, a legitimate authority. He sees himself not as a person acting in a morally accountable way but as the agent of external authority…. The disappearance of a sense of responsibility is the most far-reaching consequence of submission to authority

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