Psychology of vaxxers. They are accepting the state into their body, becoming one with the government

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Maybe the battle is between those who unfairly benefit from credentialism, and those who don't.

Liberals defend their credentials which allow them to exploit those who don't have the same credentials. Credentials create monopolies, the ability to set high prices regardless of quality of service. It is a way to defeat free market competition.

The funding of universities depends entirely on the demand for their degrees, which they control. Their biggest horror would be a system where anyone could take tests to prove competence in a subject without paying for the years of classes and subjecting themselves to obedience to professors.

Thatcher and Trump refused to give the automatic respect many academics feel is their due. They gave the impression that they could see right through us, an uncomfortable feeling.
- Thomas Frank

Most of academia is less about learning than about paying for a paper proof of status and conformity. Non-conformists are expelled from schools, or failed out. Most teachers do not like their authority to be questioned. Bosses like the academic proof of conformity when they hire. The most "educated" are the most obedient.

Trump was a threat to their credentials and therefore a threat to their incomes and status.

The academic elite need a reason to hate those threatening themselves, therefore they use imaginary "racism", to which there is no defense. The accusation is the conviction.

Then they don't need to worry about the real class problem, which is independent of race. They would be uncomfortable looking at class, because they'd have to look at themselves and their unearned class privileges.

So their faith in the injection is faith in the "expert class" of which they are members, and they demand that the hoi polloi submit to it as an expression of the elite's power and prestige.

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1028   Patrick   2024 Jan 9, 11:01am  



Sorry, I cannot get over this — the STATE created a gain-of-function virus that (together with murderous hospital protocols) killed over seven million people worldwide in order to create the trillion dollar market for a useless and deadly vaccine AND THE POLITICAL LEFT HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO SAY ABOUT THIS!???

Bougie Brooklyn Marxisant magazine Jacobin spent the pandemic braying for more totalitarianism.

Manufacturing Consent author Noam Chomsky wanted to starve the unvaccinated.

“Disaster Capitalism” expert Naomi Klein spent the pandemic stalking Dr. Naomi Wolf and then wrote a book about it (instead of following the money).

The entire “progressive” Berkeley crowd went all in for fascism.

I’ve never seen anything like it — the members of an entire global political faction completely repudiated all of their values in an instant, as if under hypnosis.

A bewildering mindset

I tried to put myself in the shoes of a Covidian for a moment and it was completely bewildering. As I understand their perspective:

We are being inundated with deadly viruses — Covid yes, but also flu, RSV, shingles, pneumonia, and so many more! Our immune systems are weak and defenseless! The only hope we have is to do exactly what the brilliant scientists at the CDC say which is to get five or six shots a year as adults and 90 during childhood (in addition to four in utero). Even then, we’ll still probably get many of those diseases but it would have been so much worse if we had not taken preventive action. The only problem in this world is those damn dirty racist Trump supporters who hate science and are endangering me and my kids with their disgusting germs!

In the real world, none of those things are true. But it must be completely terrifying to live one’s life from that perspective. No wonder they are cranky and lashing out all of the time.
1031   Patrick   2024 Jan 10, 7:10pm  


Today, I drove to New Hampshire this morning to testify in support of SB319 for a session beginning at around 1:00 PM. The official analysis of the bill reads as follows:


This bill prohibits the state and its political subdivisions from purchasing, promoting, or distributing any vaccine or pharmaceutical product that has not been tested with voluntary, human, clinical trials.

It is always interesting to read people. Opinions of their body language, responses, tone, and other cues must be evaluated separately from the facts. Id est, the subjective opinions and feelings in response to others’ cues must be separated from the objective truths/facts of their cues. What they did and how I felt about it are in this article. ...

As I told the stories of people who died from covid “vaccines,” I tried to engage the two state senators to my left. Only one lifted her head to make eye contact twice, very quickly, then immediately looked down. She and the other one to my left typed on their laptops, spoke to each other, and were completely dismissive of my presence for my entire testimony, which lasted maybe ten minutes. I tried to engage them for most of the testimony and only near the end did I look to the right, where there were two state senators looking at me and engaged with my testimony the entire time. In fact, my last remark was that “I will look to the left because you’re engaged” and that I found it difficult to believe people could completely ignore the description of “vaccine” deaths of an 11-year-old boy and 30-year-old woman without even looking at me. ...

My opinion will follow these facts. But the facts remain that two people whose duty as officers of the court is to act in the public interest, especially for the safety and health of New Hampshire residents. They refused to acknowledge my presence, let alone listen to facts surrounding the lethal injections called covid “vaccines.” They could not look at me for a full second of time. That is a fact. ...

And hundreds of New Hampshire residents will die and be maimed because party cultists are feal to the cult and not to their oaths or their consituents. If your elected officials are loyal to a party over your interests, then I say you should kick them to the curb. And if they refuse to perform their legal duties and many die as a result, they should be criminally prosecuted for manslaughter or murder.
1032   The_Deplorable   2024 Jan 10, 7:16pm  

I don't get it. What is wrong with Walmart?

Patrick says

1033   GNL   2024 Jan 11, 4:25am  

The_Deplorable says

I don't get it. What is wrong with Walmart?

Patrick says

It's not about Walmart. It's about what the crowd aspires to. Why follow the crow when the aspire to shop at Walmart? That's my take on it.
1034   Patrick   2024 Jan 12, 9:24pm  


Friday, January 12, 2024

A majority of Americans believe COVID-19 vaccines may be to blame for many unexplained deaths, and nearly one-in-four say someone they know could be among the victims.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 53% of American Adults believe it is likely that side effects of COVID-19 vaccines have caused a significant number of unexplained deaths – up from 49% a year ago – including 30% who think it’s Very Likely. Thirty-six percent (36%) now don’t say a significant number of deaths have been caused by vaccine side effects, including 16% who believe it’s Not At All Likely. Another 11% are not sure.

1035   PeopleUnited   2024 Jan 12, 9:35pm  

Patrick says


That’s great, if you can trust “Polls”

This is anecdotal but a large health system in my neck of the woods is NOT mandating boosters or experimental EUA jabs after the first year of making them mandatory in fall of 2021. However, they still do mandate all employees get flu vaccines and have recently re-implemented mandatory masking for all employees.

They still are forcing medical experiments and cruel and unusual masking on all of their employees. I believe other health systems across the region and the nation are doing the same.

So it’s nice that public perception might be changing, but medical organizations are still imposing tyranny, escalating fear, and basically ignoring real science/evidence that masking and jabs have little or no impact and pose significant risks to people subjected to these mandates.
1037   Patrick   2024 Jan 14, 1:35pm  


Just imagine believing that it’s NOT vaccines — the world would be completely terrifying. You wouldn’t be able to trust your own eyes and ears:

• Athletes dying left and right, whatever could it be?

• Family members suffering from turbo cancer, myocarditis, or rapid onset dementia, it’s always been this way.

• 277-fold increase in autism, maybe our genes suddenly went bad!???

Literally everything in the world would seem terrifying — the air, the water, the countertop, food, your family, your neighbor, nature, your own body, your DNA, your mind, your memories, your past. Nothing would make sense anymore. You would spend more and more energy each day denying it and pretending it isn’t happening. But then it keeps happening again and again all around you.

You would end up deranged like Naomi Klein, abandoning her career and stalking a more successful rival just to take her mind off of the dissonance in her head. If it cannot possibly be vaccines and there is no other explanation then EVERYTHING ELSE AND EVERYONE IS SUSPECT.

The reason that the True Believers in the Cult of Vaccine appear like they are going mad is because they are. Neurological injury from too many vaccines is probably part of it. But it also stems from the fact that they are living inside a crazymaking ideology where cause and effect are warped beyond all recognition because they are not allowed to name the one thing that explains all of this.
1038   Patrick   2024 Jan 14, 2:55pm  


Those that took it and then realized that if they had waited a couple of months longer, they could have gone to the pub without foreign genetics running through their veins. Regret.

Those that took it only to discover it wouldn’t stop infection or transmission. Regret.

Those that nudged or bullied their loved ones into getting it, only to see them injured. Regret.

Those that made sure their frail parents were up to date with all their doses, and now those parents are no longer with them, gone years earlier than they would have. Regret.

Those that made their children get it to protect grandma, only to see their kids injured, while grandma is longer with them. Regret.

Those that took it and got injured. Regret.

Those that are up to date with all their doses while dealing with their fourth round of Covid, telling anyone that will listen “it could have been so much worse” as a soothing balm for their regret. Regret.

Those that took it only to discover a friend had faked her vaccination pass to go to the hairdresser. Regret.

Those that took it because they believed their government would not lie to them, only to discover they are liars. Regret.

Those that took it because their trusted doctor knows what he is talking about, and wouldn’t lie to them, only to discover that he doesn’t, and he would. Regret.

Those that didn’t try hard enough not to take it. Regret.

Those that cannot sleep well at night anymore because they don’t know if their kids might die suddenly overnight. Regret.

Enough…that is surely enough regret for one planet…

How will the weight of all this regret play out?
1039   GNL   2024 Jan 14, 4:02pm  

I don't know anyone who regrets taking the jab.
1042   Patrick   2024 Jan 16, 3:59pm  

GNL says

I don't know anyone who regrets taking the jab.

1043   GNL   2024 Jan 16, 4:13pm  

So, both of my 86 year old parents have/had "Covid" for the second time (Dad just came home from the hospital yesterday). If there are ANY 2 people that should have died from "Covid", it's them.

Mom: Beat cancer twice. Sent home from the hospital after a diabetic shock and the family was told she is on hospice care and we should all make our last goodbyes (this was 2 years ago). She is diabetic. Was overweight for the last 50+ years.
Dad: Has had a heart attack, had a kidney taken out. Is diabetic. Overweight for the last 50 years and still is.

They survived "Covid" unjabbed twice now.
1045   Patrick   2024 Jan 18, 5:28pm  


The experiment’s most-important finding was that only 20 percent of the population is confident enough to resist massive peer pressure and go against the authorized narrative or the popular propaganda.

Albeit disturbing, this finding comports with the common-sense view that the masses can be easily swayed by groupthink or peer pressure even if the “accepted” position is false.

However, the study’s findings might also provide a measure of hope as this experiment showed that 1-in-5 citizens are critical and independent thinkers and are capable of rejecting bogus or dubious dogma even in the face of hostile peers.

The study’s even more-important finding …

The study also revealed another very important finding. If just one - and then two people - in a random group of 10 people suddenly start to speak up and go against the authorized narrative, the “control” subject is far more likely to change his view. ...

Goebbels and the Nazis were right - tell a lie enough times, and forcefully enough, and the vast majority of people will believe said untruth. Even if they don’t really believe it, they’ll be afraid to state this publicly.

Without question, this finding explains how 80 percent of the population bought into all the Covid lies.

The shocking part of this study is my realization that our “leaders” love this study because it proves how they can so easily intimidate and control at least 80 percent of the population. ...

But the optimistic take-away from this seminal study is that some citizens can’t be fooled and then bullied by a group into remaining silent or changing his views.

Furthermore, once a couple of people show their support for the non-authorized view, the rest of the group is more likely to change their thinking or not be as hesitant to express the minority opinion.

Eureka! This, I think, tells us what needs to happen throughout society. All the world needs is a few more people with real courage who are willing to speak up, thus giving more people the fortitude to support the correct analysis.
1047   Patrick   2024 Jan 22, 5:26pm  


The Cult of Pharma

According to the Cult Education Institute cults are characterized by:

1. Absolute authoritarianism without accountability.

2. Zero tolerance for criticism or questions.

3. Lack of meaningful financial disclosure regarding budget.

4. Unreasonable fears about the outside world that often involve evil conspiracies and persecutions.

5. A belief that former followers are always wrong for leaving and there is never a legitimate reason for anyone else to leave.

6. Abuse of members.

7. Records, books, articles, or programs documenting the abuses of the leader or group.

8. Followers feeling they are never able to be “good enough.”

9. A belief that the leader is right at all times.

10. A belief that the leader is the exclusive means of knowing “truth” or giving validation.

They also take all of your money and eventually kill you.

ALL of these warning signs apply to the Cult of Vaccine.
1048   Patrick   2024 Jan 27, 2:47pm  


As the COVID-19 military-grade psychological operation unfolded, the neo-fascist amalgam of corporate and statist interests injected a viral narrative into the public consciousness via intellectual stents masquerading as mainstream media and euphemistic “trusted sources.”

That viral narrative held that people should not do their own research.

A key subtext derived from this proposition was that intelligence was no longer to be regarded as a measure of one’s ability to do their own research and then utilize their mental faculties to sift through and critically analyze said research, extract useful information, and use it in the construction of a coherent view relevant to the topic at hand. Even beginning that process was now not only verboten, but synonymous with stupidity. Intelligence was now to be defined solely as one’s ability to access, conform to, and regurgitate the prescribed messaging. The degree of intelligence—the modern IQ test—would then be gauged by the celerity with which one performed the first two steps (access, conform), and the vehemence with which one performed the third step (regurgitate). That is to say, the new “intelligence” would be a measure of one’s conformity to, and defense of, the Party’s orthodoxies, a near-perfect inversion of the word’s actual meaning. ...

Through these methods, research—fundamental to the cultivation and exhibition of intelligence—was now rebranded as its opposite. Again, the only actions permitted the victims of this brainwashing are to access, conform to, and regurgitate the Party doctrine, and external reinforcement decreases in importance as the victim is trained to feel euphoria in their conformity concurrent with their dread and disgust at the prospect of nonconformity.

Interesting. I had not considered that the people who believe the comically corrupt corporate media actually feel elation due to their conformity with The Narrative.
1049   Patrick   2024 Jan 27, 3:40pm  


If the last few years should have taught us anything, it is that you should do your own research. The appointed and anointed experts have gotten nearly everything wrong, at best, and at worst have deliberately and maliciously deceived us for profit and power.

Those who succumbed to the siren’s song of experts wore useless masks, got dangerous injections, retarded their children’s development, destroyed the economy, and did countless other forms of incalculable emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, and economic damage to themselves and the world at large.

Meanwhile, we demonized plebeians who dared do our own research have gotten nearly everything right, despite being hectored, censored, and virtually drowned in corporate and government propaganda. The powers-that-be lied constantly and labeled any truth that snuck through “misinformation” and “disinformation.” (With the current regime’s obsession with delusional gender theory, I’m surprised they didn’t just label it all dangerous “cisinformation” and be done with it.)

We pesky thought-thinkers who resisted the indoctrination and coercion of this military-grade psychological operation have emerged stronger, smarter, and healthier. And most vexing for the authoritarian technoligarchs, we are an ever-increasing group of diverse individuals ever-awakening to the machinations and manipulations of their megalomaniacal machine.

Now, more than ever, people should be doing their own research.
1050   Patrick   2024 Jan 27, 9:39pm  


Mostly, good people cannot comprehend the true nature of evil. Some other people want to keep it that way…

The urban legend says that when Columbus arrived in the New World, the majority of the native population standing on the shore literally could not see the ships.

You have to SEE the evil to fight it.

Most of what we “see” is auto filled in by the brain. The brain fills it in based on what we know, i.e. things we have experienced previously. Most people cannot recognize truly novel pieces of reality in their vision field - most of the time they will simply not “see” them. Some people have the ability to see truly novel things that they have never seen before. A lot of people can also see those things once they are pointed out to them. And a significant portion of the population (about 25% in my estimate) cannot see those things no matter what.

There was nothing in the American natives’ previous life experience that their brains could use as a reference to fill in the picture, so for many of them it didn’t, and so they did not see those gigantic things landing on their shore. The rest is history.

Do you SEE the people that commit genocides? Do you need someone to point them out to you? Or will you never see them even after they come for you and your children?
1051   Patrick   2024 Jan 29, 12:04pm  


Dr. Danielle Ofri wants you to take more mRNA jabs.

She doesn’t understand why you won’t.

Is she mad? No, she’s not mad, people, she’s not the kind of doctor who gets mad. She’s the caring, compassionate kind of doctor. Says so right on her Web page, she’s passionate “about the doctor–patient relationship and bringing humanity back to healthcare.”

So Dr. Ofri isn’t mad, she’s sad. Sad for you for not listening to her.

After all, the mRNA jabs are a miracle! Pfizer agrees. The Surgeon General agrees. ...

I know how Ofri feels about the jabs, and her patients’ unwillingness to take them. How do I know? Because she wrote about her feels on Saturday for the New York Times in a (paywalled) piece headlined “My Patients Used to Be Enthusiastic About the Covid Vaccine. What Changed?”

Ofri is an internist at Bellevue Hospital in New York City and a professor at New York University. She writes regularly for all the places you’d expect: not just the Times but the New Yorker and the Atlantic too.

In other words, count on Ofri to think the right (left) thinks. In Saturday’s piece, she went out of her way to explain mRNA-rejecting patients are not naughty “anti-vaxxers” or even naughtier “science deniers.” They will even take (useless) flu shots upon her request.

Yet they have the “heebie-jeebies” about getting more Covid boosters.

Those dummies!

They won’t listen even after Ofri gives them made-up numbers for how well the shots work. (“An estimated three million lives in the United States have been saved.” 3 million Americans? Even Dr. Peter Hotez, the nuttiest of jab fanatics, doesn’t claim more than “hundreds of thousands.”)

They won’t listen after she tells them the new mRNAs are new n’ improved and made all special-like for Omicron.

They won’t even listen after she tells them the newest jabs from Pfizer have been tested on eight mice, or that long-term human trials on booster safety and effectiveness will be finished by the 12th of Never.

Oh wait, she usually forgets to tell them those last two inconvenient truths.

Just like she forgets to tell them that even Omicron-specific mRNA boosters produce an immune response that mostly attacks the now extinct “wild-type” variant of Sars-Cov-2. Or that real-world evidence from all over the world shows the mRNAs have either no or negative efficacy against Omicron. ...

If Ofri were actually being honest about the reasons people don’t want to take more mRNAs, she would begin by acknowledging they failed utterly to meet the expectations she and the public set for them in early 2021. And late 2021 (the first booster). And spring 2022 (the second booster for some patients). And fall 2022 (the bivalent booster).

She would admit she’s now pushing her patients to take a fifth shot - and in some cases, a sixth - for what is at best a couple months of protection. She would admit that she has no idea about the long-term safety of annual or semi-annual mRNA dosing. How can she? No one does.

But Ofri doesn’t want to be honest.

Not about the failure of the jabs, or the fact she is even now helping Pfizer with what is arguably the biggest medical experiment in history, the continued provision of mRNA to hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

She wants to hassle her patients:

Something in me doesn’t feel ready to let it go. The specificity of their Covid refusal — especially compared with flu refusal — piques my curiosity and consternation…

So I clear the deck, push myself away from the computer, make full eye contact and begin again. I might start with, “Tell me what’s on your mind” or “What makes you feel differently about the Covid vaccine versus the flu shot?” I try to step into the gray zone of their responses and explore those awkward feelings.

No, doc, what you’re trying to do is make them so uncomfortable they agree to take a shot they don’t want to shut you up.

Because most patients - the non drug-seeking ones, anyway - don’t like arguing with their doctors. Especially when those doctors have repeatedly made clear how they feel, as Ofri no doubt has after years of pushing boosters.

Instead of arguing, Ofri’s patients disengage, leading her to complain that “they can’t really articulate a specific reason, even to themselves” why they don’t want the jabs. And eventually she quits bugging them, though not before “some” do take the jab.
1052   Patrick   2024 Jan 29, 1:30pm  


We’ve all lost people to the mRNA injection.

If not dead or diseased, gone. Vanished. They stopped talking to us. They stopped hanging with us. They barred us from their households, held their heads high in contempt, and gave us the ultimatum.

“We’re all in this together,” we were told. Except we weren’t. We never were, because from the very beginning, none of this was about unity or cohesion. It was designed to separate us. And separate us it did, like the nefarious, strictly enforced PSYOP it was.

As the past few years have slithered by, many people have seen this for what it is. But far too many, still, are fast asleep. They refuse to wake up, resigned to their suspended animation state of convenience and comfort. Some, sadly, were and are completely psychologically destroyed, lashing out like petulant children at the very suggestion that their multiple injections were not “100% safe and effective.” ...

Truth be told, the Truth is dark. It’s painful. For many of our fellow citizens, it’s shocking and disturbing. Their reactions to it are shocking and disturbing. And therein lies the problem. Because, in order for millions upon millions of people across the world to admit the Truth about the so-called vaccines, they’d have to admit another, greater, even darker Truth: their entire paradigm was a lie.

So what will it take to get these people on our side?

Now of course, it shouldn’t be an issue of ‘sides’ - we were artificially pitted against each other as pro-vaxxers and anti-vaxxers - but still, how do we bridge the gap?

While many people regret taking the mRNA injections, most of them will not openly admit it. Others have dug their feet further into the quicksand, defending these jabs to the literal death. ...

But again, how do we get them to be more vocal? How do we get them to have the courage of conviction and call out the lying bureaucrats, the lying politicians, the lying doctors, and the lying pharma companies? How do we get people who aren’t lying, but can’t face the Truth, to face the Truth? To speak the Truth, spread the Truth, and fight tirelessly for the Truth?

What’s up with these people? Why can’t they see what’s right in front of their faces??

While there are myriad psychological theories and scientific reasons to explain these behaviors, sometimes it’s best to take a common sense approach. Emotions are high, with many zealots along the “vaccine” divide vowing never to cross the threshold. Some, unfortunately, are lost to the propaganda forever.

But for the vast majority, there might just be hope. A bright, burning light after a long trek through that tunnel…

... Let’s face it, the past few years have shown that most people are creatures of comfort and familiarity. They’ll take risks and fight for low-hanging fruits, but when it came to the biggest PSYOP of our lifetimes, they didn’t make the cut. They didn’t have the moral fiber. Simply put, they were weak.

As long as they continue to self-censor and avoid the Truth, that weakness will only grow. So one day, rather than have reality slowly but surely crack through, the Dam is going to break. It’s going to shatter, and with it, a deluge that could swallow them whole. ...

If you’ve ever talked to a staunch mRNA proponent, you already know the drill. They’ll sneer when you bring up studies or research from alternative sources. They’ll attack the source, whether it be a website, newspaper, journal, or forum, even when the information referenced comes from a valid scientific study.

When they ask for your “source,” they don’t care about your source. That’s because they’re not debating in good faith. All they want is a reason to dismiss you outright.

Their ‘rebuttals’ are pretty common. They’ll run to Google and immediately pull up the Pharma-funded “independent Fact Checkers.” Then they’ll gloat, as if their three seconds of mindless query somehow ‘won’ them the argument.

If you quote a specialist with a storied career, they’ll resort to ad hominem attacks. They’ll call previously renowned scientists ‘grifters’ because they don’t toe the Narrative line. ...

The most rabid jab pushers think they’re superior.

They’re told by disingenuous studies that they have higher IQs. They’re told by the mainstream media that they’re morally infallible. They saved Grandma. They did their part. They wore the mask, took the vax, and are of humanity’s highest order.

They are the stewards of our planet, the stalwarts of the righteous and powerful.

Everyone else - especially those outspoken against the jabs - gutter trash. They’re misled, inbred, and in some cases, truly evil, despicable people. They’re subhuman, in fact, better locked up and removed from society than allowed to spread their unvaccinated filth.
1053   Patrick   2024 Jan 31, 7:37pm  


1) Covid Jabs Cause Myocarditis & Must be Suspended Globally

As difficult as this may be for regular readers to digest, there are still people who think that the Covid jabs work. Incredibly, there are many who remain in denial about any of the well-documented side-effects from these experimental mRNA injections.

But this week, two new academic papers were published issuing dire warnings about the shots. Crucially, both of these academic papers are peer-reviewed.

One of the peer-reviewed papers warned of a causal link between Covid injections and heart damage, or myocarditis.

In addition to the publication of these two peer-reviewed papers, German Chemistry professors have called for all “mRNA technology to be stopped” as “the problems of mRNA-based vaccines are becoming increasingly obvious”.

Despite all of the above, and regardless of how clearly the academic and expert evidence is stacking up against the jabs, UK Prime Minster Rishi Sunak still thought it appropriate to stand before Parliament and declare the jabs “safe”. ...

Safe? Sunak has just implicated himself in crimes against humanity. Keep the video as evidence.

Last week, Radical Media reported 24th January 2024::

“Excess Death: All cause excess death rates are up between 10-20%, in countries that rolled out Covid vaccine mandates - all around the world. Governments are yet to acknowledge the global problem, let alone its causes. This is not theory, rumour or postulation. This is cold hard fact.”

Now ask yourselves this: could these damaging Covid jabs be behind this 10-20% global rise in excess death? The same jabs that seem to be clearly causing heart damage, and that scientists are now saying must be suspended globally? It seems clear. UK PM Rishi Sunak and his ilk have blood on their hands.

World renowned physician, Dr David Martin certainly thinks so.

Dr David Martin: “Let's get all the facts on the table. Coronavirus, Covid-19, the whole thing was premeditated. It was murder. It was active terrorism by a state against the world. Let's call it what it is, and let's not pretend like maybe there's a more complex explanation for - I don't know - the facts. And the facts are, here's the bad news, for 58 years the United States, the UK, in collaboration with researchers around the world, planned to use coronavirus to instil the most tyrannical reform of society that this generation has ever seen and they did it purely premeditated, to make sure that we were cowed into submission. And the bad news for them is there's a lot of people that didn't take the knee”. ...

We reported that it is because politicians cannot for much longer hide these two causes behind the global rise in excess death that England’s Covid Inquiry was postponed until after the General Election. ...

Since then, more witness testimony has been provided to the Scottish Covid Inquiry about the use of Midazolam and morphine for ‘End of Life’ protocols applied to patients without consent.

... Rather than admit the fact that the Covid jabs are causing a global rise in excess death, Globalists would rather provoke World War III in order to escape culpability.
1056   Patrick   2024 Feb 1, 7:15pm  


One of the things I hate about the media is how good it is at priming people to have a specific filter and then continually selectively feeding people only information that affirms that filter. I think my dislike of this comes not from the media’s behavior but the fact that so many people continuously fall prey to it, even when they are fully aware of it being done to them previously.

Three of the most noteworthy recent examples we have seen of this priming were:

•Trump is Hitler.

•The sky is falling (because of COVID-19).

•The COVID-19 vaccines are 100% safe, 95% effective, and essential for returning to normal.

Although none of these were objectively true, because of how effectively the media primed much of the population’s RAS, many were left with a deep conviction these filters were true and that the evidence for it was so overwhelming anyone who could not “see” it was unforgivable. This, in turn, led to something I had not seen before with the American propaganda apparatus—families and long-term friendships were broken apart simply due to people having divergent viewpoints on these issues and not ascribing to the media’s narrative.

Note: One of the things I found the most surprising was just how effective this propaganda push was. The best example I can think of is how most medical professionals I met fell for all three. For instance, as James Miller (the honest doc I covered here) has highlighted in a national television interview after that article was published, many doctors and government leaders who directed the COVID-19 response established many of their beliefs on these narratives based on what CNN told them rather than reviewing the medical evidence themselves.
1059   Patrick   2024 Feb 5, 6:57pm  



The problem with society today is that “I told you so” is incredibly triggering to all of the die hards and double-boosted, even the ones who have realised they were lied to ... I recall back in ~October 2021 just before WA started mandating the jabs for practically everybody pointing out the chicanery in the so-called “pandemic of the unvaccinated” statistics in literal black-and-white to work colleagues, who would stare at the evidence of the obvious lie in front of their faces and then choose to ignore it. Data from the UK, NSW, several US localities, the TGA, ATAGI, literally none of it moved the needle at all such was the spell cast over 98% of the population ... the only thing that seemed to matter was rigid adherence to the narrative and conformity to the ideal of being seen to be “responsible, kind and intelligent” by trusting “authoritative” sources. To this day I can’t take any of them seriously anymore, they failed the ultimate test.
1064   Patrick   2024 Feb 11, 7:01pm  


... progressivism is besotted with the transformational future, an imaginary utopia qualitatively different from and superior to the Tartarus of antiquity in every way – an Elysium of peace, stability, equality, wealth, ease, comfort, and bliss, existing in a perpetual state of liberatory ecstasy in which the war, chaos, poverty, strife, suffering, and misery of the past have been permanently eradicated.

As a thing imagined, it can be imagined to be as perfect as one likes. This means politics grounded in an imagined future can be as morally grandiose as one likes, with whatever moral urgency goes with such imaginings.

This is deeply intoxicating.

Grounding one’s politics in an imagined future also provides huge rhetorical advantages, precisely because said future is as perfect as one wants it to be. Anyone who wishes to defend some actually existing thing has the problem that it will be the product of trade-offs and human failings.

An “imagined future” believer, by contrast, can just wish all that away for political purposes while hanging current imperfections on those who wish to defend what exists. In any contest between the actual and the imagined, the imagined sparkles ever so more brightly.

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