OK now I understand our Armed forces sudden interest in supernatural mythological UFO conspiriacies

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2021 Nov 24, 8:33am   165 views  3 comments

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It's a great way to hide a budget used for other clandestine purposes. They can run a UFO investigation operation with just pennies a day.
The whole world will know if/when a UFO comes to Earth. So the billions we give these folks, will be billions they can use to suppress democracy, and further push Potato Joe and Chickenshit Obama's Communist agenda.


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1   Ceffer   2021 Nov 24, 8:55am  

UFO thing went from massive ultra classified Deep State cover up to assessing it for psyops potential to instill more fear to remove human rights. Word is that they will fake alien invasions as a last resort to impose dictatorship.
2   Tenpoundbass   2021 Nov 24, 9:11am  

That flying tic-tac was the sun reflecting the cameras iris in the image.
There's no such thing as UFO's not in the classic sense we think of them.
Imagine had Christopher Columbus, got to the coast of the new world. All of the indigenous people looked out at the ocean and saw the three ships. But by next morning, they were just gone, and the exhibition just went home.

Now imagine that on a distance scale 5,000,000,000 times larger. For what a photo opp?
3   PerfectlyFlawed   2021 Nov 24, 12:36pm  

I think its called 'operation blue beam' or something like that where they use water vapor and holographic technology to create the appearance of just about anything. This tech has been demonstrated at Seattle Space Needle light shows. Knowing they have this kind of tech, how can any such incident be believed? As for that flying Tic-Tac incident - the pilot was talking with the tower like a surfer-punk and pilots never speak that way - its always abbreviated 'AvSpeak', so that video is complete BS.

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