'This place will be on fire': Marin County bar and gym threatened with arson over proof of vaccination

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2021 Dec 13, 5:40pm   652 views  6 comments

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Two Marin County businesses reportedly received similar threatening messages earlier this month that directed them to remove their proof of vaccination requirement or else their storefronts would be burned.

Papermill Creek Saloon, located at 1 Castro Ave. in Forest Knolls, an unincorporated area in Marin County, was one of the targeted businesses that shared a photo of the handwritten note on Instagram.

“If the vaccine passport isn’t removed by this time next week this place will burn,” read the handwritten note.


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1   Ceffer   2021 Dec 13, 6:07pm  

Cool. Not quite velvet revolution, maybe butane revolution.
3   Automan Empire   2021 Dec 13, 6:47pm  

When did Antifa come out against vaccine passports?
4   RWSGFY   2021 Dec 13, 6:50pm  

Automan Empire says
When did Antifa come out against vaccine passports?

The owners could be "jussiing" themselves.
5   EBGuy   2021 Dec 13, 8:31pm  

Main County hot tub jihadis.
Say what you will, the Marin County vax rate is over 93%.
Death rate is 765 (per million).
The Covid-19 death rate in California is 1,912 per million.
6   Patrick   2021 Dec 13, 11:06pm  

Look at the excess deaths in Marin County since they started vaxxing.

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