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Investment Property in Phoenix Area

By Bitcoin follow Bitcoin   2021 Dec 20, 2:17pm 726 views  42 comments           share      

Hi guys,

anyone here owning/managing investment property in the greater Phoenix area?
Looking to buy a SFH as a rental. Which areas do you recommend and why?
Do you know a good local rental property management team?

low taxes, low HOA's are my main reasons to invest there along with increasing rents. This will be a long term investment for me.
Any feedback/advice is much appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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41   HeadSet   2022 Apr 25, 11:32am  

WookieMan says
I'm going to do a lot of the work and have the ability to actively be there daily.

I am sure that if you do not mind, pics of the progress would be appreciated on this blog. Also stuff like poured or block, HVAC style, tank or tankless, recirculating, and so on.
42   WookieMan   2022 Apr 25, 2:21pm  

Bitcoin says
With 2024 being an election year I bet on much lower interest rates by then. So 2023 might be the time to buy another rental for me and then refi later.

Yeah, I have no concern about interest rates honestly. I go by the 3x's income rule. Appraisal is the biggest issue with construction financing. We could easily spend $1M. There are not million dollar houses here unless you have acreage, so we're keeping it chill, but upgrading the fuck out of everything. In town we will have the nicest house. Building next to neighbors who won't build on their lot. So we'll legit have close to 1-2 acres and we're both cool sharing the land for kids, our pool and other shit. Might pick up the corner lot with another friend. Between us all we might end up with 700-800' of frontage in a subdivision.

Not looking forward to the process. We'll be upside down out the gate. We love our town and need more space so fuck it. Not the most responsible decision, but we'll be here for 10 years minimum and can afford $600-700k no issue. Concerned it will handcuff our retirement property plan, but we'll figure it out. We have time. If inflation continues to explode it might be the right decision for a primary home. The loans now are all pretty solid.

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