Woke Matrix Remake Royally Bombs; Ghostbusterettes de-canonized

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Just $22M in the first 5 days.

Another thing I found out: The original Matrix was basically a copy of "Dark City", made on a smaller budget a year before - the Matrix used the same set. Little alteration much of the plot and lines:

Right down to a rooftop fight and programmed talent/training:

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1   Rin   2021 Dec 30, 6:07pm  

AmericanKulak says
The original Matrix was basically a copy of "Dark City"

As well as Gibson's Cyberpunk classic, 'Neuromancer' ...




Henry Dorsett Case is a low-level hustler in the dystopian underworld of Chiba City, Japan. Once a talented computer hacker and "console cowboy", Case was caught stealing from his employer. As punishment, Case's central nervous system was damaged, leaving him unable to access the virtual reality dataspace called the "matrix". Case is approached by Molly Millions, an augmented "razorgirl" and mercenary on behalf of a shadowy US ex-military officer named Armitage, who offers to cure Case for his services as a hacker. Case agrees, and his nervous system is repaired, though sacs of poison are placed in his blood vessels. If Case completes the job, Armitage will have the sacs removed; if not, they will burst and cripple him again. --- ala 'Escape from New York': Rin's comment

Armitage has Case and Molly steal a ROM module that contains the saved consciousness of one of Case's mentors, legendary cyber-cowboy McCoy Pauley.

Case and Molly discover Armitage’s former identity as Colonel Willis Corto. Corto was a member of "Operation Screaming Fist," meant to disrupt Soviet computer systems. As his team attacked a Soviet computer center, EMP weapons shut down their flight systems --- main weapon on Morpheus's ship: Rin's comment.

He and a few survivors escaped over the Finnish border, but their helicopter was shot down, killing everyone except for Corto. After months in a hospital, Corto was visited by a US government official, who returned him to the United States to receive psychotherapy and reconstructive surgery. After providing what he came to realize was false testimony, misleading the public and protecting corrupt military officers, Corto snapped, killed the official who contacted him, and disappeared into the criminal underworld, becoming Armitage.

In Istanbul, the team recruits Peter Riviera, a sociopathic thief and drug addict. The trail leads Case to Wintermute, an artificial intelligence created by the Tessier-Ashpool family. The Tessier-Ashpools spend their time in cryonic preservation at Freeside, a cylindrical space habitat which functions as a Las Vegas-style space resort for the wealthy.

Wintermute reveals itself to Case. Wintermute explains that it is half of a super-AI entity planned by the family. Wintermute was programmed with a need to merge with its other half, Neuromancer. Unable to achieve this by itself, Wintermute recruited Armitage and his team. Case is tasked with entering cyberspace to pierce the software barriers with an icebreaker program. Riviera is to obtain the password to the lock from Lady 3Jane Marie-France Tessier-Ashpool, the CEO of the family's corporation.

Armitage's personality starts to revert to the Corto personality as he relives Screaming Fist. It is revealed that Wintermute had originally contacted Corto through a computer during his psychotherapy, creating his Armitage persona. As Corto breaks through, he is uncontrollable, and Wintermute ejects him into space.

Riviera meets Lady 3Jane and tries to stop the mission, helping Lady 3Jane and Hideo, her ninja bodyguard, capture Molly. Under orders from Wintermute, Case tracks Molly down. Neuromancer traps Case within a simulated reality after he enters cyberspace. He finds the consciousness of Linda Lee, his girlfriend from Chiba City, who was murdered by one of his underworld contacts. He also meets Neuromancer, who takes the form of a young boy. Neuromancer tries to convince Case to remain in the virtual world with Linda, but Case refuses.

With Wintermute guiding them, Case goes to confront Lady 3Jane, Riviera, and Hideo. Riviera tries to kill Case, but Lady 3Jane is sympathetic towards Case and Molly, and Hideo protects him. Riviera flees, and Molly explains that he is doomed anyway, as she had spiked his drugs with a lethal toxin. The team makes it to the computer terminal. Case enters cyberspace to guide the icebreaker; Lady 3Jane is induced to give up her password, and the lock opens. Wintermute unites with Neuromancer, becoming a superconsciousness. The poison in Case's bloodstream is washed out, and he and Molly are profusely paid, while Pauley's ROM construct is apparently erased, at his own request.

Molly leaves Case, who finds a new girlfriend and resumes his hacking work. Wintermute/Neuromancer contacts him, claiming it has become "the sum total of the works, the whole show" and is looking for others like itself. Scanning recorded transmissions, the super-AI finds a transmission from the Alpha Centauri star system.

While logged into cyberspace, Case glimpses Neuromancer standing in the distance with Linda Lee, and himself. He also hears inhuman laughter, which suggests that Pauley still lives. The sighting implies that Neuromancer created a copy of Case's consciousness, which now exists, with Linda's and Pauley's, in cyberspace.
--- Can anyone say Agent Smith vs Neo?: Rin's comment


So yeah, the so-called revolutionary Wachowski movie wasn't all that revolutionary, either in the plot or the motifs, as leather trenchcoats were every hip, urban bad boy's attire back in the days.

Pretty much, Gibson wrote the entire core of the 'Matrix' during the early 80s when almost no one had the budget (including Lucas/Spielberg) to make a movie of his vision without losing their shirt.
2   Ceffer   2021 Dec 30, 6:19pm  

I really like 'Dark City'. One of my faves.
3   Rin   2021 Dec 30, 6:20pm  

Ceffer says
I really like 'Dark City'. One of my faves.

Well, I liked Jennifer Connolly's boobs at the time. I think she got breast reduction or something.
4   Ceffer   2021 Dec 30, 6:28pm  

Rin says
Well, I liked Jennifer Connolly's boobs at the time. I think she got breast reduction or something.

Absolutely! We need to stay focussed on what's important.
5   Karloff   2021 Dec 30, 6:57pm  

A great scene from Career Opportunities.

6   Automan Empire   2021 Dec 30, 7:41pm  

Rin says
Gibson wrote the entire core of the 'Matrix' during the early 80s

I had an interest in Cyberpunk when it was a thing in the late 90s/early 2000s. The thing about Gibson is he always seems to have at least a sub-plot of what I call Bret Easton Ellis fucked up nihilism. Mona Lisa Overdrive would have been a much better book without the underage tart character who was relevant to the plot about 8 of the 6948345 times she's mentioned.

Rin says
So yeah, the so-called revolutionary Wachowski movie wasn't all that revolutionary, either in the plot or the motifs,

I hadn't seen the Dark City info before. While it's interesting, and I recognize tropes and themes from other works represented in The Matrix. Such is the way of art. Even the most uniquely creative people (Jim Henson and Tim Burton come to mind) are a product of the accumulated culture and shared experiences we're all co-immersed in. A matrix of sorts, ha.

Therefore, I don't see the matrix as "stolen" work or begrudge the Ws for this. The ORIGINAL Matrix movie was an excellent overall package in so many ways, even against these potential progenitor works. Right movie at the right time, it really hit a lot of notes. I can say the same about V for Vendetta; these are two movies I'd recommend to anyone and consider a potential launching pad for deep philosophical discussion (serious/practical martial arts not so much), or a detector of people whose brains don't have a deep end. I saw the original Matrix 4 times in the theater before it wore off for me. The first sequel, I walked out thinking, "Pretty good effects but I know right now I'm not coming back to theater to watch again." The third one I didn't even bother seeing in theater like the last original Star Wars sequel. The numerous trailers on Youtube have been interesting watching, but leave you with a post-nut-clarity-like feeling that you've seen the best it has to offer and starting over from the beginning doesn't excite or incentivize you any more.
7   Patrick   2021 Dec 30, 7:49pm  

Karloff says
V for Vendetta

You know, that's more effective than a lot of explicit porn.

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