Quercetin: A study on the common cold ten years ago

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2022 Feb 5, 7:09pm   786 views  5 comments

by Rin   ➕follow (7)   💰tip   ignore  

Normally, I see articles on individual cell types and a few clinical trials, however, I've seldom seen a mouse trial with interesting results.

Here's one of them from 2012 ...


The control group was only having the carrier solvent, propylene glycol, which was to indicate if the vehicle was affecting the study. The other group was the Quercetin one. These mice were infected nasally and no prior prophylaxis was performed.

After 2 hours, Quercetin was administered.

There were two groups. The first group was euthanized after 24 hours and the latter group, in 4 days. And then, their tissues were analyzed.

What's interesting here is that the results are on a log scale; the first Quercetin group had its viral load drop by well over 90%. And sure, the 4 day groups were mostly healed, control or Que, but the fact that Quercetin could exert such a strong antiviral response, when delivered directly in such a short period of time, that it behooves me that we weren't looking for ways to make this more bio-available, ages ago.

The adjacent chart and slide are about the positive & negative vDNA components which are the internal dynamics of viral replication in-house.

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1   Rin   2022 Feb 5, 7:27pm  

Back in 2020, it was my idea that every walk-in urgent care clinic, emergency room, & CVS minute clinic globally, have injectable Quercetin on-site.

And with that, countless lives could have been saved and the pandemic over by the mid-summer.
2   Patrick   2022 Feb 5, 10:36pm  

At least it looks like we will get a cure for the common cold out of all of this.

I bet ivermectin works against it too.
3   Rin   2022 Feb 6, 10:36am  

Patrick says
I bet ivermectin works against it too.

I'd love to see 1K patient clinical trials with a cocktail of 3000 mg/day of Quercetin Phytosome (or the injectable form), 2500 mg/day of Allisure Allicin (or its injectable form, if available), and 15 mg/day of Ivermectin for the cold, the flu, and Covid.

I suspect that it'll look stupid when the entire non-co-morbidity group walks out during day 2, with all the control group on IVs for the remainder of the week.
4   Rin   2022 Feb 6, 11:42am  

Rin says
when the entire non-co-morbidity group walks out during day 2

FYI, the study in Italy, which was only Quercetin Phytosome, pretty much confirms this idea ...


And that's Que alone with standard care, the cocktail would be more potent.

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