Greeted like Liberators: Ukraine Invasion Thread

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2041   HeadSet   2023 Mar 2, 5:57pm  

Yes, no taxes to Alaska or Hawaii.
2042   Onvacation   2023 Mar 2, 6:04pm  

HeadSet says

Yes, no taxes to Alaska or Hawaii.

Or from! They'd be better off.
2045   Patrick   2023 Mar 4, 7:57pm  


KJP: "Today the Biden administration is announcing its 33rd security assistance package for Ukraine."
2055   Patrick   2023 Mar 10, 6:57am  


Ruslan kubay was surprised to receive a draft notice in late January. Registered as seriously disabled since childhood—Mr Kubay is missing both hands—he falls under a list of automatic exemptions from service. Even more surprising, however, was the reaction of officials at the local registration office in Drohobych, near Lviv. Far from admitting their error, they doubled down and declared him fit for service. Only a social-media post and a subsequent national scandal reversed the decision.

Mr Kubay’s case was an extreme, but far from isolated, incident. Ukraine has visibly stepped up mobilisation activities in the first two months of this year. There have been reports of draft notices issued (and sometimes violently enforced) at military funerals in Lviv, checkpoints in Kharkiv, shopping centres in Kyiv and on street corners in Odessa. Popular ski resorts lie deserted despite the first proper snows of the winter: footage of military officials snooping around on the slopes was enough to keep the crowds away. In every town and city across the country social-media channels share information about where recruitment officers may be lurking.
2056   cisTits   2023 Mar 11, 8:36am  

And men pulling a Mrs Doubtfire whenever they leave the house is the big thing in Ukraine right now. Gotten so prevalent that the Ukey Nazis are barging into homes to grab men for subscription.

Oh wait! All of this is a lie though...for according to the Ukey Nazi Fluffers of PatNet it is the Rissians -- not the Ukeys -- who have lost so many men on the battlefield from attrition!
2057   AmericanKulak   2023 Mar 11, 9:54am  

B-B-but, I thought every Ukrainian was super eager to go fight, and that dragooning gov goons were practically unnecessary?

The NYT said so this time last year:


Meanwhile, new Ukie Laws require Government agencies to designate at least half of their staff Draft eligible:

And a meta-question that needs to be asked: If men are subject to the Draft/Selective Service, what offsetting benefit that women don't receive, do they get?
2058   PeopleUnited   2023 Mar 11, 11:24am  

AmericanKulak says

And a meta-question that needs to be asked: If men are subject to the Draft/Selective Service, what offsetting benefit that women don't receive, do they get?

2059   Patrick   2023 Mar 13, 10:59am  

We need to change the illegitimate and despotic regime in DC.
2060   Ceffer   2023 Mar 13, 11:05am  

What about the foreign occupied foreign city state of Washington DC, controlled by Satanic inversion lies by obligation, didn't anyone understand?
2063   Patrick   2023 Mar 16, 9:35pm  


"A Policy Error of Historic Proportions"
1997 letter to President Clinton by US cold warriors who opposed Nato expansion.


When Dr. McCullough and I started this Substack, we agreed that he would primarily focus on COVID-19 scientific-medical scholarship, and I would investigate how the COVID-19 pandemic response is related to other major public policy issues. Occasionally, some of our readers have exhorted me to “stay in our lane”—that is, to remain focused on matters pertaining to the COVID-19 fiasco.

Because Substack is a free speech platform, and because we welcome critical opinions, I have never felt compelled to respond to these exhortations to “stay in our lane.” To some degree, I consider my critics to have a valid point. As Fitzgerald elegantly put it in The Great Gatsby, “Life is much more successfully looked at from a single window.”

On the other hand, I believe my critics are overlooking a point so obvious that it might as well strike them in the head with a baseball bat—namely, the same corrupt government nincompoops responsible for the COVID-19 fiasco are also responsible for every other catastrophic policy blunder they are currently afflicting on mankind.

For example, let’s take the U.S. government’s catastrophic mismanagement of its relations with Russia the last thirty years. I have closely observed this disaster in the making since I moved to Vienna, Austria for an academic fellowship in 1996. On the plane to Vienna I read the July 15, 1996 Time Magazine cover story about how secret American advisors helped Boris Yeltsin to win that year’s presidential election.

Even at the time I remember thinking it was a bit presumptuous to think that it was perfectly okay for American agents to meddle in a Russian election, and I wondered how Americans would feel if it were reported that Russian agents had provided clandestine assistance to Bill Clinton in his 1996 presidential campaign against Bob Dole.

I read the Time cover story with keen interest, because for many years I’d been an avid student of 20th century Russian history. Yeltsin’s presidency marked the total triumph of American interests with respect to Russia, which had suffered a decisive loss of the Cold War. As I saw it—living in Austria, whose neutrality the Soviets had recognized and respected since 1955—in 1996 it was up to the Americans to welcome and assist Russia in becoming a partner with the West.

The following year, I read the news of how the Clinton Administration had decided to expand NATO membership to the east, ever closer to Russia’s border, and I wondered about the rationale for doing this. Though I’d never really known what to make of Henry Kissinger, I found his “Balance of Power” thesis compelling.

1866 cartoon by Daumier, L’Equilibre Européen,
We humans are constantly making assurances of our good will and altruism, but it’s a rare man or woman indeed who doesn’t press his or her advantage if a disagreement arises. This is why the the Soviet Premier Khrushchev refused to tolerate U.S. nuclear missiles in Turkey, and why President Kennedy refused to tolerate Soviet missiles in Cuba.

I therefore believed I understood why 50 major U.S. foreign policy experts—including top cold warriors such as Robert McNamara, Paul Nitze, Richard Pipes, and Stansfield Turner—wrote a letter to President Clinton on June 26, 1997, stating the following:

We, the undersigned, believe that the current U.S.led effort to expand NATO, the focus of the recent Helsinki and Paris Summits, is a policy error of historic proportions. We believe that NATO expansion will decrease allied security and unsettle European stability for the following reasons:

In Russia, NATO expansion, which continues to be opposed across the entire political spectrum, will strengthen the nondemocratic opposition, undercut those who favor reform and cooperation with the West, bring the Russians to question the entire post-Cold War settlement, and galvanize resistance in the Duma to the START II and III treaties; In Europe, NATO expansion will draw a new line of division between the "ins" and the "outs," foster instability, and ultimately diminish the sense of security of those countries which are not included;

In NATO, expansion, which the Alliance has indicated is open-ended, will inevitably degrade NATO's ability to carry out its primary mission and will involve U.S. security guarantees to countries with serious border and national minority problems, and unevenly developed systems of democratic government;

In the U.S., NATO expansion will trigger an extended debate over its indeterminate, but certainly high, cost and will call into question the U.S. commitment to the Alliance, traditionally and rightly regarded as a centerpiece of U.S. foreign policy.

Because of these serious objections, and in the absence of any reason for rapid decision, we strongly urge that the NATO expansion process be suspended while alternative actions are pursued. These include:

—opening the economic and political doors of the European Union to Central and Eastern Europe;

—developing an enhanced Partnership for Peace program;

—supporting a cooperative NATO-Russian relationship; and

—continuing the arms reduction and transparency process, particularly with respect to nuclear weapons and materials, the major threat to U.S. security, and with respect to conventional military forces in Europe.

Russia does not now pose a threat to its western neighbors and the nations of Central and Eastern Europe are not in danger. For this reason, and the others cited above, we believe that NATO expansion is neither necessary nor desirable and that this ill-conceived policy can and should be put on hold.
2065   Patrick   2023 Mar 17, 3:32pm  


The Pentagon's European Command just released this video showing two Russian Su-27 fighter jets buzzing a U.S. MQ-9 reaper drone and spraying it with fuel – the second one colliding with the drone's propeller and forcing it down into the Black Sea, according to the USAF:

From the US Air Force:

Two Russian Su-27 aircraft conducted an unsafe and unprofessional intercept with a U.S. Air Force intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance unmanned MQ-9 aircraft operating within international airspace over the Black Sea on March 14, 2023. Russian Su-27s dumped fuel upon and struck the propeller of the MQ-9, causing U.S. forces to have to bring the MQ-9 down in international waters.

"Unsafe"? Is the US Air Force concerned about the safety of Russian pilots now?

Kind of creative to dump burning fuel on it, imho. I didn't even know that was a possibility.
2068   richwicks   2023 Mar 17, 7:37pm  

Patrick says

Kind of creative to dump burning fuel on it, imho. I didn't even know that was a possibility.

What I've heard is they were dumping fuel on it to disable it in order to recover it. The drone is flying at several 100 miles an hour, and when it runs into a liquid at that speed, the propellers are disabled if not destroyed. The fuel wasn't lit on fire, it's just being used to damage the propulsion system.

I've also heard that it's unlikely the Russians actually hit the drone with their jet and if they did, that would have been a mistake. This was done to capture the drone.

The drone is there because it's part of the Ukrainian war. It was an entirely legitimate target.
2069   richwicks   2023 Mar 18, 1:09am  

Look, a nation that actually prosecutes their own people for war crimes:

Although, he was given a suspended sentence:


So, no real punishment. At least they aren't putting somebody like Julian Assange in prison to experience a slow death. It's not a large step up, but it's a step up, a minuscule one.

The US once set the standard for the world, and I think still does, but we've allowed that standard to be drastically lowered.

If we improve our nation's morality, we'll improve the world's morality - dragging them up kicking and screaming - let them kick and scream, but we need to bring up our own nation's morality. We can be the greatest nation in the world, but we need to deal with those that actively prevent it first. We do seriously have domestic enemies, we just need to expose them to be rid of them and stop being in this fugue of "we're always right". Who is "we"? I'm not part of the psychopathic Neocons.
2070   RWSGFY   2023 Mar 18, 8:23am  

Patrick says

Same twit from 1942:

For all propaganda people out there.

Germany beat CCCP long tome ago.

CCCP is now totally relying on the USA for war materiel.

Germany is at war with Allies.

CCCP is just responsible for doing the dying for them
2071   Onvacation   2023 Mar 18, 8:28am  


For all propaganda people out there.

Germany beat CCCP long tome ago.

CCCP is now totally relying on the USA for war materiel.

Germany is at war with Allies.

CCCP is just responsible for doing the dying for them

TRUE! We would have had a hard time beating Nazi Germany without the Soviets attriting their manpower in the East.
2072   Onvacation   2023 Mar 18, 8:30am  


Same twit from 1942:

When do you think the US will start sending their "sons and daughters" to prop up the Zelensky regime?
2073   RWSGFY   2023 Mar 18, 8:32am  

Onvacation says


For all propaganda people out there.

Germany beat CCCP long tome ago.

CCCP is now totally relying on the USA for war materiel.

Germany is at war with Allies.

CCCP is just responsible for doing the dying for them

TRUE! We would have had a hard time beating Nazi Germany without the Soviets attriting their manpower in the East.

But why waste so much money on some border dispute in Europe when Americans couldn't afford food? Hitler didn't do anything to us. In fact he was great antiglobohomo leader if you think about it.... And I'm sure their central bank was much less evil than our central bank, because everybody knows nothing is more evil than our central bank.
2074   Onvacation   2023 Mar 18, 8:57am  


nothing is more evil than our central bank.

You're probably right.

I wonder what Zelinsky had to do for Yellen to get that $1,200,000,000 on her recent overnight trip?

2075   Ceffer   2023 Mar 18, 10:16am  

Onvacation says

I wonder what Zelinsky had to do for Yellen to get that $1,200,000,000 on her recent overnight trip?

She was following orders from her bosses in the City of London and Switzerland. They are fighting for their criminal enterprises. Every death and flaying is an empowering honor to Moloch and Baphomet.
2076   Bd6r   2023 Mar 18, 11:30am  

richwicks says

Look, a nation that actually prosecutes their own people for war crimes:

Knowledge of Russian is quite useful, contrary to what some Patnetters think:

and https://t.me/anatoly_nesmiyan for March 17

Любопытный приговор по тривиальному сегодня обвинению в распространении фейков о российской армии был вынесен в Хабаровском крае. К условному сроку был приговорен военнослужащий, который в августе прошлого года рассказал, что застрелил мирного жителя на территории Украины.

Судя по приговору, его осудили не за убийство, а за то, что его рассказ суд счел клеветой в адрес второй армии мира, которая, конечно, не убивает мирных жителей.

Фактически это означает, что в случае огласки случаев военных преступлений судить и карать будут не за сами преступления, а за факт их обнародования. Любопытная и многообещающая практика.


A curious verdict on a trivial today accusation of spreading fakes about the Russian army was handed down in the Khabarovsk Territory. A soldier was sentenced to a suspended sentence, who in August last year said that he had shot a civilian on the territory of Ukraine.

Judging by the verdict, he was convicted not of murder, but because the court considered his story to be slander against the second army of the world, which, of course, does not kill civilians.

In fact, this means that in the event of publicity of cases of war crimes, they will be judged and punished not for the crimes themselves, but for the fact of their publication. An interesting and promising practice.
2077   Booger   2023 Mar 18, 2:05pm  

Onvacation says

We would have had a hard time beating Nazi Germany without the Soviets attriting their manpower in the East.

We won WW1 without help from the Russians
2078   Patrick   2023 Mar 18, 10:31pm  

richwicks says

Look, a nation that actually prosecutes their own people for war crimes:

I remember a TV interview when I was studying German in Europe, an interview of a German soldier who was part of the force that invaded France in WWII.

He said some other German soldiers raped some French women, and their commander had them shot immediately.

They were Nazis, but they did have certain principles, and they enforced them rigorously.
2079   AmericanKulak   2023 Mar 18, 11:13pm  

Booger says

We won WW1 without help from the Russians

Imperial Russia/USSR was in the war from the get go until Early 1918, and hundreds of thousands German soldiers were still in the East for security when the Armistice was signed in November.

The Soviet Union was created by the Kaiser in 1917 when they gave Lenin sacks of gold and put him on a sealed diplomatic train for Saint Pete aka "Petrograd". Kaiserine Germany was negotiating with the Kerensky Government for a cease-fire so they could transfer the million+ Germans on the East Front to the West Front to counter balance the Allies and the new nation joining the fight, America. But the Kerensky government was holding out for some concessions the Kaiser did not want to give.

Lenin, the actual Menshevik ("Minority") was able to buy the support of bandits, criminals, and deserted soldiers to intimidate opponents and create the illusion they were the Bolsheviks ("Majority") thanks to the Kaiser's Gold. With the first bit of it, he was able to establish the first "Soviet" in Petrograd. But most Russian Revolutionaries ranged from Social Democrats to Liberals to Constitutional Monarchists, with the latter being the real majority. In fact, Lenin had to flee several times to Finland in 1917 and direct subterfuge from there to avoid his political enemies who wanted no civil war but to win free elections via the Provisional Government.

The Kaisers saboteurs were very active in the United States when we were neutral, using many contacts with Irish Republicans, esp. Clan-na-Gael, to poison horse herds and blow up ships and nitrate stores (Black Tom).

The Armistice happened mostly because German Sailors mutinied in late October when the Kaiser's High Command, desperate to fire up the Public and the Military after defeats on the Western Front, ordered them to sail against the massively larger Allied Fleet in a sortie with little chance of success. This spread to the Army.
2080   AmericanKulak   2023 Mar 18, 11:36pm  

Alternative history?

The Czar didn't honor his alliance with France, and German troops made the French pay at Versailles in 1915 like 1870 part two. No US in WW1, No UK with massive loss of men, United British Isles with the Irish not leaving thanks to a return of a seasoned Ulster Division ready to put down the Fenian Bastards, but perhaps getting devolved government, no Depression, and no Communism.

The German government would remain in place (a Constitutional Monarchy for all the propaganda about the Autocratic Kaiser of the Huns; Germans got universal male suffrage decades before the UK).

France and Germany and the UK wouldn't have lost 10%, 15%, and 12% of their male population. The Empires would have continued, with the Germans slicing off a bit of Alsace or gaining access/control of some French overseas colonies.

Germany would gain European and overseas colonies at French expense to expand elsewhere, and very possibly become a rival commercial nexus to the Anglo one. No 1.5M Indians, Africans, and Caribbean soldiers in Europe for the British (or Asian and African for the French), so the Independence movements in the Turd World could have been delayed a generation or two. Who knows? Maybe Indo-China was the price for the 1915 Armistice and Hitler is sent to patrol some Rice Paddies as a Colonial Policeman dabbling in Asian Watercolors and as a confirmed bachelor with daddy issues, becomes an active member of the Hanoi Gay Nightlife with no nearby Jews to annoy him. Stalin with no Communist Party to join follows his mothers wishes, finishes seminary, becomes an abbott of some Georgian Orthodox Church famous for his quick hand with a whip and infighting other monasteries for pilgrims and money.

The Middle East remains under Ottoman Rule. No substantial outbreaks of terrorism or radical Islam since there is no Westtoxification to resist. No Israel, either

The world might still be very European dominated to the benefit of all humanity, rather than weakened by National and International Socialism Mustache Men and all it's ills.

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